Sunday, 20 May 2012

MX-5 Spring Rally 2012

Although no longer members of the owners club, both Sally-Ann and I had  input 18 months ago, at the initial organisation stages of the Spring Rally, and therefore wanted to go along to support their big day at Pendennis Castle when it finally came around.

We arrived early, in anticipation of the heavy MX-5 traffic into Falmouth, only to find that they were already queuing outside of the castle and along the ring road around the castle.


What a fantastic start for the Cornish Fives.

We entered and wandered around, catching up with many of our Cornish Five friends that we had not seen since leaving the club when we bought our Mini’s back in July last year.


The day was a resounding success for everyone involved.

The castle grounds were opened up to everyone attending and we had a good old mooch around, with Sally-Ann not being able to resist a good climb….. No Sally-Ann that is not Mr Grey!


On the walk back to my little Mini at the end of the day, I was grateful to have Pauls’ clever camera with me, the 36x optical zoom caught this little chap on my door by the wing mirror before we frightened him away.


Super day Fivers – you did a grand job in the organisation, and the club should be very proud of you all.

Jo Anne

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Torch Leaves Lands End

Its check out day today.  Mom and Keith go back to Birmingham and we try to fall back into normally ready for work on Monday.

Before all of that happens though, the Olympic torch begins its journey up country, starting just a few miles from us, at Lands End.

The helicopters came past us a short while ago and the noise was incredible, as they were flying so low.

On went our TV and out came my camera.  A cop out I know, but we didn’t have the time to travel to Lands End to watch it all, as we had to pack the car and clean the van before handing over the keys at 10.00am.

chopperlands_2224064atorch 1

torch 3

torch 4

torch 5

ainslie_2224065aThe images I managed to click are not great but I felt it deserved a posting as it was such a momentous occasion for Great Britain.

We packed everything up, and said some very tearful farewells to everyone, and headed back up the A30 towards our respective homes.

It has been a lovely holiday, and we can’t believe it is all over so soon.

Mom - Next year Devon?

Jo Anne

Friday, 18 May 2012

St Ives Again…

We leave tomorrow, so decided a  gentle day near the van was in order.

Sally-Ann and Mike joined us and we all headed down into St Ives. 

We couldn’t park in our nice spot by the Tate, so had to go back up the hill to the other car park and park there.

The walk down was ok, we got some lovely pictures over the church yard and back up towards Ayr. Unfortunately I can’t find the pictures on my camera!

We wandered around, Mom, Sally-Ann and I checking into all of the shops that may potentially sell jig saws…. it seems we are all addicted!

A quick pasty on the promenade, overlooking the harbour walls and beach, and then back to Keith at the van to give him his.


The steep walk back up to the car park was not so good. Two of us needed an inhaler and one of us had a funny fainting spell…. justified after that climb, but we were all fine once we got in the car thankfully!

Tonight we eat at the Trevithick Inn.  Mom has heard so much about it, she was glad to finally put an image in her head for it.

A lovely last day methinks.

Jo Anne

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tootling ‘round Trengwainton

Another National Trust day today, and this time Sally-Ann and Mike were also able to join us.


The last time we went to these gardens we were a little disappointed as nothing was in bloom.  Today, however was a different matter.  It looked like a completely different place.

The colours came at you from every direction, in the leaves of the trees and the petals of the blooming flowers.


Suddenly Sally-Ann and I got very camera happy!





Half way  around we took the time to sit and look over to wards Mounds Bay, before heading off again.


Marg had been telling me about when Karen (Paul’s sister) was younger and wanted to have a Panda for a pet, and keep him in the bath and feed him on bamboo shoots from the garden….. When we spotted this bamboo we couldn’t resist a  picture especially for her!


Nearing the finish line now…. over the bridge…


past the large tree, which we couldn’t find last time we visited, but which was planted the same year that Mike’s Mum was born…


and then, finally after a very full day of walking, back to the cafe  for coffee and cakes.

There was a lovely little play horse placed near our table just for the kiddies.

Of course I couldn’t resist, only to find I had an audience inside the shop, and I got a bang on the window and cheers from everyone!


Another great day out.

Jo Anne

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Little Bit of National Trust…

We had decided that we would take Marg to Lanhydrock today.  Being National Trust it would effectively be a ‘fee’ day out with our passes.

Having posted many pictures for this lovely house before, I have taken some more ‘in detail’ ones of the house so I don’t repeat myself, and included more garden images.

I was such a lovely day again, and the flowers opened their petals to say hello to us.  Just lovely.

Another smashing day out with Mom.

Jo Anne