Friday, 27 July 2012

Tarka Time, Appledore, Instow and Fremington

We’d heard of the Tarka Trail, an old railway line that was now a walkway, we decided to walk that for a short way from Fremington.



Having gone further than we had realised , our tummies were rumbling for food, so it was time to head off.

We found a place at Instow for some pub grub, and then headed on over to Appledore, which we could see from Instow.




Appledore was much prettier and quainter than Instow.  Here we grabbed a coffee and some cake (as usual you might say!) before heading back to the campsite once more. Yum!


Jo Anne

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Day of Rest

We decided to spend the morning on site, doing a few bits of cleaning, and then planed to go to Dartington Crystal for the afternoon.

Sally-Ann climbed up inside to clean the skylite  and Paul filled his collapsible bucket and worked his way around each panel on the van, making them all sparkle again.



P7260006Then it was time for Dartington.  It’s only about 5 miles from site, and a nice mooch for clothes, glass and cookware.

We even found their all year round Christmas shop, and Sally-Ann could not resist a purchase or two.



Early evening, just as the sun was beginning to set, we took the boys up to the lake for a walk





What a lovely relaxing day.

Jo Anne

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Arlington Court

After a wonderful nights sleep on the new site, we headed out for a few bits and then on towards Arlington Court.  We had heard that the Golden State Coach was still on show there and wanted to see it before it got moved on to the next place.

We arrived and grabbed a table in the shade, and had cooling drinks and some lunch, and then leaving the two men with the dogs, Sally-Ann and I set off to look around the house.








It had the most lovely feel about the place, and was bright and enticing inside, which is not always the case with NT places.  After a tour of all the rooms, we headed back to collect the men and wander the grounds.


They really are lovely, but the heat was becoming incredible at this point so any tree was our friend for a bit of shade.






We did the stables and all of the carriages, however my pictures did not want to work in there, and the only one that did had orbs on it….. ghosties joined us for that part of the day methinks! (see below)



Finally, we were all too tired and heat exhausted to walk any more, and so decided to return to the site.  I think another visit may be in order soon though.

When we got back, Paul pulled out the new camping BBQ and set up for our supper.



I think you will agree it looked great, and it tasted even better!


Jo Anne

Monday, 23 July 2012

Crapsville near Bude!

Following a tearful farewell to Karen and Dave, and a promise of a repeat performance next year, we headed back to the yard to collect the caravan and head off to the site we had booked not far from Bude.

Sally-Ann and I had done much research and this particular site had 5 star glowing reviews from everyone who used it, so we were all looking forward to staying there and visiting the local attractions.

The journey up was horrendous, and as we pulled on to the site, my heart sank.  The first thing we saw were warning signs not to drive over any grass ‘or else’….. not exactly an enticing welcome.

We booked in, with a lovely girl on reception and the owner came and showed us where to pitch up…. could my heart sink any lower!

I knew when Sally-Ann and Mike arrived they would feel the same way, but we were booked for 6 nights!

We pitched up the caravan and set up the awning, as Sally-Ann hooked up next to us in the RV.  We were all tired and teasy and not wanting to voice our opinions to much.


After an horrendous night of listening to the toilet doors bang all through the night, and people talking at the tops of their voices and even worse no TV, Radio or mobile phone signal anywhere on site,  I got up and told Paul in no uncertain terms, we must get off site.

I walked over to Sally Ann and asked her opinion – No arguments were forthcoming to keep us here!

We walked up the driveway until we could get a signal on one of the phones, and found the number for the CC Club and called Umberleigh to see what availability they had. 

Having explained our situation they said they could do 4 nights from that night.  Book it Danno!

Now how to get our ,money back!  I had a cunning plan, and headed off to reception. we got 3 nights back each.  Considering we had stayed one night, and they could not sell today as we were still there, we had only actually lost 1 nights money.  I shall not tell you how I did it, but I was devious needless to say!

We told them we had to pop into Bude for an hour and would be off site soon as.  We were able to do this as we were already de-camped!

Bude itself was lovely.  A walk along the canals (with unbrushed hair and none of us showered as it was not worth taking our lives into our hands) we did actually enjoy our hour there.




We found Bude Castle and did the obligatory timed picture of us all especially for Jamie,


Grabbed a coffee and a cupcake to keep us going and then climbed into the car and headed back to collect our ‘home’ and head onwards to a gorgeous, clean, caravan club site at Umberleigh.

What a day! But bonus, the fish and chip van was visiting Umberleigh that evening, so none of us needed to cook!

Best move we could have made.  Super site and fantastic staff.

Jo Anne

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sedate Sunday? Not a Chance!

This morning we headed off towards Newquay, and Healey’s Cider Farm.

This is a great free day out, with the opportunity of sampling the wares on offer too!

Having had a quick walk around the grounds, and meeting some of the animals,





we headed in to do some sampling of the ciders, and to book a ride on the tractor through the orchards.




Fred was with us, and made to feel very welcome by the staff at Healey’s, and was allowed in everywhere except the main shop and Jam rooms.

The tractor ride was an experience to behold.  The trip itself was great, but we were certainly entertained by the other couple that joined us in the trailer….. mmmm! Well it gave us a few giggles for the rest of the day anyway LOL




Once the ride was over, we returned to the shop to purchase a few things, and then headed off the Callestick Farm for an Ice Cream and an embarrassing picture of Karen doing naughty things to a cow!


It was not far off lunch time now, so we drove over to Trelissick Gardens for some lunch in the cafe, and a 3 mile walk around the extended grounds.




Once back at the house, we vegged out for a while, and then Karen and Dave took Jannah-Beth back to Perranporth so that they could get some more time with Mel and Dee.

Tomorrow Karen and Dave head home, and we hook the caravan back up and drive up to Bude for the last leg of our holiday.

Its certainly been a fun filled few days, with glorious sunshine and fantastic company.

Jo Anne