Saturday, 31 July 2010

To Body or to Boogie, That is the Question!

OK! So the reason for my post title?
My newly found state-side cousin had no idea was body boarding was, but when it did become apparent it transpired that they know it as Boogie boarding over there.
Now I do have to admit that up until a few years ago I also knew it as this, and then something changed and all of the shops etc now sell the boards as Body boards and not Boogie boards.
I now have a choice.... continue to call it body boarding, as you lie, down on it using your body and board to skim the top of the waves like surfers do, or I could call it Boogie boarding as your board boogies and dances on the of the waves as it brings you to shore.......
in all honesty, I have no idea! All I know is, it's sooooo much fun!

today was no exception, and although just about every post I do on me and my pals in our wetsuits looks the same, I can't help sharing the fun!

Sally-Ann didn't come in the water today, as she was almost ready for the drive up to Luton with Mike and the boys, and didn't was to slow the proceedings by having to shower and remove half the beach from the house prior to hitting the road. She did however act as chief photographer.

Paul asked for a new wetsuit picture to be taken of him, and then it was a group picture time again.

as we headed on back off the beach we were able to watch the goings on of the Portreath Surf Life Saving Club as they practiced

Once we had nipped home and showered and had supper, we headed back to Portreath to meet up with Pam, Mikes Mum, as she was entered in the Portreath Art Club Exhibition, and her work, along with the others in the club, are being shown all week in Millennium Hall, and are for sale.
Tonight was the preview showing for friends and family, and we were privileged to be asked by Pam to join her.

We met her at 18.30pm, and after a good hour and a half or so of mooching each picture, and chatting with the members, we headed off home to relax for the evening.
Another fun packed day for us, and now it's time for a little relaxation!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Wonderful, Wonderful Best Buddies and Internet!

As some of you are aware, I have been doing my family tree, on and off for a few years now.

My Dad's side has people coming out of the woodwork to be related to me - common as muck you might think, but that's is a genealogists dream. You can grow your family tree very rapidly and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment in the process.

My Mom's side of the tree has not been nearly so easy. It seems that they are a very well travelled lot, and I just kept getting stuck.

The hardest part has been, that I have known that I have cousins in the states, as I met them when I was 10, and they came to stay for a holiday. Then, as happens, grandparents pass away, followed by parents, and I suddenly have no way of finding this family, that I have thought of, on so many occasions over the years, and in particular since I started this fact finding journey.

Then, today, after yet another weekend chatting about these particular cousins with Sally-Ann and Mike, we started the search once more, but this time with avengance!

We took each of the 4 names in turn, and googled them - nothing. I did however find a law practice in the correct state, with the correct name, and recalled that my Dad had told me that D-L was a law student.... this was not enough to go on so the search continued.

I was on my laptop at home, and Sally-Ann was on her PC at her house, and we were chatting on skype as we both looked....

I suddenly heard a scream as Sally-Ann shrieked that she thought she may have found them in the White Pages online.

She told me the names and address, and I confirmed that YES! this was indeed who I had been trying to find for so many years.

It seems that they were members on, a sort of community website in the states. I registered my details and sent some emails, and waited.

There is about a 6 hour time difference by my reckoning, so I did not expect to hear anything for a while.

Half and hour later, I received an email from one of my cousin's and she too had been looking for me! In Birmingham! and of course I am now in Cornwall, so we kept missing each other.

I am so thrilled and excited, even more so, because they too are into genealogy, and have been tracking the family history, and are about 3000 people ahead of my 1300 people!

Don't you just love having a great best bud along with access to the Internet and what it can bring you, if you know the right place to look!

Thank you Sally-Ann! xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Three Amigos

Jamie and Phill are heading back to Luton this afternoon, but there is just time to go in the water one last time.
Paul jumped at the chance of going in, as it's the last day of our holiday, and he wanted to finish it on a high!
Paul (Left), Jamie (Centre), Phill (Right)

Before doing the Baywatch run into the
sea, they obliged but posing for a picture

then, Paul was catching waves on his body board, and Jamie was being thrown in the air

and landing.... well.... in the deep!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

# The Boys Are Back In Town....#

YAY! Jamie and Phill are in Cornwall!..... OK it's only for the weekend, but it's lovely to see them.
They came down yesterday to surprise Pam for her birthday, and took her out this morning for a 'stroll' around Tehidy.
I got a phone call this avo, to see if we could go down and meet them for a sea session at Portreath.
Sure, I said, but there is no way I'm going it, it's far too chilly!

After a very wet double kiss from them, they did the obligatory pose, and then headed on back into the sea for a little while longer.
They may have been cold standing on the beach, but they were warm once they got in, and enjoyed themselves for a while, whilst we took pictures from the shore.

This evening we were invited to join them, along with Sally-Ann and Mike, for a meal at the Arms, in the village.
We had a great time just catching up and putting the world to rights.

Friday, 23 July 2010

A Walk Around Trelissick

We are making the very best of our National Trust Memberships, and therefore having some 'free' days out. Today is no exception, and we have headed off to Trelissick with the dogs for a nice walk.

Paul and I have never been here before, so found it beautiful right from the get go.

and Fred just liked the fact that he was allowed off his lead, and was able to get up to as much sniffing of new smells as possible!

The walk took us down towards the River Fal, not far from Feok, and we kept catching glimpses of the lovely boats on the water below us.

and the boys continued to sniff!

after our walk, we took a breather and dropped our jackets (that had been worn around our waists!) in the boot of the car. The boys had a good old drink of water, and then we headed down for some lunch at the cafe.

On the way down, we met up with a lovely lady who had two little girls, Tess and Jasmine. It turns out that Jasmine has the same mum as Fred, and they are clipped by the same lady. What a small world eh!
Anyway, after a lovely bowl of soup with crusty bread, we headed home, tired but happy.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Morning on St Michael's Mount

We are back on schedule with the planned day's outing for today, as Hamish was feeling much better, and so, after checking with the Mount's offices to ensure that it was open and not cut off with bad weather, the four of us headed off down to Marazion for our day on the Mount.

We parked up in our usual spot, and started to walk over towards the causeway.
I had already been online and got the tide times at the start of the week, so we knew that it was low tide and we could therefore walk over.
Following a steep climb up the Pilgrims Steps, we reached the battlements, where I could not resist showing my cheeky side, and Sally-Ann and Mike showing me how it should be done.

Despite the rain during the night, the day was panning out to be a fantastic one. Lovely and warm, with blue skies.

From here, we could see the causeway that we had just crossed, already disappearing under the rising tide.

Looking down from the top of the castle, the gardens looked a long way down...

and the causeway even deeper under water...

The rooms were all beautifully kept and laid out. I tried out being lady of all I surveyed, but some of the others in the room just laughed - The cheek of them!

From inside and on top, we then went down, down, down, to the gardens. The height of the mount is truly awesome from below.

Once we had explored, all that we could, we treated ourselves to coffee's and pasty's for lunch, before going to find the ferry. As you can see from below, there was no longer any sight of the causeway, and the ferryman confidently advised me that is now sat 8-10 feet below us in the boat!

A truly magical place, and we shall most certainly return.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Glendurgan Gardens

The plan for today was to go up to the Lost Gardens of Heligan (a dog UN-friendly place) with Sally-Ann and Mike.
Unfortunately after yesterday's events, Hamish was feeling the need for some love from his mommy and daddy. He had managed to work himself up while we were out and had made himself poorly. They did not dare to leave him today as well.
We were now two! We decided that we would change our plans and go to Glendurgan instead. This is very local to us from home, and we knew that Fred would not mind us being out again. It would give him time to catch up on his doggy sleep!
Today has been really muggy. The skies were blue and it was quite windy. I went prepared for every eventuality. Vest top, under long sleeved top, under full hooded jacket!!!!!
By the time we had walked through the entrance and down towards the maze, my coat had been pushed through the straps of my rucksack, on my back.

and before we had got much further, the long sleeved top had been removed too!

These gardens are remarkably steep, and because of this there are benches every few meters, all of which have spectacular views over the gardens and Helford Estuary

The afternoon was incredibly hot, the skies got bluer and despite the terrible steep slopes of the gardens, we had a great time.

The walk down to the beach gave us some much needed breeze from the water

Then it was back up the slopes and through the gardens once more. The tea shop with its cakes, was calling our name (Sorry Matron, Don't shout at me!)

The climb back as well worth the prize..... treacle tart and clotted cream. Mmmmmm!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another Very Busy Holiday Day

Having spent a morning at Trago, Liskeard with Sally-Ann and Mike, and once we had eaten a very scrummy lunch of baked spuds with prawns, we headed on over to Charlestown.
Now to say that the day was wet, is an understatement. The cloud base had come down so low that you could not see a car in front of you, and Sally-Ann suggested not continuing, as Charlestown is an historical village where tall ships are homed, and we would be better going on a nice day.
I am very stubborn though, and was determined not to waste a single day of our holidays, and told everyone that when we arrive in Charlestown the cloud would lift, the rain would stop and we would have a good visit. They laughed!
Well, the joke was on all of them, 'cause as we got out of the car in the car park, the rain eased, and stopped, and we were able to wander around the harbour and take some pictures of the tall ship Kaskelot

once we'd taken these piccies, we then went over the the Charlestown Shipwreck and Heritage Centre

we first got a chance to climb aboard a life boat

however at this point, Sally-Ann found something better to climb on!

we walked through the tunnels that were used to transport clay onto the tall ships, and were able to take pictures from another angle

we then toured the heritage part of the museum, which took us through some very comprehensive exhibits, some of which included some very strange faced dolls....

but never-the-less a very interesting look at life in the village all those years ago.

There was a very clever dive section that details the advances in dive suits and equipment

and then many exhibits about famous wrecks and items recovered from them. There was a wonderful Titanic section

By the time we left the Heritage Centre, the heavens had opened up again, despite my declarations to everyone that the sun was scorching my neck and that was the only reason my hood had gone up on my jacket!

We finished the day off by stopping for a cream tea.

What a busy day!