Saturday, 20 April 2013

Park and Ride Surprise

We decided to head into Truro today, as Paul needed some new glasses.  We wanted to pop into various opticians on spec so to speak (please forgive the pun) to try and get a walk in appointment there and then.

When we arrived at the Park and Ride, we were greeted with beautifully decorated concrete balls. 

They were all done with knitting.  Unfortunately I have no idea who made them all, as the sign had been rained on and had run so much it was illegible.

Such a lovely treat to see – well done to the creative knitters who did this, whoever you are.


The above image is what the concrete balls are normally like and below the transformations…


It bought a smile to everyone’s faces as they walked past to the bus station.

Meanwhile, we managed to get an immediate appointment for Paul, and his glasses were ordered.  A good day all round

Jo Anne