Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mission Impossibe

About an hour ago I got a text asking what time we were getting to the tide race. What blinking tide race I said!
Anyway the object of the game is to built a sand castle and stand on top of it as the tide laps up to it. The last team still above water wins!

As the sand piles got higher, so did every ones spirits.

And as the water gets closer they all hang on to each other for dear life and hope for the best!

Paul and I got our toes out and wet - amazing!

Yes I know I'm not dressed for it, but I had only just found out about the race and we'd just driven at full speed (within the law of course) from Falmouth!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

PARTY! Well Fake Party Anyway....

This year is a big birthday for Sally-Ann. But not until November! As her boys and grandchildren were here on holiday it was decided an early Birthday party was in order.
Jamie and Phil did all of the organising and laid out the food.

Mike and Pam sat and enjoyed eating it...

Ozzie was bored by everything....

Phil played chief chef and florist....

and the kids stood on and cheered their Nanna.
Happy Non Birthday!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Baby Baby Baby....

I've already mentioned all of my pregnant friends, but I've just received this by text from my friend who is due in March.

Ahh! baby is scratching it's nose!

I'm so excited for you chick. XX

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


While her brothers were off playing golf with Daddy and Grandad, Ellie decided making cards would be much more fun.
After a quick ride up the county lanes in my 5 with the lid down she got down to some serious crafting. Clever little girl she is!

Anyway, even more clever of her, she got her Nanna to help with the tricky cutting out

Told me off for taking so many photo's!

And asked Fred's opinion on the layout for her card!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunny Sunday

Amazingly today dawned bright and breezy considering it was a Bank Holiday Sunday.
Unfortunately I don't have the benefit of taking tomorrow off work as, in our industry there are no Bank Holidays, barring Christmas Day and Boxing Day, that are conformed with. Business as usual sort of thing!
All the more reason I was glad of nice weather - it means a day out with friends and family.
We had originally planned to go to a working farm show in Marazion, the plan being to win the novelty dog show between Fred, Hamish and Ozzie, however after driving around for 2 hours we gave up trying to find it, only to finally get someone to answer the contact telephone number and find it was cancelled!
Plan B was to go up to Godrevy and walk the dogs and eat our picnic on the cliff top. Well done for that suggestion Jamie, it turned out great....
We saw 6 or 7 seals swimming in the bay and sunning themselves whilst doing back stroke - if you look hard enough you can see them here....

We then walked on up the headland with the 3 dogs on leads at this point - it would only take for an interesting smell and they would be over the side and down the drop!

Then it was a stop in front of the lighthouse for timed group photos and fun with the kiddies

Followed by food of the highest standard - you know the hand bag/picnic variety - a little bit warm but really, really good.

As we relaxed in the sunshine this Royal Navy helicopter flew by with all on board giving us a cheerful wave!
A ropey start to the morning but a fab finish to a lovely day.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Hurrah for the NHS

Finally after many many years of waiting we have an NHS dentist.

We went for our first check up this afternoon and it cost less for both of us than for one of us at our previous private dentist!.

Anyway as the dentist was in Falmouth and it was a nice afternoon we stopped off for a coffee and a snack in the Falmouth Event Square

Sunday, 17 August 2008

So Tired...

It's been a long day...

We have spent the last 6 or 7 hours driving the countryside, on roads just wide enough to take 1 car with the wing mirrors pulled in, in order to arrange a drive for the 5 club in November.

After many many hours of bickering over a roads suitability, we think we have cracked it - finally.

We shall be starting our drive on the outskirts of Portreath, taking in Godrevy, Gwithian, Goldsithney, Millpool, Praa Sands, Marazion, St Michaels Mount, St Erth, Baripper, Praze an Beeble, Four Lanes and Lanner to name just a few spots.

We have a lovely Inn, up on the moors sorted out for everyones' lunch stop and a super cafe at a local nursery for afternoon tea and cakes.

Fingers crossed that when we try to follow my notes on the route, we can recreate it without too many problems!

Never again, that's all I can say! I have no idea how Sally-Ann and Mike do this week in week out and not even break a sweat. We both got very tired and teasy as they say in Cornwall - a large drink tonight should sort that out though!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fireworks on the Fal

It's that time of year again, and if you are an avid reader of my blog you will know this is a regular trip that we make each year.

At the end of Falmouth yachting week there are celebratory fireworks, and we take advantage of that. We take over a boat and sail up the Fal, past St Mawes, the Roseland and Trelissik, and as the sun sets and darkness begins to fall we turn the boat around and return to Falmouth Harbour where we anchor up to enjoy the fireworks from the water, before returning to the dock and back to dry land.

It's always a really lovely evening, broken up by a very welcoming hot Cornish Pasty to fill a gap in our bellies.

The weather was threatening to be really nasty, however with our waterproofs in our backpack and a flask of hot chocolate to keep us warm, we were prepared for anything. We needn't have worried, the weather held off and despite a brisk breeze whipping up, it was a really fantastic evening with many friends, and five club members.

We saw many lovely boats and yachts including this coastguard ship.

A lovely evening with my hubby ( and his goatee!)

Fireworks at the end of the evening were spectacular, however I have to admit, this is not one of my photo's - the shutter speed was so slow I kept blurring them!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

He's the Devil in Disguise!

My beautiful, smart, clean little bow wow decided to prove a point today.
Firstly he decided to help himself to the pigs ear (not a real one I might add) I had for him in his treats box. Then he chased it around the living room by throwing it, barking at it and running and grabbing it, tail wagging. Then he decided to bury it - in his bedding.
20 minutes later, after the simulated digging of dirt with his nose, he was satisfied that it was hidden from me....
He had a mad half hour in the garden, running around in circles like a rocket, obviously very pleased with himself, then he decided that the hiding place was not quite good enough.
He trotted in and 'dug' his 'piggy' back up from his bedding and strolled back outside, all very nonchalant and that, but I knew from past experience that this could mean a whole maggoty mess of nastiness in a few months time if I did not watch what was going on.
Down the garden he went and found the muddiest mucky spot he could next to the bag of old grass cuttings and started to dig a shallow grave for the unfortunate treat. He then covered it, using his nose as a shovel to ensure it could not be seen by anyone and therefore keeping it safe for later.
Well this is what strolled in 20 minutes later....

I left it a couple of hours, took him for his evening walk and on returning dug the treat back up so that it did not have time to turn nasty and gooey!
He was not impressed and sulked for 45 minutes!
In other words - 'DON'T MESS WITH ''THE FRED'' mom!'

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Haircut 100 ...

Today was haircut day for my boy.

As Paul is on nights and I am at work he has been booked in at the same time as Hamish and so Aunty Sally-Ann and Uncle Mike are taking him with them and H.
I know that we have never put them in a 5 together but they are used to being in the boot of the 'Pash' together so on this basis we tried Fred on the parcel shelf on Thursday evening for the first time. We need to be sure they can sit in comfort together.
Lets just say he LOVED LOVED LOVED it up there.
Probably because he had a good view of the road and the other drivers!

I got a text at 10am to say that they were sharing the parcel shelf and being complete angels!
Hamish is on the left and Fred is on the right.
And once they are home the loving continues....
even down to sharing their bowls of milk!
AAAHHHH! Family!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Spending Spree.... Yippeee!

So this week we are out and about doing our usual thing - with no plan in mind for filling our days for a change - when we happen upon the latest back to school deal at Tesco for laptops.
Now as you all know I have been desolate to say the least without my laptop surgically attached to my fingertips and this, as they say, was too good a deal to pass up, even so we walked away from them and about 10 minutes later, after giving ourselves a good talking to, went back to the end gondola where they were winking away at us and picked up the box to buy one.
Hurrah! I'm back in business and just need my family tree removing from the damaged laptop of old and placing on this one and I'm well away! I told myself it was my 40th Birthday present I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a little money for my Birthday to put towards it. YES I KNOW - It's not until October but I couldn't resist.
and then......
Whilst in Truro on Sunday we did it again - having lost the lead to our camera about 5 months ago so that we can no longer charge it, we have been using our mobile phones to take all our pictures - and then the Jessops Sales signs appeared in front of us...... need I say more.

Anyway just to prove how wonderful it is here are a few pictures of the only flowering plants I have in my garden at them moment.....

Such fantastic pictures don't you think...... You couldn't do that on a mobile phone!

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Having had permanent pain in my hands for the last 6 or 7 weeks I finally went to see the GP.
Paul had said don't bother - it's my age - cheeky bleeder!
Anyhoo - seems he's right! I've got reactive arthritis brought on by that lousy cold I had just before my holidays in June.
I need to have some blood tests on Tuesday to confirm some stuff but I've been told it will eventually clear up - Please note the word EVENTUALLY!
I feel old!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mount Edgecumbe 2008

The day dawned cold, wet and windy - Blooming typical.
Today we have the last of the car shows that we are booked in to attend and we were hoping to get a lovely day like we got last week. No chance.
We ummed and ahh'd about whether to cancel and stay at home, but knew full well we would have been gutted if everyone that went had good weather once they got up country to Plymouth.
And so, with wellington boots and weather proof trousers in the boot of the car we set off with high hopes for better weather later in the day.
It was not to be....... Some of the drive up there was dry but he closer we got the darker the sky got.
We just had time to help on setting up the stands gazebo and the heavens opened again then it was a mad dash to get a spot under the dry canopy!
Just after this the skies let up for a short time and one of our members arrived in convoy with her husband, who was joining the Austin stand. Mike was lucky enough to drive it from the 5 stand to the Austin stand with Richard watching closely from the passenger seat!

Whilst it was a little drier we had a wander and got a few pic's with the lovely grounds of Mount Edgcumbe featured.

Now as most of you know, Paul never smiles in photo's, but I've discovered that a little saucy commentary soon changes that!
Anyway we went off back to the stand and had our lovely tikka salad wraps that I had lovingly made that morning and decided then that it had gone a little chilly and a Hot Chocolate was in order to warm us up...
We had a wander back to the stand again and did our recruiting bit for a chap interested in joining the club and then as the heavens opened again decided to call it a day. We hadn't done badly as we had survived to 3pm.
The traffic on the way out was really heavy and the rain hammered down....

A very wet and windy 2 hours later we finally got home to a relieved Fred who was plaiting his legs to go out - after a few minutes fuss from Daddy and Mommy of course!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Normal Boring Saturday....

So we got up and decided to do all of the usual boring stuff that you would normally fit into a Saturday.

Put on a few loads of washing, do the food shop, walk the dog....

There is one big difference though..... This is Cornwall and nothing is boring here.

On the way back from doing the food shop at Tesco I spotted these old Engine houses. They are just lovely.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Well I'll Goatee The Foot Of Our Stairs!

It seems to me that every person with excess testosterone in the whole of the county of Cornwall is growing a Goatee, and Paul is no exception!

Happy - Face - Me - Am I BOVVERED! - My Nan always said never to trust a man with a beard.... Sorry Nan looks like I don't have a choice! Pooh is happy though!