Sunday, 2 December 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yay! It’s that time of year again.

Mr Buble and his Christmas album were on the CD player, and I was in my element putting up my decorations.








Such fun!

Jo  Anne

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Light Parade

For the first time since we have lived in Cornwall, both Jannah-Beth and Denise are available on the night of the City of Lights Festival.  They invited us to join them in their trip to Truro to watch the parade.


We all arrived early enough to get some supper first, however I think half of Cornwall had the same idea, so we grabbed a quick drink and a piece of cake before taking our places on the high street.

JB was not happy with the alleged chill in the air, and could not understand why we were all warm enough!


The parade began, this year based on Kings and Queens.




It was another great night with a lovely Christmassy atmosphere with the with the switch on of the lights part way through the parade.

Jo Anne

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Jannah-Beth Gets Inked

With the loss of her Dad, JB wanted to have a tattoo as a permanent token of her love for him.

Dee, Jannah’s Mum and Pau’s step-mum, had asked that Paul ensure that she use a good artist and was safe, as Paul had a couple of tattoo’s himself, when we first moved to Cornwall.

The design was drawn up based on her wishes, by her friends Mum, and it was just a matter of making an appointment for a consultation.

This weekend JB was staying with us.  Paul suggested that on the Saturday, once we had eaten breakfast, we head down to St Ives and see if we could speak with someone he was recommended to see as Jannah’s prospective tattoo artist/studio.

Shoreline Tattoo had been used on many occasions by various people that we knew, and their work was award winning – literally.  The latest award being at the Plymouth Tattoo convention last year, based on some work they had done on a lad that Paul worked with.

We arrived and JB spoke with the lovely chap that greeted us, explaining that she had a design that she wanted to know if she could have done.

Mike came and took a look at it, and said if she could wait, he had just had a cancellation and was able to tweak the design and do the work there and then.  With about a 10 second pause, she jumped at the opportunity.

When Mike came back with his interpretation of her design it was awesome.  We all agreed it was the perfect and fitting way for her to remember her Dad.

She was soon taken upstairs, and with the permission of Mike, I was told I could take pictures if I wished for blogging.  Thank god I always carry my camera!




Mike asked her to straddle the chair like the cowboys do in movies and lean forward so that he had a clear and easy ‘canvas’ to work on.



Paul looked on, so proud of her as she didn’t even flinch throughout the whole thing!



In less than an hour it was all over.  Now it was time to call Dee and tell her that the consultation had ended up in being a little bit more than she expected…


Immediately after the job was done it looked stunning.

Her Dads initials encased in angel wings that formed a heart. I thought it even looked like an angel with bowed head and clasped hands from some angles.

Coming from someone who is not keen on tattoo’s, I have to say that this was just a beautiful piece of artwork.

We were so proud of our little sister today.  She rose above the small amount of pain in order to achieve something that was so important to her.

We Love You JB!

Jo Anne


Friday, 12 October 2012

Bostin’ Day in Bude

We have been so lucky on our holidays so far.  The weather has been glorious.


A lovely drive up to Bude was followed by a rather yummy lunch in the Falcon Hotel, sat on the picturesque Bude Canal.  Fred was made to feel very welcome and the food was second to none.


Then it was time for a wander up the canal towards the sea…



and then heading over the foot bridge and back towards the town.



On the hill overlooking the town itself we found an old weather station and monument…


a short climb back down shows its vantage point up high


Fred found all of the water fascinating



We then headed up around the Bude Marshes


before stopping for a quick coffee looking back towards the hotel where we had eaten earlier.



We had a smashing day, but it was soon time to head back down the Atlantic Highway and to our caravan home once more.

Jo Anne

Thursday, 11 October 2012



Today we spent time in Perranporth with Jannah-Beth, Dee and the dogs.

It’s all still very strange not having their Dad around, but it’s amazing how the sea air and beach can put things into perspective when you need them to.

The lovely walk on the beach tired out Fred and Gem before we had to return to Tregurrian once more.

Jo Anne


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Shopping, Friends and Westward Ho!

Despite cancelling our plans to holiday with all of our friends, we did want to meet up with everyone, and so it was decided that we would all meet up at Atlantic Village for a good old mooch around the shops together.

We are 2 hours away from our meeting place, and everyone else about 30 minutes, so we decided to head off early in order that we didn’t keep everyone waiting for us.

We had a lovely time, and I managed to spend some birthday money on some new clothes.


We then all grabbed some picnic lunch from Asda and headed off for a lunch break, followed by a walk on the beach at Northam Burrows.  We finished the day together by finding a little cafe at Westward Ho!  The boys all took advantage of the free wi-fi and logged onto their phones and ipads!



A coffee, a cake and a chat later and then it was time to all go our separate ways once more.

We had a gentle two hour drive back to Tregurrian and our peaceful little caravan.

A lovely day all round I think.

Jo Anne

Sunday, 7 October 2012


It’s my birthday, and Fred has been really enjoying himself with my goodies….

If you slide show the above pictures, it’s almost like he is moving LOL

We had a lovely wander out this afternoon, wandering Carnwas and Bedruthan Steps, and ending up at Padstow for a wonderful birthday Sunday dinner.


It was then back to the van for an early night once more.  All of this fresh air is very tiring at my age you know!

Jo Anne