Sunday, 30 November 2008

To dry or not to dry, That is the question

I decided today that I was fed up of the rain and did not want to have to trek down the garden to get to the tumble drier in the garage, just so that I could get a load of washing dry, especially as the grass is now nearly all mud!

In our old house, we used to have the freezer in the cupboard under the stairs and it worked quite well, so I told, yes TOLD, Paul that I wanted to do that here too TODAY!

Paul being the good soul that he is, just rolled his eyes and got on with it for me.

We emptied all of the camping gear and tents out (where these will now go is anybodies guess) to make room for the freezer....

Fred decided that it was safer at this point to stay well away and hope that it would all be over soon!

Once the freezer was in situe I was really pleased not only do I now have room for my dryer in the kitchen but I can also put Fred's games and towels etc on top of the freezer in the cupboard, hence giving me some more much needed cupboard space back in the kitchen - so far so good....

We placed the dryer in the old freezer space in the kitchen and lifter the fridge back on top of it, and then Paul got inspired and said we could use the useless cat flap that the old house owners had kindly left us for the venting pipe - even better!
I placed one of the 4 wet loads of washing I had in waiting into the dryer and felt very please with myself.

An hour later, it transpires that my lovely 12 year old dryer had given up the ghost and was not getting warm, and definitely not drying the clothes - B*****ks!

It's now too late in the day on a Sunday to go out in the search of a new one so the wet clothes will have to wait until tomorrow, when I can do a reckie at the local electrical store....


Saturday, 29 November 2008


Loads happening today.....

Mainly a Tech day event for the Fivers at Roger Collins at Probus. This is a day of information where all of the mechanics have made themselves available to assist free of charge for the owners and drivers of '5's in the area. They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all sorts of weird and wonderful queries that the group have managed to come up with.

Paul went along with Betty Blue to see what he could find out about taking the cam cover apart so that it could be polished up, ready for the shows next year.

Whilst he was there he was lucky enough to be able to get her up on the ramps so that he could inspect her under carriage, so to speak. During her time on the ramps the gents at RC demonstrated wax oiling - Betty was very lucky to have got her front wishbones done for free. Fantastic.

Meanwhile back at the joint, Sally Ann and I had a master plan! Truro was beckoning and so was the last of the Christmas shopping. We took advantage of the Park and Ride and had a very successful day getting the last few things that I needed.

We got back home just in time to walk into Redruth with Hamish and Fred to see the Christmas lights turned on.

Although we arrived after they were lit - it was still a nice walk and a lovely atmosphere with Pirate FM the local radio station on hand to play Christmas tunes for us whilst we walked around some market stalls with craft bits and food on sale.

We could not work out where the snowflake lights on the floor and shop walls were being projected from , but they were very pretty, despite Fred not being interested.

On the walk home the boys met some interesting brass friends...

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Another meal with friends

Tonight we got ready to go out with 6 0f our friends to the local Indian Restaurant in Redruth.

It's Alison's birthday next week and this was the only day that we could all get together, and, bonus, it's buffet day!

The meal was great, as was the company.

Thanks guys.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Seal Sanctuary Visit

We decided last night to go the the Seal Sanctuary today. We had been promising ourselves for ages.
I checked out their website and it said that dogs were welcome too, so Fred happily came along too.

He was fascinated to begin with. He watched the seals. The seals watched him. But he was so good. No cries or woofs just excited sniffs.

The whole area is set along the Gweek river estuary. The scenery is beautiful and it was like following a lovely nature walk through the woods in some parts, especially down by the Otters Creek.
Some of the tanks that housed the seals had viewing areas below so that you could come eye to eye with these gorgeous animals.
After an hour and a half strolling around the seal sanctuary we headed off, and decided to continue on down to Lizard Point as we were only 10 miles from there anyway.

The scenery was wonderful, even if it was a little breezy, but as you can see the skies were blue and it was a fairly warm 10 degrees according to the cars digital thingy!

The Lizard is quite a way down and the countryside is quite different to any other that I have seen in Cornwall before. It was quite strange to see the open flat fields and low stone walls.
After stopping at the Lizard, we headed home via Hayle. Parking up on the estuary at Philp's.
Everyone had told us that we had not eaten a Cornish pasty until we had had one from Philps' in Hayle. It was a case of stuff the diet and stuff our faces instead. Mmmmmmmm

Friday, 21 November 2008

Big time Favourite at the moment.

This is something I just have to do!

For part of my birthday present Kelly bought me the book, P.S I Love You - by Cecelia Ahearne.

When I got around to reading it during our hols in October, I could not put it down and read it in about two and a half days.
Since then I got a deal on the video in Tesco so treated myself. Although it has pretty much been completely re-written and the story line in only a vague shadow of the original book, it really is a great film.

If you fancy a really lovely read with a few tears, or a lovely little chick flick (which Paul even enjoyed) this is worth a try. I promise you won't regret it.

Christmas is coming....

After a really average morning at work and many a moan to be had, I've had a very productive afternoon with my lovely hubby.

We decided to go off and have a look around Presingol Barns at St Agnes. It's only about 15 minutes from home and is a load of barns that have been transformed into crafty/christmassy/jewellery filled gloriousness with a coffee shop that does cream teas to die for!

The Christmas decorations were lovely and all of the jewellery/pottery/handbags etc were reduced to 50% of original cost.

Although I didn't get anything today, I think I shall be going back in the next week or so.

From here we went on to Hayle and a wander around the Wyvale Garden Centre and yet more Christmas decorations. Then it was onto M&S, Next and Boots at Hayle.

I've managed to get another couple of Christmas presents and am almost finished now. Yippee.....

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Present Hunting Begins...

Matalan in Truro was the order of the day this avo.

Managed to get a few presents towards Christmas and even a couple of birthday presents for some friends.

I must now try and get the brain into gear to think of some really great ideas for the people I have not bought for as yet.

Still, tomorrow is another day...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Lost Cause or Confidence Renewed?

Today was the day we were to lead the Fivers on an organised drive. Yes that's right we finally get to put all of those awful weekends of practice into effect for real.

We arrived to 1 car and thought - it's ok we'll get away with a small turn out and it won't matter if we go wrong and get lost - by the time we had had coffee in the Treasure Park cafe we were up to 20 people and we then began to panic in earnest!

I called ahead in advance to the pub where we were having lunch and confirmed the numbers before we took the bull by the horns and headed off with a convoy of 5's behind us and a walkie talkie in hand to keep in touch with the rear car.
The weather was really good to us. the skies turned blue and everyone had their tops down to enjoy the early winter sunshine and the brisk breeze on their faces.
The first half of the run went really well, and as we pulled into Marazion, St Michaels Mount sparkled in the sunshine with the sea a fantastic shade of blue, matching the colour of the sky.
We got a few choice photo's and used the facilities - that coffee was a bad idea first thing I think - then headed off for the final few miles for our lunch stop in Cripplesease.

This was at the Engine Inn - a very typically Cornish pub, and truly spit and sawdust type with the old slate floor and low ceilings. We filled the place, and although we had a little wait for the food to come, as we all ordered different things, it was a good stop off point.

After lunch we headed across country passing old engine houses and reservoirs and finally ended the run at Penventon Nursery where we had tea and cakes and wandered around the Christmas decorations - very festive.

The general feedback was very good, including a few nice comments about the dreaded Visio map I did for everyone to follow.

Thank goodness it's over, but we have to say now that we are home it was not nearly as bad as we expected it would be.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Stuff & Nonsense...

Paul had more pains on Tuesday but we got it all under control and now that we know it's nothing sinister were able to get him through the worst of it.

Fred had his hair cut on Wednesday and is now really handsome, he did cause Auntie Helen some aggravation with all of his wriggling though and she has asked us to get him some knock out tablets for next time so that he is chilled out and amicable! We will try some of Hamish's tablets that were bought for fireworks night and see how he gets on next time!

Had a lovely late afternoon/early evening on Portreath beach today - Fred and Hamish raced up and down enjoying the freedom and we dodged the waves as the tide came in. Lovely. We topped it off with a Chinese takeaway - Yum!

and finally..... Just been chatting with my friend Pauline on facebook - Hi chick - lovely to "speak" to you.....

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The 11th Hour Of The 11th Day Of The 11th Month

Lest We Forget ....
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Fourth stanza of 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon (1869 - 1943)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Health Check Update

So after last nights drama, Paul went to the GP today, on the advice of the paramedics, to get an MOT and make sure all ok.
He has no heart problems that the GP is concerned with and has no chest infection or flu of any kind on the way..... it seems he had a huge muscle spasm of some kind and it had really knocked his system about.
He'll feel really rough for a few days but will be ok.
So now that I've shed a few tears of relief I can finally say for sure PANIC OVER!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Pains and Plots

We decided to have a wander around Falmouth this morning and despite getting drowned in the rain and Paul not feeling well at all with pains everywhere in his chest and back it was a nice am.

This evening we went to our friends in Portreath.

So remember remember the 5th of November.......

It was the firework display there tonight. Yes I know is the 9th and not the 5th but it was still a fantastic display anyway.
By the time we got home a couple of hours later, Paul was in real pain with his chest and back and was finding it hard to breath. At this point I was getting worried. He couldn't get into a position that was comfortable and could not catch his breath.
It was at this point I really panicked and dialled 999. Something I have never done before unless I was at work and was calling for someone I don't know. When it's someone you love it's really scary!
Two men arrived in an ambulance, which threw me a little as I was expecting a motorbike or car paramedic, but apparently it's normal for 10.30 on a Sunday night. These 2 men were fantastic. He had a blood pressure check and was hooked up to the heart monitor.
All of this was OK thankfully, but they did hear crackles on his lungs and decided the pains that he was experiencing were perhaps an infection and he had panicked when he didn't know what the pains were or why he felt so rough.
They offered to take him to hospital for a few more tests but as his breathing was now under control he was happy to see the GP in the morning to get the final all clear.
Panic over - but boy what a horrible way to end a lovely day.
Huge thanks to the Paramedics that were so good tonight.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Pigged Out!

Just arrived home from another family Birthday Meal......
Went to a local pub and had their special of the evening - Mexican Nacho's followed by Fajitas.
I don't know about the size 14's I've just bought - think I need a 16 after that lot. It was really yummy though.
Another lovely night out..... Ta x

Monday, 3 November 2008

Square Eyes

Just a note to Margaret and Kelly.......

You both have an awful lot to answer for.

Marg has got us hooked on Greys Anatomy - so we are now watching it online - we've done the first 2 seasons on Marg's DVD sets that she leant us and have up to season 5 to watch on line.

and Kelly - she decided it was imperative I watched One Tree Hill so we could discuss the merits of Lucas and Nathan - Who I said...... anyway in my birthday box that arrived were the first 2 season box sets - I watched the first on holiday and the second whilst Paul was on nights last week. What I did not expect was for Paul to get hooked on it as well. He sulks if I watch it without him. The 2 seasons went back to Kel and we are now nearly through season 4 already.

Don't you just love the Internet - you can watch pretty much anything for free if you find the right web site and don't mind Japanese sub titles!

Anyway - it's their fault if the blog doesn't get updated for ages - we are probably watching Meredith/McDreamy or Lucas/Nathan depending on the day or mood.....

Sorry how old was I again...... LOL

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Barbies Birthday Treat

Another dinner out - this time back to the Flaming Wok for their lovely buffet lunch, to celebrate Barbara's birthday..... any excuse for a G&T eh?

Before the food comes out the refreshments begin.

Jannah Beth and Jenny discover the wonders of Pork Balls!

and Mel has a run in with some spare ribs in BBQ sauce..... YUMMM!
Now I know that these pictures look remarkably like the last lot I took at the Flaming Wok - but it so happens we sat at the same lovely big round table in the same seats as last time......Honest!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sally-Ann is 60 ........ LOL couldn't resist -Sorry!

Tonight we are out with our friends - It's Sally-Ann's birthday and so a meal at the local Pub is in order.

We made her open some pressies despite it not being until Monday....

But we think she enjoyed herself!