Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Blues...


Whilst I was slogging my guts out at work, whilst the rest of Britain relaxed, Sally-Ann and Mike decided to rub salt into the wounds Ha Ha!

All I kept getting from them was - The weather was so lovely this morning! - Well by the time my Pilates class came around at 18.30 it was hammering it down and the wipers on the car could not cope! Phooey!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

# Everything Stops For Tea.... La La La #

A quiet Sunday morning.

Grey skies and drizzle.

Meet friends for afternoon tea.

Last night Sally-Ann contacted us to see if we would like to join them all for a Cornish Cream Tea at The Smugglers Cottage today. Great we said - we've not been there yet....

Unfortunately the weather got the better of us, and as Smugglers is on the river in a very picturesque location the day would not have done it justice. With this in mind, we amended our plans to include Trevaskis Farm instead.

Unfortunately on arrival at 3pm they were still serving the Sunday Lunches and turned us away..... What now we all said - Then someone mentioned the local Wyvale Garden Centre, at St Erth..... We all went bombing down the bypass in order to get there before they closed, all in a quest for the perfect scone and cream!

We made it in just enough time - and despite worrying the entire staff to death, as we all strolled in talking of cream teas (they only had 2 scones left at this time of day) we sat down with our various cake choices and enjoyed our Sunday afternoon.

On the way out I was talking of taking surf lessons next year - wrong thing to say with Jamie and Phill in earshot - I was to go in the water tomorrow afternoon with them - they had a spare wet suit... AAAAHHHH! Me and my big mouth!

Anyway, despite the sudden arrangements for body boards and wet suits we had a great time - Thanks for including us guys x

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Men and Excersize- Phooey!

The lovely Mel of Pilates Portreath fame, had managed to get hold of the hall this morning to give 2 lots of free Pilates classes for complete beginners as a sampler.

The Pilates Virgin Chicks were to be at 09.00 and the Virgin Men at 10.00
Simon had already agreed to go, and roped in Jamie and Phill (who were due to arrive at 5am that morning from Luton!)

The local chap from Portreath cried off at the last minute, so, as we all know each other or were related to each other, Sally-Ann and I were asked if we would like to join the lads.

We jumped at the chance, and I even managed to get Paul to come along!

Mel started off by showing the men, how to find neutral using their TA... They listened intently

She showed them how to release their back muscles in child's pose...

Then the hard work really started with the kilo and half kilo weights..... Now these exercises were ramped up for the lads, and SA and I found them quite tough, but they were not going to get the better of us in front of the lads!

Then it was time for the plank - keep those buts down lads!

and scissors with a raised circle - 45 degree angle for the legs boys!

We had great fun and were completely pooped at the end of it! Thanks Mel x

Friday, 28 August 2009

Paul and Simon's Tramway Cycle Ride

When Simon said that he was going to bring his bike down with him on holiday, he and Paul said that they would try and fit in a cycle ride on one of the mineral tramways, before Simon had to go back home....

I arrived home from work, just in the nick of time and managed to snap a piccie of them in the back garden, before they headed off up the Great Flat Lode.

Paul had his mobile phone camera, and had strict instructions to take plenty of photo's for the blog! He clearly thought that the dark rain clouds that were headed their way were of interest to us all....

and after a light sprinkling of rain, they cycled out the other side and back into the blue skies again

they headed up towards the Bassett Stamps and Engine House
and on towards Wheal Francis

Marriot Shaft and Pascoe Shaft, with the Miners Dry House catching Paul's eye for another photo (below)

These are the two engine houses at South Wheal Frances, and are very large and imposing in comparison to some of the others he has seen

These information placards are inside the Miners Dry

and on towards Carn Brea mine (above) with South Crofty in the background (below)

Paul had a thoroughly enjoyable ride, and is thrilled that he actually managed to break the crank on his bike - Now he can finally get his replacement all singing all dancing new bike through the Ride 2 Work scheme that the government subsidise. Cheeky Monkey eh!

Dangermouse (The Cat!)

Dangermouse is my friends cat - let us say, possibly the biggest cat in the entire world ever - well that I've met anyway!
He is the very much loved Ragdoll that belong to my friends Alison and Paul. Now Paul loves his music, and, as such has a very good music system and speakers, but when he needs extra cables etc, he uses the chord company. (
The last box they had delivered, Dangermouse adopted as his own, and curls up in it sleeping and generally doing cat like things.

It got to a point where he got so big (and I don't want to use the words fat and cat together but hey - I know that Alison won't object to it LOL!)
Paul and Alison decided they would send some photo's to the Chord Company and see if they could get a new bigger box for Dangermouse - and hey presto one arrived for him....
and Alison and Paul were advised that the staff at the Chord Company were so chuffed to have such an admirer of their cardboard cartons that they have got his pictures all over the walls of the offices and have made him their new company mascot!

Well done Dangermouse - you now fit into your new favourite toy once more!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Portreath Tide Race

Let the games begin!

Once again the annual tide race is upon us.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, there are

usually 3 age groups, the toddlers being nearest the waters edge. The teens being the next row back and the adults on the back row, furthest from the waters edge.

The idea is to build a large sand castle and stand on it once the waves arrive, and hopefully be the last one standing above water to be the winner in your catagory.

The only stipulation is that if 3 people begin to build the castle, then 3 have to be standing on top of it once the water reaches it.

Everyone took their places for 2.30 and the building began..... They had about 45 minutes before the tide began to come in and slowly demolish them.

It was a great event as usual, despite the wind blowing up a bit, the weather stayed dry and everyone had fun.

Can't wait for next year - maybe we'll be entered in that one!

Jacks Christening

Tracy (my work friend) and Adrian had the Christening today for their baby son Jack. I was
honoured to be asked to attend the celebrations with them, as it was mainly family that were invited along.

Jack was a little angel and kept up his smiling, happy face all day, and whilst the music played, he enjoyed a little dance on my lap.

Alison (my other work friend) snapped this for me.
Tracy and Adrian put on a fantastic spread of food and drink and the family partied away to their hearts content.
Well done Jack!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Redruth to Lands Ends 26.3 miles and 47 minutes to drive there...

Last night Jannah-Beth came over from Perranporth to stop with us for the night.

The plan was to relax on Friday evening and fill Saturday with as much of Cornwall as possible.

And so, after a nice walk on Portreath beach with Fred, we sat and watched a little TV and then headed up for an early night, to prepare ourselves for the coming morning.

The day awoke mizzly and muggy, but this was not enough to stop our plans.

We put together a picnic of ham tiger baps, juice, crisps, banana's and apples and headed out.

Sennen was the first stop of the day. We parked at the top of the hill, overlooking the bay and walked on down Marias Lane and across country. We knew before we headed off that today would involve a lot of walking so were very prepared, with shoes and wet weather jackets. Paul carrying the picnic hamper on his back like a rucksack, and Fred toddling along quite happy to sniff all of the new smells.

We had been told that a Super Pod of 60 dolphins along with some basking sharks had been spotted in this bay in the last 4 or 5 days, and were keeping our fingers crossed that we would get a sighting.

This was unfortunately not to be, but we did get to see plenty of seals, playing near to the rocks.

From Sennen, we walked the mile or so to Lands End, and had a mooch around the shops and took the usual appropriate pictures, before we headed back on the coastal path towards Sennen again.

The walk back, also included our picnic, and we munched as we marched!

From Sennen we decided to head over to Helford via Marazion.

Of course this meant the obligatory shot in front of St Michael's Mount for the scrap books!

Needless to say, JB was pretty embarrassed to have me stop her every 2 minutes with a camera request!

We then arrived in Helford, and had tea and home made chocolate cake at the little chapel we had managed to find with Sally -Ann and Mike on a previous jaunt around the Lizard headland.
JB arrived back in Perranporth just in the nick of time for her evening shift to start in the family chip shop - and when we arrived it was already really busy... Having said that they do do the very best Fish and Chips in Cornwall..... and of course I am not in the slightest bit biased..... but we did get cod and chips for tea - YUM!
If you are in the area, try it for yourself:-
Browns Fish and Chips, Tywarnhayle Square, Perranporth, Cornwall. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Men and Dogs

On Friday evening it was the annual boat trip up the Fal with the MX-5 owners club.

Whilst the evening was very enjoyable and the fireworks more incredible than normal, I was not quite all there. I had had to leave Paul at home, suffering with a really nasty bout of Man Flu. This is the first time I have really seen Paul give in to a cold or flu, so I knew he was feeling pretty grotty. I spent most of the evening at the back of the boat texting him to check he was OK!

He promised me he was having an early night and would be in bed before 8.30. At 9.30 I received a picture text. He had built up the dining table that had been delivered that afternoon, and more to the point, it was supposed to be a two man build project!

When I got home just after 11pm, I found that he had only just gone to bed, having built up the 4 chairs to go with the dining table!

The following morning, I came downstairs to find out that Fred had been sick a few times and had got a cough. (thankfully all the downstairs floors are laminated!) and he was very snuffly. I spoke with his vet, and he advised that he had a viral infection or cold and just to keep an eye on him for the next few days.

So now I have 2 sick men in the house. Saturday came and went, with a lot of vegging out on the couch, watching Paul sleep on the sofa, and me cuddling Fred, and soothing his throat each time he coughed.

As he was his usual jolly doggy self, he kept trying to bark at the usual barkable noises, only to find that his throat hurt and he then started to cough again! He didn't stop bouncing around the garden though.

We had to get up to him in the night for an urgent trip into the garden, and at 5am I ended up bringing a duvet downstairs and sleeping on the couch with him.

He finally settled at about 6.30 and got some shut eye.

So here I am - Sunday lunchtime, knackered, and ready for bed and SLEEP!


Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Genealogical Thank You!

I would like to say a great big Thank You to Sally-Ann and Lori E for all of their help on trying to confirm a couple of stubborn family members for my Family Tree.

I have now ordered a birth certificate for one of the children, and this will hopefully confirm the mothers name once and for all.

Once more thanks so much , and I will keep you updated on my finds in Tribal Pages x

Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Very Busy Day - Gardens, Kitchens and Exhibits

Saturday morning and the sun is shining and its 21 degrees at 10 am!

Out I went to mow the lawn and weed around my lovely planter, that is now filling up and packing out with amazing speed, considering what it looked like just after Paul made it. Check out my other posts under the garden label - you'll be amazed!

Whilst I was outside, catching the much needed sunshine, Paul had decided it was about time he tried to get a bit more of the kitchen done. Yes I know that we started this project in April, but hey! Life happens around us and some things become more important than a perfectly completed kitchen. Paul had to do a few weeks of night shift, we had a lovely two week holiday, and to be honest we were just DIY'd out for a while! LOL.

Once the metal support strap had been fixed to the wall, the 'floating' cabinets were placed into position, along with the chrome support leg, which looks like it's just there to be pretty, but is actually, helping to take the weight of the cabinets, so that when they are full, I don't have to worry about them collapsing!

And..... Hey presto - floating wall units - Isn't my man wonderful!

Although, it looks finished, there is actually still rather a lot to do, grouting of tiles, fixing of under unit lighting, skirting board, architrave, radiator.... the list goes on, but it is really looking great now.

We took a break this afternoon, so that we could attend the Tramways exhibit in Portreath, detailing all of the background history for last weeks celebrations

The organisers had worked really hard on the celebrations and the exhibit and even had a working model of the tramway line showing how it worked up and down the 250 foot incline it was faced with each time it was in use.

There were beautiful photo's of the ships that frequented the harbour, and we were lucky enough to meet Captain Greenslade, a lovely chap, who was so knowledgeable about how life had been in Portreath all those years ago.

He graciously agreed to be photographed with a picture of the ship be captained, the SS Isleman.