Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Perfect Evening For Body Board Surfing!

As Adrian goes home in the morning, my final mission for his visit was to get him in the sea - OK so this is the best it got for him - a quick paddle, but I at least had the chance to get in the water and show him how much fun boarding can be!

Mel came down, wetsuit and board at the ready, despite her text saying she may not come in, and we set off into the waves like a couple of Greek goddesses - well little baby seals anyway!

Paul and Ade stood an chatted on the side lines and video's a few little snippets of some of our finest moments - click on the arrow to play each little video clip...

Anyway - after about an hours of shrieks as we managed to ride the waves right up to the shore line, we finally came in and plodded back to the car, and then off home

I think that we managed to fit in a lot of Cornwall for Adrian's first trip, but we have now started planning where we will be going next time

meanwhile, have a safe trip home Ade, x

Falmouth and The Lizard

This morning we planned to head off to Falmouth for a mooch around the harbour

And a coffee on top of the local pizzeria (because it has the best views from the balcony). Whilst sat there chatting we decided that the Lizard was to be the next destination for Ade, as he had heard of its natural beauty, and wanted to see it first hand.

The weather really was so fantastic, which made the views incredible

We wandered down the hillside to the little natural cove

and posed for some pictures

It's now nearly 4pm and I'm getting seriously edgy as I NEED to get into the water with my board!

We headed on back home, and I text Mel to see if she was up for a bit of boarding.

But first things first..... a nice cup of tea!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Trip of a Lifetime, A Very Long Walk and a Mine Tour

When Ade asked if he could come to visit, I said of course, is there anywhere in particular you would like to go whilst you are here?

Well, he said, since I was a boy, I always wanted to go the Lands End, and I've never managed to get there. Sorted! That was today's mission.

We went via St Michael's Mount for the obligatory photo opportunity

Then on to Sennen, where we parked up and walked the coast road all around to Lands End - Ade's requested tour spot.
En-Route Paul spotted one of the ships that had famously been stranded on the rocks
It's a very treacherous coast line

Upon arrival, there were lots of important photo requirements - firstly the first and last house

followed by our picnic lunch - the boys couldn't wait as you can see!

Then the miniature collection

and finally another picture to prove he was actually there!
This afternoon, we had a visit to the King Edward Mine open day
They had set all of the old mining building to smoke, just as they had during their heyday - if you look really closely you can see the smoke from the chimneys
A mooch around the old ruins followed
and then it was inside to inspect the equipment - to be honest, it was all beyond Ade and myself, but Paul was in his element, and was fascinated by the workings of the tools and equipment
A very busy and tiring day, but fun all the same.
Roll on tomorrow!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Adrian's Trip to Cornwall

Ade's come to visit YAY!
This is the first time since we moved that Ade has managed to get down here, and it's so great to see him. We've been friends for a lot of years, more that I care to remember actually, as it makes me feel very old!

After a well earned cuppa, and a mooch around the house and garden, they took Fred for a little walk whilst I did a necessary trip to Tesco, for vital food stocks. Then it was a tour around our backyard - Portreath beach and Carn Brea Castle and Monument.

The tide was out as far as I have ever seen it, and we were able to walk further than we have for a long time, finally stopping at the outcrop of rocks for a picture

Then it was up Carn Brea and a telephone call to Brenda, his partner. to say what a wonderful view he was looking at - sorry Brenda, perhaps you will get to see it next time

We finally headed home, were we found the lasagne that was in the oven was a little more crispy than we would have liked, but it went down well with the salad and garlic bread, whilst we sat in front of the TV catching up on the Australian soaps (my choice!)

Fred settled down with his mate Ade for a bit of fuss and then it was time for Strictly Come Dancing - What I hear you say - They are blokes - yeah and they may say they weren't watching, but trust me they were LOL

Roll on tomorrow - loads planned, which means loads more to blog...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm a Reformed Girl

Mel asked me a few days ago if I would mind being her guinea pig on her Pilate's Reformer machine. She wants to understand how hard or easy it is to show someone the ropes so to speak and generally see it working on someone first hand, and what muscle groups are used when etc.... personally I think she just wanted to see me trussed up like a chicken!

Anyway, I emailed with her and today was the day that suited our work plans, any anyway, the weather was too rubbish to body board LOL.

She started me off with some simple moves that I am familiar with from the mat work that we do in class, but this time they have the resistance of the bands on the machine to work against. I did not think I would last 2 minutes, but hey anything for a friend!

Then the real work began - I looked more like I was going for a check up at the OB-GYN by the time my feet were stuck in the elastic hooks... I was asked to push my legs out and round like a little froggie jumping off the ground..... after the laughter stopped and I began in earnest, I found it quite a nice move - it works all your butt and thigh (inner and outer) your ankles and calves and just about every other muscle group in the human body no doubt.

One hour rolled into 2, as Mel kept saying I would have liked to try that, but it looks quite hard, and me saying lets just have a go, and if I hurt I'll scream...

I was amazed, I was able to do all that was asked of me, bar one thing I think, which was a seated on the bench, ropes in hands over head and moving the bench by pulling hands in front of me move.... tough, but I think next time I may manage it.

We finished with tea and cakes - OBVIOUSLY - after all that exercise, and a wander around the the local surf shop 5 minutes away to have a mooch. Unfortunately they were closed - the sign On the door said GONE SURFING! Oh well next time eh.

Anyway - all in all a really great afternoon, where I found out that I must now be a lot fitter than before I started my Pilates, as I would not have been able to do any of the moves today, this time last March !

Woo Hoo Fantastic - and it's all down to the wonderful Mel's' teachings. Visit her blog if you don't believe me: Pilates in Portreath

Saturday, 19 September 2009

BAH Here We Come

It's Saturday.

I took Fred for his hair cut this morning, and having been up since 5am fretting about whether he would get so stressed he would be a nuisance for Helen, I needn't have worried!

Sandra, Helen's friend came along too, and she has these spooky doggy whispery powers and kept him quite calm and happy, whilst his coat was cut and his dew claws trimmed..... Amazing!

He now looks very handsome, and I needn't have worried.

I walked through the front door at home at 11.05am, followed by Paul at 11.09am....... "Want to go to our caravan?" I asked....... "OK" he said.

A mad half hour of grabbing underwear, and strapping his bike to the back of the car, and we headed off up the A39 Atlantic Highway towards Somerset.

The weather was steaming hot, the sky blue, and Fred sound asleep on the back seat.

We soon arrived, then it was relaxation time before tomorrows drive back and Mondays return to work..... A walk was in order first though...

A really lovely impromptu weekend... now back to the grindstone

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mel's Magic Moment

Went down the beach this avo to join Mel. The weather was great but it was really windy.
Having acted like a real girl, and used a mallet to bang in the wind breaker pegs, I then proceeded to watch as Mel went into the very choppy waters to catch a few waves...

Well done Mel.

The best I could manage was a non stop chat chat chat..... Normal for me I know! Poor Paul!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Very English Afternoon Tea

Jame and Phill's last day arrived with beautiful blue skies and scorching heat.
After a trip to Truro this morning we met up with everyone on the beach to fulfill the boys last holiday wish. A full cream tea of scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and flasks of tea on the beach!
Once the wind breaks were up we settled down to fill out bellies, only peering out with the standard meerkat move to check out the occasional life guard or generally fit bod that was worth oggling!
Ricky had decided to go fishing in a friends canoe whilst we were eating and was determined to catch a load of fish.
When Mel finally saw him paddling back in we started to take bets on how many he'd managed to get...... I was reckoning on 2.....
Turns out he's a rather clever chap and came home with 10 mackerel!

After a debate on whether we were able to bring ourselves to gut them we agreed to take some each. Ricky kindly agreed to gut and head ours for us, right there on the beach, and I have to say, once we got it home and cooked it, we found it to be delicious.

Whens your next delivery due Ricky?