Wednesday, 28 November 2007

New Door

Paul got sick of getting stupid quotes for having the door fitted into the garage from the garden, they ranged from £500 upwards. In the end he decided, as he had loads of tools gathering dust in the garage that he may as well do it himself and save the money for better things (methinks shoes and handbags?)
It took him a day to cut the stonework for the hole and add in the Lintel. It then took half a day to fit the door. Once the concrete stuff went off he painted it over, just to match it up with the rest of the side wall. Not bad for someone who had never done this before eh!

Minnack Theatre

This is front the top row at the Minnack Theatre. We only intended to go Christmas shopping in Penzance and ended up doing a tour of the coast. Sometimes the best days out are the unrehearsed ones I think. A few weeks before Christmas and the skies were blue and the sea a gorgeous turquoise.

Look at the sun coming through the clouds. It was brilliantly sunny, but this is the effect I got looking directly at the sun - quite dramatic.