Friday, 25 January 2008

Burn's Night in Falmouth

Above are Paul and I enjoying the meal and the Company
This is Mike and Sally-Ann. They are great friends and despite Sally-Ann hating her piccie being taken, I actually managed to get this one!
and finally - this is Tony and Lynn - again big 'fivers' so to speak, which is how we met them. If it wasn't for this two we would not have had such a cracking night - thanks for organising it...
You can just make out the piper on this picture - it's a little dark but he was piping in the Haggis - honestly.

Friday, 18 January 2008

A Visit to RNAS Culdrose

When we heard about this trip we really did not want to miss it, and we are so glad we took the day off work as holiday now. It was the biggest midweek turn out I'd ever seen for the 'fivers' and as you can see we got pretty much access all areas, and even a fantastic meal in the wardroom at lunchtime.

I got to sit in a rescue helicopter

This is the wardroom where we ate.

... and finally the control tower.