Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Day For A Wedding!

The day had finally arrived.

Every television show, newspaper and radio station had brain washed us with information about the Royal Wedding since it was announced back in October.

I was sick of hearing about it!

And then something happened….. I was watching Emmerdale, as you do, and the episode came to an end, with the next one to play in half an hour – pretty normal for a Thursday evening.  The difference tonight was that nothing was playing on any other channel, so I left the TV on the same channel.

The next programme to come on was the only interview that had been recorded with William and Kate following their engagement.

I watched it, and began to fall under this lovely couples spell!

Maybe, just maybe, these two young people will manage to change the Royal family and bring them into the 21st Century, and make them a more approachable and welcoming Monarchy.

Anyway, I diversify….. Although there is a public holiday in the UK, I had to work.

We all sat in the office with a growing urge to see Catherine’s dress as the time came closer for the car to collect her and take her to Westminster Abbey.

We tried to get onto the internet, but the BBC News website was crashing constantly with the entire world trying to access it…. and then we had a life line.

Sally Anne, watching from home, was taking pictures on her phone of her TV screen and messaging them over to me for us to see:


during this time, we were able to see the updates on the test side of the News reel on BBC’s website, but along with the pictures being sent, we were able to live it with them

kate and wills carriage

she was getting some fantastic pictures, and even got the kiss! Only 3 professional photographers in the world managed to get the kiss, but Sally Ann did it too! Good eh!

kate and wills kiss

I finally finished work, and came home to 5 hours and 40 minutes of recording to watch.

It was all very romantic – Wonderful!

Jo Anne

Sunday, 17 April 2011

After the Run

It had been a lovely day with our 'fiver' friends, but our little four legged friend had been at home alone whilst we were enjoying ourselves.

We sat and had a cuppa and then piled into Paul's car with Fred wagging his tail. Wheal Peevor was the order of the day, to say well done to Fred for being such a good boy.

There was still a fair amount of heat in the day, but as I had managed to catch quite a bit of sun, including 'panda eyes' from the sun glasses, I wrapped up against any chill that may come in once the sun dropped down.

Depending on the angle of the camera to the sun, the pictures we took look totally different, either dusky or daylight!

This was a great way to end a very busy day of driving, and Fred loved it

Cornwall is a wonderful place to live!

Anniversary Run to Lands End

We awoke to a blue sky and the promise of a warm sunny day for the Anniversary Drive to Lands End.

We drove down to Treasure Park, near Portreath to await the convoy coming from up country to join us, and as the car park filled with one MX-5 after another, we snapped away with our cameras.

In the meantime, a friend from work, who is a semi-professional photographer, was clicking away with his 'real' camera. Szymon had agreed to follow us for the day and take pictures of us all at Lands End, and en-route if at all possible.
By the time the other cars arrived from the Liskeard and Fraddon convoys arrived, we had 40 cars. The question then became, do we have to travel with our lights on as we were a convoy of more than 25 cars?
To be on the safe side, most of us abided by the rules, and we all headed off on the 25 or so miles to Lands End, with Symon bringing up the rear to get any shots he could.

We stopped briefly for the rear of the convoy (20 or so cars, us included) that took a wrong turn and had to find the front group once more, to catch up.

Then it was Lands End all the way. Symon was left taking pictures of everyones cars in the enclosure that had been provided especially for our group, and we headed on down to the restaurant for the meal that we had booked.

Having eaten, we then enjoyed a cake cutting for the anniversary cake that was made especially for the day.

Having eaten, we headed off the the signpost where two of the cars were positioned an posed for our group picture.

Szymon and Barbara were being very patient, and getting plenty of wonderful shots for us, and we were thrilled when were were one of the chosen group to be able to take our car right onto Lands End for pictures.

We had a fantastic day, and some wonderful pictures were taken by Szymon, and placed onto a website especially for us, so that we could purchase the ones we liked. You can have a look on the following website here :

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Betty Gets Her Blue Back

Tomorrow is a big day for my little Betty Blue. It's the 10th Anniversary for the Cornish Fives, MX-5 Owners Club. About 40 or 50 cars are expected to be meeting for a convoy drive to Lands End, so she needs to gleam and show everyone how gorgeous she is.

We washed, waxed, polished and canuba'd her to within an inch of her life. We removed her wheels and scrubbed them back and front, and finally, over 6 hours later, she was done.

Roll on tomorrow morning for the meeting with the other '5' owners.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

On The Hunt For The Doctor..... Martin that is!

P4090032 Filming began in Port Isaac for the next season of Doc Martin last week, and as we had awoken to glorious sunshine once more, we decided to head on up there for a mooch around, hopefully before the holiday makers turn the place into an inaccessible nightmare rather than the haven that it is.


Everywhere you turn you can recognise doorway, and buildings as being the ones used on the show. In the picture below is the Doc's surgery and also the 'restaurant' that was started up in the last season.

It really is a lovely place.

Even the school is recognisable, but is unfortunately a very expensive place to eat in real life!

We had some lovely walks around the headland and back again, catching some lovely shots of the village in the process.
I got the obligatory shot of me in front of the famous door of the 'surgery' and the view from the door
P4090050 What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Walking Wheal Peevor

Paul was on earlies today, and therefore was home about three quarters of an hour after me. The weather was fantastic, so we decided to treat our little lad to a troll around Wheal Peevor
This is an old tin mine with all the engine and pumping houses, and makes for a spectacular view on the wonderful Cornish landscape.

Fred was loving looking for pigeons down the mine shaft, and couldn't understand why Daddy kept pulling him back from the edge!

What a wonderful way to finish work and end the day. Fred was certainly enjoying the drink of fresh water when we got back to the car.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wedding Outfit Hunting...

The event of the year is approaching. NO! Not Wills and Kate, but Paul's sister Karen, and her beloved Dave. I therefore need to find the perfect outfit so that I don't let her down.

Alison and Alison talked me into a big shopping trip so that we could choose a style, length and colour that may be appropriate.

Please excuse the stupid faces - Alison pointed and clicked just focusing on the dress and not the face!

So..... Answers on a postcard please, so to speak

1. Pretty Woman does the polo match, but in Navy with Beige spots.

2. Long length Purple lycra with purple satin jacket.

3. Red Poppies on Black dots with a red jacket

4.Black lycra with purple flowers and purple satin jacket

5. Floral 50's with bright blue jacket

6. Mink net over white satin with baby pink three quarter sleeve jacket

7. Navy fitted embroidered beige stitched floral with navy jacket

What do you reckon? Can you guess which one we decided on?

Whilst I was paying I spotted this at the cash register - Classic eh!

Having found the outfit, we had some lunch and mooched around for matching shoes, before both Alison's and myself agreed we were completely shattered, and therefore it was time to go home.

It was a long but really lovely day of laughter, and many compliments from total strangers, so a great boost to the confidence, despite the dodgy pictures LOL.