Sunday, 26 August 2012

Afternoon Tea and Sea

Jamie and Phill are in Cornwall for a visit once more, and having been invited for a lovely supper with them last night, I received a call this morning to see if I wanted to join them for a trip to Trengwainton for afternoon tea.

The only stipulation?  I had to ride ’em’ cowboy once more on the rocking horse…. I feel a theme beginning here LOL

They collected me mid morning, and after a little confab for the best route to drive, Sally Ann and I came up with a plan of action.  The quick way there, the pretty way home!

The biggest order for cream teas you have ever seen, soon followed our arrival at the tea rooms, and we all got stuck in.

P8260015 (2a)

Then the ill fated rocking horse incident was required.  Who would have thought that I would start a trend when I did this on our last visit!




The pretty drive home took us up high over Mounts Bay, and afforded us some lovey views of St Michaels Mount, and so, of course, we stopped for some pictures.


The boys dropped me home to see to Fred, but not before making plans to go to the beach and watch them in the water.



The National Surf Life Saving Championships was taking place, so there was not much surf, or beach to make use of, but they still had fun I think.


What a lovely day!

Jo Anne

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Simon, Vikki and the kiddies are heading home today, and i had promised them a cake.

Having pulled a new recipe from google, I produced a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkles and white chocolate drops.


It looked good, but not having made it before I was very wary that it would taste OK.



We met everyone, and headed to the beach for a game of boules, and then made our way back to watch Mo Farrah win his race.  The kids got very excited and decided to Usain Bolt him!



A quick walk around the harbour, and some timed shots, before we said our goodbyes until next time.


I think the next few weeks are going to be very quiet without all these visitors.

Roll on Bank Holiday weekend, and the next visit from Jamie and Phill. Can’t wait.

Jo Anne


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Boogie Board Bonus

Amazingly I didn’t feel to bad from the effects of the plonk from last night, and did my morning shift at work with no problems.

Within a few minutes of getting home, the boys contacted me to say they were in the area.

Time to get the wet suits on!  Both Paul and Mark decided not to go in, and would be the photographers for the day, so Stuart and I suited up and grabbed our boards.

The sun was shining and the waves coming in gently, perfect for a first time boogie boarder.



We met up with Sally-Ann, Simon, Vikki, Ellie, Cameron, Jack and Sara and made our way to the water.

P8090026A few minutes later we were laughing all the way on to the sand on the crest of our waves.

P8090031 (2)

It was so warm in the sun that the water felt lovely, and we managed about 2 and a half hours in the water.



Then it was back home for a quick shower, a glass of gin and a change of clothes before heading back for a BBQ that Simon and Vikki had arranged with Sally Ann.

A great day on the beach followed by a barbie. Fantastic!


It was soon time to say goodbye to the boys, who were heading home in the morning.

A hectic couple of days, but such fun!

Jo Anne


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Unexpected Meal Out

We met Mark and Stuart at Jamie and Phill’s Civil Ceremony back in November last year, and suggested if they came to Cornwall to get in touch with us.

I didn’t think for a minute they would.

Having arranged to meet at a pub in Carbis Bay, we decided to book a table for a meal too.

What an evening of laughter we had!

jo and mark

Towards the end of the night, I had a message from Sally-Ann asking if we wanted to go in the sea the following day, as the tide was right.


The boys jumped at the chance and we arranged for their bulldog, Nellie to stay at our house with Fred whilst we were on the beach.


Now, I’ve just got to get up for work tomorrow after the alcoholic intake tonight!  Roll on the boogie board!

Jo Anne