Sunday, 29 March 2009

Garage Update

This morning dawned a little overcast, but with the promise of a good, clear dry day.
There was a '5' drive organised, however. we had decided that if the weather was dry and bright we would not do the drive, we would complete the painting of the garage that we started a couple of weeks ago.
Paul took down the drainpipes and guttering, to make painting the fascias and soffets easier, and I took on the task of de-sliming them.

With a little help from Fred, I hosed down the centre of the guttering to remove the mud (how does mud get so high up??) then got the scrubbing brush and sponge out...

Meanwhile. Paul cleaned off the soffets and fascias in readiness to undercoat and gloss....

and then scrubbed the walls and washed them down to remove the worst of the algae.

Fred certainly had the right idea, and lay down on the rug to enjoy the sunshine....

and finally, after a few hours of hard graft the final finished, lovely white finish....

and a very big thank you from our neighbour for doing her side for her too!

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Why are some people just plain THICK!!!!!!
We were told today that we would not be getting a pay rise in April as would normally happen.
Under the current economic crisis this came as no great surprise.
Unfortunately there are some people, including some of the managers, that feel that is is their god given right to get a pay rise!
Do they not realise that half of the country are on short working weeks - indeed, Paul's old company in Birmingham is down to working ONE day a week. We are still working full weeks of five days, and most people are having the opportunity for overtime (again an unexpected bonus under the circumstances).
Are they all living on a different planet to the real world do you think DOH!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I feel rubbish!!!!!
Paul has given me his cold - which he has now gotten rid of, and I have no voice. Not a squeak, a croak or a murmur.
The sun in shining. There is washing on the line. And I am inside with a blanket wrapped around me.
This morning at work, they all laughed at me. I cover the reception area on my own from 8 to 9, and have to answer the phones and make tannoys out to the factory - and they all laughed at me!!! GGRRRR! Lets see what happens when they get it eh!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rag Time

This afternoon I attended the 100 years for 100 stars musical theatre tribute by the Redruth Amateur Operatic Society (RAOST).
Sally-Ann booked the tickets a couple of weeks ago. We weren't too sure what to expect, as neither of us had been to this theatre before, however it was a smashing afternoon.
There was 3 hours of singing and dancing to numbers from just about every well known, and not so well known musicals. Some being Hair, Rent, Fame, Hairspray, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph, The Music Man and Wicked. Surprisingly, they did not choose the obvious numbers, and this made it all the more enjoyable.
There are some extremely talented people in this group of amateurs and we had a very enjoyable afternoon.
The next one that we will be booking is Singing in the Rain, which is on about 3 weeks after we go and see Coppelia.
I think we are getting the theatre bug!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mothers Day come early

We had decided today that we would go out for a carvery, and as it's Mother's day next weekend we used that as our excuse!

Having eaten our food, it was time for a quick photo opportunity!
Thanks for a lovely weekend Mom and Keith. x

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Sneakly Little Break

Paul's Mom and step dad were staying at our BAH for a few days, so as we were so near to Mothers day, we drove up to join them for the weekend.
The weather was glorious, we took a walk along the high street in Minehead, with the sunshine on our backs and the wind in our hair.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Welcome to the world...

Kelly gave birth to Dylan on Friday 13 March 2009 at 19.15hrs.
He was 7lb 12oz.
Well done to both of you - hugs and kisses on their way - along with a parcel of course! xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Facebook.... I Give Up!

For those of you that are following my facebook pages - it's not there now!
Sorry - but all of the silly little applications and gifts and causes and groups and bla bla bla were driving me mad - so after not missing it in the slightest for the past 3 weeks, having not logged onto it, I decided to delete it and just keep my trusty blog.
Anyway, you can contact me as normal via blog, email, telephone, or even face to face (not a pretty thought I know but hey ho!)
Ally - If you read this, and want to get in touch by email, send me your address (I won't post it of course!).

Kelly - I want extra baby photo's when He/She arrives, as I won't be able to access the photo albums I expect will go on there.

Liz - Any further videos of Wilf?? please please email them, they do make me smile!

AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS....... Add Paul as a friend and I can have a squizz when he is logged on!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Soooooo Excited.....

I've just booked tickets for the Hall for Cornwall to see Coppelia with my friend.

I have loved this ballet since I was a child, and no-one ever seems to perform it.

I can't wait!

On top of that, we have also booked to see another show, 100 Stars for 100 Years.

Don't worry Paul, we let you off, you don't have to sit through any of it LOL x

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Impromptu Night Out...

I have spent the day today at head office in Bodmin. - No don't be stupid - I didn't drive, you should know me better - I sat in the back with a bottle of diazapam and some rescue remedy LOL

I left home at 07.30 and eventually walked through the door again at 17.30 this evening. Consequently there was no meal ready for us to eat tonight. We decided to treat ourselves, yet again, that's only the eleventy hundredth meal out/take out option we have had this month!

We went to the Inn for All Seasons and had the most awesome carvery, followed by the largest piece of chocolate and baileys cheesecake - with cream! All that and Gin too - YAY!

OMG - it was all a taste sensation and a really nice finish to a long, but interesting day...

Monday, 2 March 2009

When Fred Met Hector

My friend Nikki and her partner Lubo have just had a little weimaraner puppy called Hector.
He is 13 weeks old and has the most striking blue eyes - and he is also very bossy!
Fred was good as gold, but a little scared of him I think especially when he tried barking at Fred - such a tiny soft bark - wait til He's older Nikki, and judging by the size of his paws and ears he has a lot of growing to do.
He had a good sniff around the garden, bounding after Fred....

and frightening him into a corner!

Bless him, he is gorgeous, and I think secretly Fred thought so too!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


10 years ago last September was the anniversary of my third, and so far final. attempt at being a mom. It ended in an ectopic pregnancy.
Needless to say, we were both completely torn apart by what had happened. Then someone said that all children that did not quite make it into this world should be thought of a butterflies. Beautiful, silent, and watching over us from the skies.
With this in mind, Paul bought me a swarkowski crystal butterfly. Very extravagant, but something we both needed to remind us of our little boy (I had decided, it was a boy very early on, who knows why!)
Anyway, a few weeks after the anniversary, I was dusting, and the butterfly came apart in my hands.
I placed it back onto the mantle piece, and let it rest there until I felt able to work on the repairs it needed.
Today was that day.
All four wings had come away, but with remarkably steady hands, I began to piece it back together again....

First one side....
And then the other.....

And finally he was all in one piece once more

Since we have had our little crystal butterfly, there has been a real butterfly turn up, in the chapel on 3 separate occasions, when we have attended family funerals. At my Grampi, my Nan and my Dad's funerals.

Each time the butterfly has fluttered inside the bay window just behind the coffin, before making it's way back outside.....

Now there is food for thought.

Relaxing Sunday???? Yeah Right

Today I officially gave up trying to wear my new glasses !

They fit lovely - They look great - But I just cannot stop that sea sick feeling you get with a new prescription, that is not quite lined up correctly with your sight line. Tomorrow will be a trip back to the optician. Unfortunately I am used to this. My prescription is very very high in the minuses - picture On the Buses character Olive (Anna Karen) and you would be about right for the thickness of the lenses on my glasses.
Anyway, when you get to such a high script, if the lenses are not lined up just so, you may as well forget trying to wear them - your brain just won't allow the images to catch up with it, so then it's game over!

Anyway - I've been doing the much needed Spring clean in the house, and Paul has been painted the side of the garage, which has been covered in grot and moss for the last 12 months and was not pleasant to see from the lounge room windows!

He's done a grand job, despite us having to lose the clematis that was attempting to grow back after the hair cut I gave it in the Summer!

And, did you notice? The grass had it's first cut of the season too!