Thursday, 22 September 2011

Final Family Meal

Having had a lovely day in Truro, tonight is becoming quite sad.  It’s the last night we will all be together for a while.

We had booked a table at the Portreath Arms last week just for the occasion.

Sally-Ann and Mike were also joining us, for the big send off.



We had a lovely evening talking of all that had happened during the week, and becoming upset about the time that would have to lapse before we might get to do it again.

Despite the sad reason for the meal, we all had a lovely evening.

Jo Anne

Relic Hunters

Another half day, and another trip for the family.

We were doing Truro Museum and Cathedral, I knew that Keith loves history, and thought this might be just the thing.

We spent a good while wandering the exhibits, with Keith falling in love with certain items as he went around.


P9220034P9220039P9220042P9220044P9220047P9220054Then it was time for a coffee and a sit down before walking around to the cathedral.


Truro Cathedral is a beautiful place, and we had a slow meander, before lighting a candle each for Nan, who’s birthday would have been only a week away.

It was then time to head home, and back to Paul who was just finishing work.

Jo Anne


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Falmouth of Course!

When I knew that we were having Mom and Keith visit, I organised to have two half day holidays.  One for today and one for tomorrow.  My half days start at 11.00am, so it was a great time to ask them to be ready for.  As soon as I got home they climbed into Prick-illa and we set off.

We headed on to Falmouth, with a plan of ‘doing’ Trago for Keith.  He wanted a jacket to replace one that was a bit the worse for wear and knew he would be able to get one there.

Mom, like me, just wanted a mooch!


We had great success in getting Keith’s wet weather jacket, and so, celebrated with the purchase of an Oggies pasty each, and a trip up to Pendennis Point to eat them, whilst watching the world and the boats go by.

It was now nearly 2.30pm and time for Paul to finish his shift at work.  We messaged him to say we were heading home via the garden centre, to look for the plant that Mom had seen on Sunday, and were going to grab a coffee and a cake whilst we were there.

He messaged back that he was on his way to join us!

No plants, but a very large piece of lemon meringue pie and a mug of latte later, we were all very happily full, and heading back home for a rest before I had to think about cooking supper for us all!

Jo Anne

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Treasure of a Day

When I arrived home from work today, the weather was not the best, but the last thing we wanted to do was to waste the day.

Mom and Keith piled into Prick-illa and we headed out to Treasure Park for a little wander and a window shop.


Keith fell in love with the De Lorean and Aston Martin, typical bloke….. he even took a fancy to what might be up a models dress!


Mom on the other hand was quietly spending…. in her head of course!


Jo Anne

Monday, 19 September 2011

Boating Lake Bliss

Following very full days at work for both Paul and I, we arrived home at mid afternoon, and picked up Mom and Keith for a trip down to Helston.


In all our years here, we had not walked the Helston Boating Lake, only driven past it, so we thought it might make a nice afternoon, early evening stroll before our evening meal.


We managed to park very close to the pathway, and made our way over tot he lake and the inquisitive swans that were watching our every move.


P9190016Although it’s not a large lake to walk around, it was a lovely stroll.

We drove home via Porthleven and Marazion, just for the views really LOL!


Jo Anne


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mom’s Trelissick Trip

We were all up bright and breezy today, and the decision was made to take Mom and Keith to Trelissick Gardens for a wander and some lunch.

Unfortunately Keith was suffering with his legs, after the long drive, and decided to stay at home, but the rest of us piled in the car, and headed on up to the gardens.


The weather was glorious for us, and despite the fact that there were not that many plants in bloom, the trip was a success.

Mom found some plants that she fell in love with and decided that she would like some to take home for her garden.  This means a trip to the garden centre some time this week.


We had a lovely gentle stroll around the grounds, and then headed back to the coffee shop for some lunch.  Soup, roll and coffee all round, followed by huge gooey cakes and cream for after….. let me just say that the protestations of making her fat did not last longer than it took to get the spoon to her mouth LOL


On the drive home, we detoured to Godrevey in order to do some seal spotting. 

We had great success, and saw a beach full of mother seals with their pups, but the gale like winds on the cliff top soon had us running back to the car for some cover!



A lovely first full day with Mom.

Jo Anne

Saturday, 17 September 2011

and Hens go Cluck Cluck…..

It’s all getting quite exciting!  Liza gets married in October, and tonight is the Hen Party. Don’t read any further if you are of a sensitive nature LOL…

Tracey and I have been putting together hen bags for all those attending, which include Ann Summers magazines with 10% discount vouchers, perfumes, shampoo’s, conditioners, lipsticks, loads of Avon products, love heart sweets with “Liza’s Hen Night, Gwel an Mor, 17 September 2011” on the external label (these are done by a local company with the wording that you request)

There are also party poppers, naughty willie shaped sweet dummies, and some aromatherapy soaps in the shape of, you guessed it, willies!

In Liza’s bag, we also added a blue garter, some honeymoon dice that contain certain suggestions when you roll them, and of course her halo, wand and tiara!


Tracey and I arrived about 45 minutes early in order to place the soap willies on each place setting…… the aroma was so strong we couldn’t put them in the hen bags!


Then as people arrived, we handed them their personalised hen bag.  We had managed to do all of the bags for a total cost of £35.00, so each person only had a tiny amount to pay towards the fun.


The fun soon got underway, and although the rest of the night was pretty normal, as Liza didn’t want any of the hoo ha that goes with hens do’s, we still managed to all have a laugh and ask the chap looking after us all for his trousers, boxers and a kiss!  Of course I had nothing to do with this!


Soon enough the night was over, and I headed back home.  Pauls Mom and step Dad had arrived a few hours ago from Birmingham and, I just had time to have a natter and a catch up before we all headed off to bed.


Such Fun! in the words of a certain lady from ‘Miranda’.  I love that show! LOL

Jo Anne

Thursday, 1 September 2011


I had been invited to join everyone at the camp site, for a very special evening.


The plan was to have a Chinese take away, and surprise the four kids with a birthday cake, and make it into a joint celebration for them all, as they were all together, even though all of their birthdays and already been and gone.


We had a lovely evening in their little enclosure, but all too soon it was over.

Thanks for the invite guys x

Jo Anne