Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Info Finding Day...

My friend at work wanted to find out about a ship that saved her Dad during the Second World War, when his went down after a mine hit.

She was not doing too well in finding anything out, so I asked Sally-Ann and Mike to try some of their famous detective work.

That was yesterday....

Today, by 10.30, they'd sent me 4 emails at work with links to pictures, details of exactly where the ship went down, the names of the ships that performed the rescues and the fact that a commemorative bronze plaque was placed on the ship by divers in 2000!

They are a marvel!

Anyway, after work they came over and we had a very civilized G&T /red wine in the garden under the sun Brolly - YES THE SUN IS SHINING AND IT'S VERY VERY HOT!

I Love Cornwall!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Roseland Run

The day dawned foggy, damp and dreary for the Sunday morning '5' drive.

Based on yesterdays weather I knew it would probably burn off later, so I went prepared... I put on a little summer vest top, with a polo necked jumper on top of that and a Winter mac on top of that - I also put my rain mac in the boot!
We all met on the Probus bypass in the lay by at 10.15 and were amazed that the cars ran to 25 in total - it was a very jammed lay by before we left it!

Needless to say before we left the bypass I was down to the vest top - the heat had burned off the fog and the day was going to be fabulous

Off we went in convoy making a stop for coffee en route

The main stop was at Caerhays Castle and Gardens, at lunchtime - with the weather blue skies and about 26 degree's it was lovely to sit on the lawn with a picnic

and wander around the gardens

And this is where I go all David Attenburgh and take loads of plant pictures, but the colours were glorious and I couldn't help myself!

At this point we left the rest of the fivers for their afternoon drive , so that we could get back to poor old Fred, home alone on this boiling hot day, he certainly shot into the garden fast enough so we couldn't have got home at a more appropriate moment I think!
A fantastic day in all, despite me looking like boiled lobster from the sun burn - for those who drive topless, so to speak, don't forget the suncream - Trust Me I won't again!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Bare Naked Tattooruth..

Just had a text from Sally-Ann who has told me off for not blogging in a week!

Not a lot to tell really, except that Paul finally went and had the Tattoo that he said he was having for his birthday!

Now I'm not a fan at all of tat's so it would be wrong to say it was a nice tattoo - but is has been done very well, and we did choose the design together. It's the Chinese symbol for Year of the Monkey (1968) the year he was born - more like cheeky monkey for talking me around if you ask me!

He booked to have it done and went in tonight at 7.00pm - it took all of 15 minutes!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

An hour at Treasure Park...... Yeah and the rest!

So, we decided not to do anything too strenuous today, so a trip wandering about the jewellery making and pottery design at Treasure Park seemed ideal.

As we have never managed to spend more that an hour there we thought it would take us up to lunchtime and we could then have a wander on the beach before popping over to see Mel and Dee again.

Oops.... over 4 hours later......

It seemed a good idea to paint their own pottery so that's what they decided to do, and I have to say it was the most fun I've had in ages. And as for laughing, I was doubled up and crying it was so funny. Check out the picture and you'll see what I mean. You won't see a pig in the same light again!

And so....Karen begins quite normally, and so does Emma with her little purple cat...

Poor pig was quite normal until the black wig and the purple spots.... then not content with humiliating the poor animal quite so much she then covered him in glitter!

SPOTTY PIG, SPOTTY PIG, DOES WHATEVER A SPOTTY PIG DOES.... (OK that only works if you've seem the Simpson's movie!)

Meanwhile back in Emma land, the cat is looking rather good....

It was then off so food in the Cafe and a big slice of cake!

We then went panning for Gold and Diamonds

Did we find any - check out Emms's necklace - it's full of pretty gems...

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Mel is 65 Today.....

I know that if Paul's dad saw this he would not be a happy bunny with me for advertising it any more than Jannah has done already but here goes anyway.
We arrived in Perranporth for the party, after waiting for the taxi for over half an hour after the time we booked him for.
Paul and Karen went over to the pub where he was with his friends and Dave, Emma and I headed into the other pub where the party was being held. Mainly to get a good table and sus out the joint.
Dee and Jannah have organised for a motability scooter for Mel to do the pub crawl on and trust us it was a sight to behold!

He was the speeding pensioner of Perranporth by the time he'd had a few pints!

Lets Party!

The DJ was playing tunes from the 80's, along with the Dirty Dancing Sound Track.
What can I say, when Karen and I are together it doesn't matter if we have a drink or not.... we DANCE.

Is this a family gathering or the new band for the Eurovision song competition?

Well actually, dancing is not what Jannah and her friends thought we did, but hey we live to embarrass her as much as possible in these family party situations! Little sisters are so gullable!

Not quite drunk yet but not looking too great either, here are Paul and I looking quite strange!
And Karen and Paul looking quite normal

Excellent food and a general great atmosphere, so not a bad night out at all, even if the bones are likely to ache tomorrow after the antics on the dance floor!

We decided that a full family picture was in order so here goes!

Saturday Sightseeing.

This morning we took Karen, Jannah, Dave and Emma off to Falmouth for a wander up the High Street and a mooch around the shops.

The weather couldn't have been better, the sun was shining the sky was blue and it was like a summers day.

We stopped at the pier and had a photo opportunity.

We collected a pasty from Oggies and pottered up to Pendennis Head to sit in the picnic area overlooking the sea to eat them.

It was then time for an ice cream, but not before another photo call....

Here is Emma and her Dad, having a lovely father daughter moment...

Then the ice creams got the better of us all!
We then had a slow potter back via Tehidy and the coastal walk for Fred, before dropping Jannah off home to get ready for the party tonight.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Manic Clean up

OK. So Karen, Dave and Emma arrive tomorrow afternoon.

This means that everywhere has to be cleaned. Not that it really needs it, but it's what you do when you have guests isn't it!

So we wiped, scrubbed, vac'd, mopped and dusted until 11.30 tonight and we think we may now be ready.

The only thing that didn't get done was Fred's bath, but I'm sure he isn't complaining!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Once Upon a Time.....

We lived in Birmingham.

One year on - Its Cornwall all the way.

No Regrets. No Disasters. No reason to return to Brum!

Cornwall ROCKS!