Saturday, 27 February 2010

Impromptu Afternoon and Evening

This afternoon Paul decided that he wanted to try towing the caravan for the first time. Mike had said he would join him as moral support, and so off they went, with Paul looking a little nervous to say the least!
In the meantime, Sally~Ann and I stayed home with the 2 dogs, and I made the engagement card to beat all engagement cards for Jamie and Phill.... Hope you like it guys, I can't wait to be able to blog a picture of it LOL
Having worked out the card and put it all together I then finished off Mike's birthday card. All the time Sally~Ann gave her expert opinion on my creations, and offered some advice on them.
At a quater to 5 we hit the gin bottle! - well the sun was over the yardarm somewhere in the world! The awful part is that I insisted on commenting on poor Pams blog after my first glass of gin - not wise - Sorry Pam, I'm such a naughty girlie when I'm inhebriated LOL - no you can't go and see what I put, it was not suitable for public viewing I'm afraid!
The lads arrived back about an hour and a half later - by this time we were more than half cut on gin and the lasagne we were having for tea was willing me to stay sober enought not to burn it!
Mike and Paul had had a good experience with the van and Paul was far more relaxed about the idea of towing it to a holiday destination for us. They were even more relaxed after a little of the Chateau Portreath Red that was opened when they got back
We all sat to supper and stuffed our faces with the aforementioned lasagne, salad and garlic bread, and then watched the Dance for Sport Relief show, whilst we chatted about how good or bad the contestants were.
The evening drew to a close very quickly, as all good things generally do.
A great day guys - thanks and Happy early Birthday Mike x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Birthday Boy

Today, finally, after a few pre celebration days, it is Paul's birthday...... we spent much time trying to decide what to do to make the day special for him. What I did not want, was to make his day miserable, with me being cranky, like I usually am on his birthday, because of it being the same day, and therefore the anniversary, of the day that I lost my Dad

One of my lovely followers suggested coming up to Looe and Polperro for the day. Little did she know that this was Paul's old stomping ground as a teenager. His favourite weekend break from Birmingham with his friends. And so in that moment, as I read out the comment from her, the decision was made by Paul. Thanks for the suggestion chick x

We collected Sally~Ann and Mike and drove up the A30 to Polperro, parked up and headed on down into the village, where Paul wanted to see one of his favourite pubs, the Naughts and Crosses. Unfortunately, it was all closed up and is on the market. A great disappointment to him.

All of the lovely shops were closed, and the village itself was quite deserted, but we took the opportunity to take a few pictures on the harbour....

and watching the fishermen re pack their nets, before their next outing, then it was back to the car, via the Crumplehorn Mill. Another photo opportunity methinks....

When we left Polperro, we headed on over to Looe, where we grabbed the obligatory Fish and Chip Supper in a local chippy - I think Paul was in heaven at this point LOL

I mean, look at what he had in front of him!

We continued our stroll around the harbour

only for me to be met with this lovely boat, with a very significant name, considering the date

and all this time, I was just happy to ensure that Paul had a great day - seeing this boat name just made me feel that my Dad was watching over our fun.

We continued around the harbour and then over the bridge to the other side of the water, where we went to see Nelson's special dedication

Nelson was a one eyed seal that frequented Looe for many years, and upon his demise the locals decided to honour his love of this particular place

The large statue is beautifully placed on the rocks, with 'Nelson' looking out across the water, right by these lovely arches

When we were worn out, we headed on back to the car in readiness to drive home, but hang on! Trago is en-route - we must have a mooch around there LOL

We had been parked for a few minutes and were just heading inside the store, when Sally~Ann spotted this fat little Robin. Another sign from my Dad, as he was renowned for a certain little song and dance depicting a Robin, that always got acted out at family gatherings and parties!

Thanks for spending the day with us Dad, we know that you were watching over us and giving the day your seal of approval.

It had been a very full day for the 4 of us, and we finally headed back home to our patient little doggies, and I think we certainly were allowed to collapse and rest after all of the walking we had done.

A lovely day out with friends - thanks for coming along guys xx

Daddy Bear....

Today is not a day I can forget easily.
10 years ago, at 10.30am, I received a telephone call telling me that you had been taken from me.
How could the universe be so cruel as to take my best friend and my Dad all in one go!
It was so fast and unexpected, and I know that this is exactly as you would have wanted it.
I miss you so much, and love you always.
We shall be out today celebrating Paul's birthday, so I know that you will be there with us, raising that little crystal glass of yours in a toast to him.
Love you loads Daddy Bear xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pams Paintings

Any of you who love art, will love Pams blog. Blogging is completely new to her, but she has been talked into it so that she can showcase her work to a wider audience.

Pam loves painting, and works mainly in water colours and oils, and was very successful last year, when she sold many of her wonderful pieces at a local art exhibition.

I am very lucky to have been given one of her paintings, and am dying to hang it in our living room, once we have redecorated.

Please, stop by her blog and have a look, I know you won't be disappointed.

Day 2 of Pauls Pre Birthday Celebrations

Sunday carvery out with friends was the order of the day today.... We arrived at our usual lovely carvery - The Inn For All Seasons, and loaded up our plates - I even managed to get 2 yorkshire puddings, just because I was cheeky to the chef LOL

Having stuffed ourselves senseless, we all chatted a while, and then decided we just had to have a pudding - it was Paul's birthday tomorrow after all LOL
I had Rock 'n' Roll Chocolate Cheesecake, and Paul had Trifle

.... just look at that cheeky grin - I think he enjoyed it!

The next question is, what to do tomorrow? Eden, Goonhilly, Blue Reef? who knows....

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Happiness, Happiness....

I've had another award, YAY!
Mama Syder has awarded this to me - thank you so much x

Now, as I have received this one before, and I have already hit a load of you with an award this week, I have decided not to pass it on individually.

What I would like to ask, is that any of you lovely readers who want to add it to their blog, please do so and link it back to me here...... that way you hopefully won't all get grumpy with me for passing it on, as it will be your decision to accept it or not, LOL

Enjoy your evening everyone, I can here a little glass of gin and lemonade calling my name! Well it is Paul's birthday on Monday LOL!

Birthday Weekend for Paul

It's Paul's birthday on Monday and so we have booked ourselves some holiday so as to have a long weekend off together.

This means that for the next few days the world is our lobster, as they say! So what does he want to do?

After a lazy morning we headed off out for Kingsley Village and also to find the South West Clothing outlet that we kept hearing the adverts for on the radio.

We found the clothing outlet first - it is certainly a hidden gem, and is full of named brand stock at rock bottom prices - I think I'll be going back soon, with a friend LOL - what do you reckon Sally~Ann!

Then it was on to Kingsley Village. Paul did really well spending his birthday money from his Mom, along with the Christmas money he still had not got around to spending.

Having let the moths out of his wallet for a bit of fresh air, we decided a cup of coffee was in order....

and then on the way out of the food halls, we saw the hot pork baguettes calling our name, along with some tempura onion rings!

yes that really is a look of sheer pleasure, upon taking his first bite of baguette LOL

It was then onward back down the line to Hayle and Penzance, where we managed to find a lovely little craft shop, allowing me to buy a couple of essential bits for a card that I have been commissioned to make for a friend.

The weather has been totally glorious today, and the drive home took us back along the coast road, where I snapped a few shots on my phone...

Here is St Michaels Mount from the back window of the car....

The coast road between Godrevy and Portreath allowed me this lovely shot

and then we drove through beautiful Portreath, that was in the sunshine I promise, but we were driving through the shadow of the hillside LOL

It's been a great day, despite the rest of Britain being under snow. Lets hope the weather holds off and we have another great day tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Little Miss Sunshine....

Magic Mummy has awarded me a lovely award - The Sunshine Award. I'm not sure my blog has been sun shiny recently with all my tales of woe LOL, but I feel honoured either way, Thank you Magic Mummy.

I have to pass this on to 12 others now, and this may take a while, but here we go ...

Lori E
Consider The Lillies
ACTing Like Mama
Frugal Life UK
Sally-Ann (Please don't kill me LOL!)

Please accept this award and place it on your blog side bar, and possibly in a post, also linking it back to me.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and support whilst I have been unwell, and since my return to work. xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Sooooo Tired

It has been a very big day for me today.

After 5 weeks of sick leave and recuperation following the dreaded double operation, I went back to work today.

To say that I was anxious about returning was an understatement. It has been such a long haul to get well enough to be able to drive and return, that I was not sure what to expect when I finally stepped foot back into my office again.

I need not have worried. As I pulled the car past the security gates, and began to drive around the building to find a parking spot, I was accosted by one of the men - he stood right in the path of the car and then came on around to the window for a chat and to see for himself that I was OK. He is such a lovely man, and had been sending his regards with each visitor. A good start to what I was expecting to be a terrible day.

I was not able to get a space too close to the works entrance, but I took a very slow walk up to the doors and again was stopped and welcomed back, even before I could clock in!

I got hugs from my personnel manager and office manager, and as a constant steam of people made their way in to the office for various reasons, on seeing me back in my seat, they welcomed me back and said how nice it was to see me.

Yes, of course I clock watched, and yes I was tired and, not particularly comfortable, but, I worked my shift, and was pleased to be back with my friends again.

1 down and 4 to go LOL!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another Trip Out

Another lovely morning with Sally~Ann.
Off we trotted to Falmouth, where we planned a little mooch around Trago - a veritable smorgasbord of shelves full of everything you might need for any project, be it craft, DIY, camping, carpeting, make-up, toiletries, cooking utensils ..... you get the idea!
My first port of call was the craft section - It goes without saying, I found some bits and so did Sally~Ann - the naughty girlie bought me a lovely butterfly punch, which no doubt will be used very rapidly, in conjunction with my new cuttlebug.
We then went on a little stroll up the high street, to have a look for a birthday present for Paul. Success! - but I won't tell you what I got, because he will read this and it will spoil the surprise! - Sorry Paul xx
From Falmouth main, we headed on out to the industrial estate where the big Asda was located. Here it was just a stroll around the clothing section. As it is the only Asda in the vicinity, we tend to do a trip in to have a look around whenever we do Falmouth, just in case there is a bargain to be had.
Unfortunately this time we came away empty handed.
As we arrived back, Mike arrived to collect Sally~Ann and take her home.
I think we shall both be having a siesta today - lots of walking, lots of shopping, but fun!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Momentous Day

Today, for the first time in 4 and a half weeks, I left the house, and drove the car!
Following a double operation and a second unexpected trip to SRU my recovery time has been somewhat hampered, but I am finally pleased to report that I actually felt up to driving the car!
OK, I didn't fancy folding myself into my beautiful little MX-5, Betty Blue, so I borrowed Paul's more sedate Scenic, but I actually did it with a little help from Sally~Ann.
As I am due to go back to work on Monday, I thought it wise to try and build myself back up to a normal, active day.
I asked Sally~Ann if she fancied a trip to the Range and Matalan, which is close enough journey wise to be able to turn round and come back easily if need be. As it is, we enjoyed a little mooch around the craft stuff in the Range, and Sally~Ann did rather well in Matalan, getting a few nice tops to wear for Pilate's class.
Yes, I was knackered afterwards, and had to have a little siesta, but I expected that - and now..... role on tomorrow - we're hitting Trago and George at Asda.
mmmmm I feel toasted tea cakes and cups of tea at the Yacht club coming on LOL

Matrons Clever Seating

For my Frugal friends, I have to share this with you....
My lovely blog friend, over on Views from a Castle has today posted a wonderful idea for extra seating, and you will never believe how easy and inventive the idea is.
If you have a large living room and are in need of seating check out her post here.
Thanks for sharing this clever idea with us Matron x

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lori's Anniversary Giveaway

I was doing this mornings catch up on the latest blogs posts that have appeared since last night. and spotted Lori's great offer to one of her followers.

She is offering $75 worth of vouchers towards having your blog made into a book! Now this is not a new idea to me, I have looked into this before, and I have also tried to print it myself, (not very successfully) and place it into a ring binder..... no, not really the same result as blog2print are offering.

Stop by Lori's blog and take a look, she is a funny, creative and interesting person, that I am pleased to call my bloggy friend - we may live an ocean apart, and we have never met, but her support and friendship through our blogs is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for sharing this with us Lori x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Christmas Money finally spent

At last I have spent my Christmas money from Margret and Keith.

I have been wanting a Cuttlebug for ages and finally gave in and bought it. It will cut and emboss pretty much anything, and is a great addition to my card making tools.

I got it from an online store (see my card blog: that offers loyalty points so have already earned enough from them to buy some freebie bits.

Fantastic eh!

Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm Such A Drama Queen!

Since posting my official new post on this new web address, I have had another trip to the hospital and an over night stay!

Needless to say, my GP was sufficiently worried about my continued stomach pain and had me re-admitted to the surgical receiving unit on Monday evening!

After a night of no sleep at all due to the noise and pain, and the fact that I was taken for an X-ray and scan at 11.30 at night, I was finally given a stack load of tablets, put on nil mouth and told that I should expect another operation in the morning!

On the AM rounds I told them in no uncertain terms that I absolutely did not want another operation and could they try and find another solution if at all possible.

After various drugs, and being told OK, I can go back on food and water, I decided that my body had had enough and promptly threw up everywhere - very embarrassing, and not nice for the people on the ward as I did not have time to do a dash to the loo, because my drip stand would not pass between the end of my bed and the conveniently placed bin!

Anyway - it turns out that there is yet another drug to add the the list that I can no longer take!

They did actually sort out a regime that started to work, and so I was allowed to go home that evening - I was more than relieved as they had just announced another visitor lock down due to the NORO virus again!

I did actually sleep that night, but then you always do in your own bed don't you!

Looks like another week off work though, which isn't so good - I have to say the girls are fab though and are ringing me each day with the latest gossip, so that I don't feel so cut off from it all.

Roll on being able to drive and work again

Dylans Christening

I know I'm playing catch up - Sorry!

On the 24th January 2010, it was Dylan's' Christening. I am his godmother, and as such needed to be in Birmingham (about 400 miles away).
The plan was that we would drive up on the Friday 22nd, have a Christmas Day on the 23rd Jan with Paul's Mom, and then hop across to Walsall for the Christening on Sunday, before driving back that night ready for work on Monday.

This obviously did not happen like we planned. It was only 2 weeks since my Op on the day of the christening, and my the Thursday before I knew I would not be able to travel, due to the pain, and complications of the infections that I had.

Kelly and her Mum were wonderful, and spoke to the priest who arranged for me to be God Parent my proxy. Kelly asked her own God Mother (her sister Margaret) to stand in for me, and the priest included me in the service, by saying a prayer for me to get better.

And so, in Kelly's words, it is official - I am now Dylan's Godmother, despite not being there.
We shall get together soon and have a celebratory meal - I can't wait!

Monday, 1 February 2010

New Year New Address

So as you area all now are, I have amended my blog address.
After sufficient problems, I finally decided to do something about it, and as such Surf Chick 100 was born - well in web address name only!
I hope that you will all continue to follow my antics, and I am sure that once I am fully recovered there will be plenty on here to keep to amused, not least to say, the first trip with our touring caravan..... Perhaps I should ask you all for suggested names for her, as at the moment she is just known as caravan, and that really is not good enough if we are to be spending our holiday time with her. I imagine it will be April-ish before we try her out for the first time, we need a little Spring weather to lift our spirits when we are using her.
News So Far:
It is now 3 weeks since I had my operation, and although I am pretty much pain free from my appendix removal, and could easily have been back at work last week, I am still in a lot of pain from the endometriosis adhesions that were removed.
The doctor has decided that I am to be off work for at least another week, meaning I don't go back until 8th Feb! It's driving me mad..... I popped out to The Range on Saturday with Paul. This was my first attempt at leaving the house since my op, and although it felt lovely to be out and looking at card stock and decoupage papers for my next lot of greetings cards, it completely wore me out..... it was then that I realised that perhaps the doctor does know best LOL.
Fred, has come out in sympathy and had a nasty ear infection which has needed drops, and also his usual westie skin complaint has reared its ugly head, which means weekly baths - bless him, he doesn't know where to hide to get away from us at the moment!
All of my friends have been wonderful and continue to support me, and despite the fact I feel like quite a fraud being off work for so long, having seen me, they all agree it is a necessary evil.
Meanwhile - I am taking the opportunity to make a few cards and build up my stock to sell. I shall blog them as I make them on my other blog
In the meantime take care everyone