Thursday, 30 October 2008

The long and the short of it.....

Paul said it was time for a change - due to my advancing years you know - so here goes....
I went from this - Really quite long....
To this - about 6-7 inches shorter!
Oh my god now I remember how hard it is to keep this mop tidy when it's this length - and drying - try and hour and a half later...... It's so blooming thick!
Oh well - soon belong enough to plait again!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Spent My Birthday Money Karen x

Got in to work on my first day back after my holidays (boo hoo) and had a nice surprise.

The Liz Earle face and body stuff I ordered had been delivered. I was in need of some more and went onto the website to order it only to find that QVC were doing a TSV on the following weekend.

Now I love a bargain and knew that the glorious Cleanse and Polish would be in the kit so I waited until the Saturday and ordered it.
It was well worth it - there are loads of her products included that I have not used before and am now wondering how I managed without them.

Liz Earle is a marvel - Advert Over Sorry!!!

Then I got my birthday money from you, Karen and Dave and that was just the amount that I needed. So thanks guys, you're the best, I now look beautiful and calm and radiant - and not in the least bit 40 !! LOL!

Sunday, 19 October 2008


We arrived home and settled down to relax after the journey.
Fred seems to know that implies we go back to work tomorrow so some me time with Daddy is needed. AAAHH!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Last But One Day

To commemorate our last full day of the holidays we decided to go to the Raleigh Cross Inn on the top of the Exmoor hill tops just inland from Washford.
It's always a fab meal there and we wanted to end the week on a high...


Thursday, 16 October 2008

20 Week Scan

Got this on my phone whilst I was away - My friend had her latest scan - it's really clear so I'm even more excited for her!

Monday, 13 October 2008


For those of you that have been reading my blog for ever like, as they say, you will know about Boris the spider that lived in the roof of the bathroom of our caravan.
I finally go the better of him in August, after a 2 and a half year battle, and sucked him up the vacuum cleaner.
We arrived and a few days later Boris' younger brother Igor turned up and I decided he just had to go - I could not get into the shower without establishing where he was first so that is not good!
Igor was very stupid and I got him in same said vacuum cleaner 2 days later.
Not even 36 hours after this Helga and Ingrid appeared in each corner of the ceiling above the shower - they were really dumb - I got them in about 45 seconds flat - I must be getting brave....

Igor in his hey day! Big and not even a close up picture!
Whilst I could not kill an animal the thought that a little spider colony is now appearing in the vacuum bag is a little worrying. What will I go back to on my next visit???

Just Teasing Phill....

Today we went to Clarks Village for some retail therapy, and as Phill cannot live without his coffee and was at work (or so I thought) I sent him this just to make him drool..... mmmm Grande Caramel Latte to go ...... mmmmm

Shame I wasn't able to spend any of my birthday money, but it was worth it for the coffee if nothing else!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

So Hot - Not Not Me Stupid - The Weather!

A walk on the beach was in order - this is crazy we've not had any Summer to speak of and now as Autumn gets under way big time, I am in a vest top and its 26 degrees!

Yes I know I've put on a stack of weight - but please refer to the Pasty post!

Me and my boy!

Saturday, 11 October 2008


My friends bought me loads of flowers for my birthday and I was not going to miss out on them so they came too - needless to say there were a few sneezes on the way here in the car!

Fantastic Arrival

The moment we arrived I had to take these - the weather is fantastic and showing 25 degrees on the car monitor - look at those skies! and of course Fred is surveying his territory...

These are the views we have from our lounge room window - rolling hills and a steam railway track.... wonderful

Who's over there mom? don't worry I'll keep guard.....

Towards our B.A.H.

Fred always gets so excited when we get out his car seat belt - it means he is going somewhere nice - and if you say the words Caravan or Blue Anchor beach there is no stopping him!

Once he is in the car, on that back seat, he settles down for the 2 and a half our drive and is as good as gold, mainly sleeping (his favourite past time), but sometimes watching the road ahead between the front seats, in case daddy wants a helping hand.....

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

And so it goes on....

Got into work today to find another huge bouquet of flowers on my desk!
Then about 2 hours later in walks Ali with 2 more gifts for me.
I'm so lucky!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

40 Today!

This feels like a bit of an epic milestone for me.

I have struggled and struggled at the prospect of being 40. I have to say though everyone has made my day so lovely.
Firstly my gorgeous husband bought me some of my favourite jewellery (Cornish Silver) with my birth stone - opal in it, along with some other lovely surprises.

Fred had great fun helping me open some of the gifts I had been given before hand, from china mugs, to crafting sets, to mint imperials and liquorice - mmmmm and all this at 6.30 this morning whilst getting ready for work!

On arriving at work I found that the office had been decorated over night with balloons and banners for me, so that anyone that did not already know I was 40 today soon did. The worrying part was that the factory manager thought I was 50! Cheeky bleeder!

Gradually as everyone started arriving for their shifts (I start before all of the others), my desk was filled with cards and gifts, and then at lunchtime a huge bouquet of flowers from Mandy and Mike. I feel so lucky to work with all of these lovely people, and thank them so much for making my day special.

As for family, I am overwhelmed - I have had huge sums of money given to me to spend on myself, and can promise faithfully that it will be spent very frivolously! Thank you so much.

Tonight, Paul is doing a steak dinner for me, which I'm really looking forward to, and we shall probably follow this with a stroll on the beach.

If this is what 40 is like roll on the next 9 years, I can cope with this!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Day Two of the Celebrations.....

Off out for another meal - this time with all of the ladies from work, with their partners.

We've gone to the local carvery again,as the food is always fantastic - Kel - you can vouch for that I hope!

We went through and the staff had made the tables up with balloons and candles.

Sharon and I have been friends for so many years now it's hard to remember when we did not know each other! Love ya loads chick!

They told me I had to take the balloons home with me, so here I am trying to tie them all to one of my presents!

and just after I had devoured the largest ice cream sundae you could ever imagine this arrived with sparklers flashing away at me - I soon had it carved up and dished out though - there is no time for messing when there is chocolate involved!
Another fab night out!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

and so they begin... The celebrations that is...

A trip to a local Chinese Restaurant for a very lovely buffet dinner.....

Only just realised no pictures have been taken so loads of random stuff!

Jannah-Beth and Dee relaxing after a eating ....

Cheeky smile there Mel!

Naughty Nanna - how many gins was that?

Pops pondering the big mysteries of life...

Paul reading naughty jokes off the mobile....

And a drinkie poo or too....
Lovely lunchtime !

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bits and Bobs and Fretting about being 40!

I got this in the post this morning - Not content with knowing that I'm 40 in a few days time - a certain someone (Phillip!!! I know it's you!!!) has decided that the post man should know too. AAAAHHHH!

Meanwhile, Paul is still doing the midlife crisis bit and has had his 2nd tattoo - a Celtic band around his upper arm. It is supposed to represent the sea/waves, now that we live so close to the beach.

I have to admit I do quite like this one....... Oh my god does this mean I'm mellowing with age?