Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hold Onto Your Seat!

When I got Prick-illa she had a problem with a snapped cable under her drivers seat which prevent it sliding forward to allow rear passenger entry.

Whilst Simon was here on his last visit he said he thought he may have one, as he is a senior technician with a large German car manufacturer (mentioning no names LOL).  We were quoted about £120.00 plus fitting from the dealership (totalling about £250.00ish) we were thrilled that he was happy to check his garage for us.

Bless him! He arrived in Cornwall for his latest visit, with cable dutifully packed in his case for us.

Paul took some fitting advise from him, and once the tide race was over, and we got home and he began pulling my precious little motor apart to repair her.


The seat was removed from the foot well, and placed on its side on his work bench, and he set to work removing the old cable and replacing it with the new one.


Bingo.  One beautifully sliding seat, doing the job it was supposed to do.

The best part is, it just cost me 18 scones, a very large tub of clotted cream and a jar of jam! Yummy goodness enjoyed by all!

Thanks so much Simon!

Jo Anne

Time and Tide Wait for No One

Another year, another tide race.

We got the times from Sally-Ann and dutifully set off down to Portreath to watch the events as they unfolded.

Needless to say, Pill and I did the hunt for the most gorgeous bloke we could find, who was building their stand on sand castle so we could get a picture of them! Such Fun! LOL



We soon got bored of watching the tide come in over the towers of sand, and everyone went into the water….. well I watched from the side lines as it was far too cold today for me!


I did however manage to jump waves with little Sara, we had a great time shouting, one, two, three, jump!


We took the obligatory group picture of everyone, before heading back home, having said our goodbyes.P8280072

Jo Anne

Monday, 15 August 2011

Cinematic Moments

Its Monday, and we go back to work on Wednesday 17th August, and, as the weather is pitiful once more, and therefore we can’t do any more on the patio/terrace, we have decided to have a day in Truro.

We headed in, parked on the park and ride, and caught the bus into the town.

After a wander around the shops, we headed into Pizza Express for a well earned end of holiday meal!


Then it was a waiting game, as we planned to go to the pictures this afternoon to see the final Harry Potter film.

The perfect way to fill the time before it began, was to take a trip into Truro Cathedral, and take in the beautiful history the building has to offer.






A lovely interlude, before watching an amazing film that concluded a wonderful storyline.  Well Done JK Rowling!

Jo Anne


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Little Bit of Trust….. National Trust!

And so…. The weather is still playing in our favour.  Trenwainton Gardens here we come!

This is a local gardens to us, being only about 30 minutes away, however, following a mass of holiday traffic hitting the A30 towards Penzance, we had to improvise on the route we took, which meant we finally arrive 45 minutes after leaving the house, with the help of some super sleuth map reading by our very own Miss Marple, otherwise known as Sally-Ann.


Having parked up, we made our way through some very green, pathways…. unfortunately we had missed all of the flowering plants!P8100007P8100009

P8100010Wandering through the pathways, we caught glimpses of different parts of the grounds, and knew we would make our way around for further inspection as the path took us along it’s way.P8100019P8100018

P8100021A beautiful spot was selected for our picnics to come out, and we sat with views over Mounts Bay, and the soft breezes keeping us comfortable.P8100020P8100022

P8100030P8100031After lunch, we drifted on, taking in the rest of the gardensP8100038P8100039P8100034


Sally-Ann, played the good blogger, and caught a piccie of a snail on a leaf!


There were some lovely sculptures…..



Some water for Fred to inspect…..



and some lovely vegetable gardens and flower beds


A lovely day out.

Jo Anne


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day Trippin’ to Morwellham Quay

I was determined that whilst we were off work, we would actually do some fun things, and not just the patio (or Terrace, as you have all suggested it should be known as).

I had been checking the weather forecast’s for the last few days, and as far as Morwellham Quay was concerned, we had one window of opportunity before the weather in that neck of the woods changed for the worse.

Today was it!  We had arranged that Sally-Ann and Mike meet us here, and we would all travel up in Pricilla (we are now pronouncing it prick-illa, as I refuse to change my miss-spelling LOL).

Paul treated Pricilla to a wash and brush up  before the others arrived, and then we headed off, leaving the two dogs at home, as it would be a warm day, and we also wanted to take advantage of one of the attractions when we got there, and the dogs would probably not be allowed on.

A very comfortable hour and a half’s drive up country, brought us to Morwellham Quay.


We paid our very reasonable entrance fee, along with the cost of the train ride we wanted to do, and acquired our maps of the town, and proceeded down to explore. Spotting Monarch in dry dock as we went.


The cottages were beautifully kept, and lead us to the Cooper’s shop…


and then to the Carpenter and Wheelwright, who also made coffins!


The Manganese Mill loomed in front of us, with it’s huge working water wheel



We came past the water wheel, and made our way to the main built up area that included the local Inn and some pretty shops.  There were people dressed in the period costume of the time, offering advice and information.  This lovely lady kindly agreed we could take her picture and use it on our blogs.




By now, we had walked the length of the village, having not spent too much time exploring, as we were booked on the 11.30 train ride into the copper mine.   We took our places in line, and awaited to be called onto our ride.




Our train was an enclosed carriage of seats, to protect us from any falling debris inside the mine.


an ominous site to see as we entered the hole in the ground ahead!


Jasen, our guide, stopped the train part way in and told us some facts about the mine and how it was worked all those years ago




It was all very cleverly done, but soon we were back in daylight once more.


Walking back down from the mine, we headed past the lime kilnsP8090062


Having been treated to a really lovely lunch in the Ship Inn, we headed on round to Ruth’s Cottage.  This was renamed after the village was used for the show Edwardian Farm (there is a link for the information of this show on the Morwellham Quay hyperlink I added earlier in my post).


The lady we had seen earlier in the day was offering us information about the cottage and the village life, both during filming, and back in the day so to speak.

We then wandered back through the village, spotting the potter at work as we went.


Inside the assayers cottage and laboratory, which we had seen the outside of  as we arrived




a far more glamorous existence that the mine workers had, that’s for sure, and a nice view of the dock from the front door too!


Meanwhile, the miners slept on the floor of a two room cottage, sharing a blanket with the chap on the opposite shift.  A one got up to go to work, the other climbed into the bed (or floor as was the case here)


The family who rented the room to the miners, were lucky enough to get beds, but all had to share the one room!


Having explored the inside, it was time to get out into the wonderful sunshine, and go down to the ship in dock.







One final place to visit now.  The farm.

We wandered up the road towards it, to visit the animals that had been used on the TV show.

The pigs


The very inquisitive geese


the sheep and ram


the Shire horses




Sally-Ann was in her element I think!



The pygmies goats were the last of the animals that we saw, before heading back towards the village just in time to see the horse drawn cart on it’s travels


What a wonderful day!


Jo Anne