Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Getting Older, Staying Younger and a Froogs Thanks

There is a bitter sweet tinge to the day today.

Firstly Paul is 44 years old today. Having got up with him at 4.55am to hand him his present, I am now lying in bed contemplating the rest of the day.

The sad part of the day is that it is 12 years since I lost my Dad.  He was 53.  Needless to say, he will now remain forever young, which is totally up his street, as he always said to me he never wanted to grow old!  I still miss him so much, however the hurt of his passing is growing less sharp, and the memories are growing stronger.

Our very last time with him that had a photo opportunity, was when Pauls Mom and Keith married.  I don’t know why I wanted it, but insisted in a picture of my Dad, my Aunt and me whilst we were dolled up.  That was in the September.  I am so grateful for that picture.

Dad Jo and San 1

Back to the present day, and I have spoiled Paul rotten so far.  He had lots of little gifts, along with his main gift from all of his family. (He has combined money from everyone in order to get a cheap Bridge Camera so he can start photography again) The little gifts I got all related to his camera, and did not cost a fortune, but have made him very happy.  This makes me happy!


Finally I made him a Coffee and Walnut cake as his birthday cake yesterday, following the recipe that Frugal Queen posted on her blog a few days ago.  I have taken pictures through the making and baking process and will blog that post shortly.  Needless to say, it looks yummy and I thank Froogs for her post.

Until Later….

Jo Anne

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  1. Lovely sentimental post Jo - sad times and happy times combined.

    Lovely photo of you, your Dad and your Aunt together all dolled up.