Monday, 31 March 2014

I’m Back!

I am so sorry – I was lured by the evil of Facebook and went away for a while, finding that my spare time was filled with other peoples status updates rather than writing and reminiscing with you, my friends.

Needless to say, the blinkers have now lifted and the FB account has been deactivated.

I am now sitting here writing my backlog of posts that have been building up, and remembering some wonderful days, and wondering why I had allowed myself to forget how much I loved to write, even if it is only for my own personal enjoyment, and bores the pants of the rest of you, dear readers.

Please forgive the influx of past dated posts that will be appearing on here, I have to catch up from mid July last year – yes I am horrified that I let it go for so long.

In the meantime, I shall be playing catch-up with you all via your wonderful pages, and will soon be getting into the habit of posting comments once more.

Its nice to be back

Jo Anne


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Glamping Not Camping!

After our walk today, we were invited back to the boys tent later that evening for a full on glamping style meal.
What a treat! Chilli Con Carne, Bennett style, as we sat in the sunshine and chatted into the wee small hours.

Lovely night!
Jo Anne

Goodbye, Hello

Having said goodbye to one lot of our boys, it was time to say hello to our other boys LOL
Jamie and Phill arrived at the camp site this week, and we all arranged to meet up and go for a walk up Godolphin Hill.  

 and of course, once we got to the top it was a chance to take the obligatory timed photograph of us all, before we head back for coffee and cake ...
A lovely catch up with our wonderful friends 
 Jo Anne

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Camping!! Yep… You Read That Correctly!

After the antics in the harbour, the boys talked us into joining them at their camp site in Helford for one night. This meant finding out the tent from the back of the cupboard and hoping that it was all still intact!
We arrived straight from work, to be handed a glass of something naughty but nice, before we had to set up the camp
What a view we had!  

and what a wonderful evening with some great friends. 

and wonderful food of course!  

Jo Anne

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kayak in the Harbour

What a day!

Our friends called to ask us to meet them at Portreath. 

They wanted to try out their new inflatable kayak that they had won…. needless to say we laughed all afternoon, and some of us got a little bit wet (well I did anyway!)

Jo Anne

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dragons and Roots

We have had a plan for the bottom of our garden for a while now.  Today was to be the beginning of that plan coming to pass.
We have a very rotten young tree, and somehow had to remove it and ensure that the root ball and stump came up and away too.
We have been shocked that the gales have not done the job for us, but either way it’s sayonara sapling.
We checked out what to do on good old internet video how to pages…. you know the one I mean – “Your Pipe” or words to that effect, and got stuck in….
Having felled the main body of the tree, and cut it into smallish pieces and bagged it into the trailer, we dug around the stump, felt around for the main roots and dug them free, then cut through them in order to release it from the ground.
All told it took us about and hour.  Great job done.
Now for some fun……  Falmouth for some lunch on the event square whilst watching the Dragon racing.

What a full and fun day.
Jo Anne

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bikes, Piggies and Bunnies

The exercise freaks amongst us, and no boys and girls, that does not include me, decided to ride the coast to coast trail today.
Paul has his own high spec bike, and Karen and Dave hired theirs from the local cycle hire company.
The coast to coast is 22 miles of torture in my opinion, however, these three loved every minute of it.
Having collected their bikes, they headed over to Portreath for the beginning of their ride on the North Coast.

I met them all there for a quick photo op, and then left them to it so I could get some housework done.
Once they had completed their ride over to Devoran and back to the Bissoe cycle hire company, we met for a butty from their cafe, and then all headed down to Treasure Park.
Time to fulfil the children inside….. to paint our pottery money boxes.
Mine was a piggy, that I named Daisy.  Karen had previously done a piggy, so decided on a Bunny….
We had such fun.

What a great day
Jo Anne

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Boating and Floating

With the arrival of Karen and Dave from Brum, we decided to do a day full of water based activities.
JB and Sally-Ann arrived, and we headed into Falmouth for the first water related item….. a boat trip up the Fal.
Although we have done this trip with Sally-Ann many times, the others had not done it before, and what a great day to spend on the water.
The captain did his usual commentary to keep up entertained, and us girlies did the obligatory Kate Winslet stance at the front of the boat.

It was a lovely couple of hours, on the most perfect blue sky and sunshine day.
Once we were land locked once more, we headed back home for the wet suits and body boards for part two of the day…. boogie boarding at Portreath.
P7250031 (2)
We had a fantastic day and after all that fresh air and sunshine were worn out.
Jo Anne