Monday, 30 June 2008

Smoking Chimneys!

This has been all over the news for the past few days and today history was re-created in the Camborne Redruth area when huge plumes of smoke billowed from the 21 engine houses on the Great Flat Lode.

The giant buildings would have looked like this on a daily basis during the 18th and 19th centuries when the district led the world's tin and copper production.
The aim of the event was to remind local residents what a global impact Cornwall's mining heritage has had on the world in which we live today.
Although we did not manage to get there to see this for ourselves we were able to see the smoke filling the skies over the Carn.
Very Impressive.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday - It can only get better

So having spent the morning on and off, in bed, as each time I got up I could not get warm, and dosing myself up with good old Beechams Powders, I actually feel as if I'm returning to the land of the living again.

I can cope with a cold - no problem, but when I have a sore throat I am such a baby, and that seems to be easing of now so fingers crossed that it will continue to go in this direction and I have shifted the bug that Nikki still has after a fortnight, in only 72 hours.

I may be optimistic here but, if I'm well enough to blog it's got to be good - RIGHT???

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday - A Day of Rest

So I'm determined to shift this bug.

I did not sleep at all last night with all of the coughing and spewing up into buckets, so I'm dosing myself up with enough drugs to fill a pharmacy and am sucking an entire shop full of sweets to stop the dry throat disaster.

I am determined to shift this thing for Fridays road trip up the Exeter and the weekends fun of camping!

Meanwhile Paul has changed the side markers over on the new 5 to the clear ones that we had on the old 5 so that it looks smart for the car club meet.

I took Fred to see Helen this morning, and he has had a haircut ready for his holidays, and he does look handsome - I think he knows it too.

I also had to do Argos and return the child gate that we have at the bottom of the stairs to stop Fred going up. It had been recalled apparently for safety reasons. They swapped that over no problem, but you should have seen me trying to get the thing into the car. The lid had the stay down and I had to jam it behind the passenger seat as it was too big for the boot. I still say, it's amazing how much you can fit into a sports car!

Friday, 27 June 2008

I'll Kill Nikki!

So, as you know we are off on Holiday next Friday.

3 nights camping at Powderham Castle with the car club, followed by the rest of the fortnight up at our Blue Anchor Hideaway.

Well for the last coupla weeks I've been giving Nikki a lift to work. She had a really nasty riding accident and broke her leg in all manner of places and had some pretty serious surgery on it.

Needless to say after about 16 weeks off work she was itching to get back but still not allowed to drive.

I've done the dutiful friend bit, and what does she do to me - gives me an almighty cold - in time for my hols - Great eh.

The best bit is, I was tannoying someone at work and she fell through the door crying laughing because I sounded so funny with only half of a squeaky voice, trying to make myself heard over the machinery!

I have to say she is very apologetic, and I can't really be cross with her, it's about right for me to be poorly before a decent holiday.

At least the managers and staff at work have found it funny!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Cards Galore!

So a few more won't hurt right?

If I can keep going at this rate I should have enough to sell on Harbour Fun day in August!

Monday, 23 June 2008

More Cards

After yesterdays card making extravaganza - (and let me tell you the girls did all the hard work, after 2 glasses of wine I gave up at after the first card!) I was in the mood to really make cards when I got in from work this afternoon.

I pulled the little table that Paul had made for me, in front of the sofa and surrounded myself with crafty stuff. I put Princess Daisy on the DVD (Slushy mush I know) but I proceeded to have a really nice few hours and had about 7 really lovely cards to show for it.

As it is Elaine's (from work) birthday tomorrow I had a go at some decoupage and was really pleased with the results despite taking ages to do.

This is the one I made for Elaine - It turned out so well, I decided to do some variations on it:

I was on a bit of a roll at this point only for Paul to come in from work and I realised what the time was!

Better make some supper!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back to Reality

After yesterdays fairytale ending for Sharon and Chris, we woke up to the weekly shop at Tesco!

Having done this very early I cooked up a huge vat of Chilli Con Carne, as Pauls Dad, Dee and Jannah - Beth were coming over for the afternoon along with JB's friend Jenny.

We have a lovely few hours with us girlies making cards and the blokes watching the Grand Prix on the TV.

Fred was an angel all day and spent most of his time sat on Dee's lap at the kitchen table watching the card making to ensure we were all doing a good job!

The only card I managed to make today - after drinking 2 glasses of wine! :

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Evening Do

The party went on into the evening for Sharon and Chris and another 100 or so more guests arrived, for a dance and a pasty supper.

This is a quick self taken piccie of me and my best mate Sharon (The bride), taken as we came off the dance floor!

Despite the Rain it was a fantastic day and wonderful evening.

We wish Sharon and Chris, Love and Happiness in all of the years they have ahead of them.


While we were out our friends came and looked in on Fred - He was not happy with the rain by the looks of it!

Wedding Day

Today is the big day for Sharon and Chris. Although it is very grey and mizzly I don't think that the weather will stop the celebrations.
Just before we left the house I got these snaps, as I know full well that we won't take any of us today otherwise!

As you can see - Paul does not like having his picture taken at all!

Sharon and Chris tied the knot without and disasters striking, and I have to say I shed a few tears, as the service was lovely...

Isn't she a lovely bride!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Manicure Galore!


Sharon gets married tomorrow, and I've promised to do her nails for her tonight.

We decided on a pearl french tip, and knowing that this could take me a while to do allowed all evening.

Sharon arrived at about 5.45 and we finished at about 8.30 so we didn't do too badly, and she was smiling when she went as she suddenly had a set of matching length nails. It's been ages since I did this so I was panicking a bit that I'd cock it up, but they actually looked OK. Bonus!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

16th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary.

Paul was really soppy and bought me this lovely little soft love heart teddy thingamabob. I took it to work with me to show the girls!

This evening we went for a meal and a walk on the beach.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Hen Night....

Tonight I'm out with Sharon and a few of the girls for Sharon's hen night.

We are being really good and just going for a meal at the Shire and a few drinks along with it.

Looking forward to my Carvery....

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Trebah Gardens

This afternoon after visiting Mel, we stopped off and picked up Fred, before heading of to Trebah Gardens.
As you enter through the visitors centre your first view is of this lovely sculpture/water feature

You can follow various routes and the first we took brought us to this beautiful little blue bridge, were we did the obvious photo opportunity!

First Paul and Fred, then Me and Fred!

The view over the valley down to the cove was breathtaking

There was a Koi pond and the fish obviously enjoy the visitors coming as they came straight to us hoping for a feed - no wonder they were so big and fat!

As you followed the path the bay came into view and Fred stopped to admire it from afar...

We came across a cascade of water, not that you can see much of it with my bonce in the way

and once more Fred inspected the lily pond. Sorry Fred, no monsters in there for you to eat!

We had a leisurely afternoon wandering around the glorious gardens, with Fred in his element with all of the new sniffs he was able to find.
We stopped and had some lunch in their cafe-which I have to say was a really enjoyable meal and then continued on for another hour or so in the gardens.
We had a lovely day, and would like to Thank Dee, as she gave us some free passes that she had to gain us entry

Fathers Day - Sunday 15th June 2008

Today is Fathers Day and as will all good traditions this means stupid cards and even sillier presents - well it does in our family anyway!
So here are the men in question:
This is Mel, my father in law, he gives very good hugs and certainly knows how to make you laugh. As he bought a boat not long ago we thought it would funny to get him a silly book of what the old sayings mean, things like 'Ahoy you landlubber' and 'Oi Limey' etc, it got a laugh anyhow!
and this is Kieth, Paul's step Dad - he's off in Cyprus with Margaret at the moment so he had to make do with a text I'm afraid!

and last but not least - my Dad, Alan. Dad passed away in 2000. I miss him dearly, he was my Dad and my best friend, we spoke at least 3 times a day on the phone, and I know that he would be looking down on us now (or up maybe??!!) and smiling at all we have achieved.

So then Guys - Happy Fathers Day - you know we love you all very much!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Time Flies

Well I can't believe that another week has flown by.

I don't seem to have had time to blink let alone blog, as once again we have not stopped!

Really the only noteworthy moment that I could talk about is my new wardrobe.

AAAAHHHHHH! the wardrobe a fascinating piece of furniture - you just don't know how wonderful they are until you move from a house that had fitted ones to one with none at all! Finally after well over 12 months my flat pack fitted wardrobe was delivered on Tuesday. No the dealership was not 12 months lapse in its delivery service, we just didn't order it until April this year!

Did I mention how wonderful my new wardrobe is?

I did actually take photo's of Paul building it step by step but a big white box being built in a white room didn't show much so you'll just have to trust me when I say - It's gorgeous.

This morning after spending my first night with it, I went through suitcases and my little spare wardrobe -a tiny single affair that had to hold all of the cloths for both of us until now, and placed everything lovingly on hangers and into it's new home.

I know I'm a sad, sad person, but you wouldn't want me to drone on about how I have done every single shop in Truro/Redruth and Camborne for a wedding outfit and did not find anything and I need it for next Saturday, now would you.

Anyway the weather is still being warm and slightly muggy, so we are going on a drive tomorrow with the 5 and hopefully a picnic weather permitting. En route we will pop over to Perranporth to see Mel (Paul's Dad) as it will be Fathers Day, and give him his card and gift

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Another day of DIY.

This is where things start to go backwards so you may be a little confused.
Now that the layout etc was what we wanted in the bathroom we had to do the finishing touches ie floor and new bath panel.
For the floor to go down we decided that it would be a better finish if we took everything out and then put it back on the top of the floor rather than cut around everything. So out came the sink and loo for the umpteenth time...

The bath panel gets put into place and the lino goes down

Meanwhile in the bedroom, I am starting on the paint job I always wanted.
It may sound daft but for the last 16 years of marriage I've always wanted a white bedroom.
Paul has been adamant that it would never happen. Don't get me wrong he's quite a laid back bloke on most stuff but pastel colours, bright colours, autumn colours and white are not featured in his decorating dreams. This of course means a battle every time I want to change a room and once I've taken matters into my own hands Paul will usually stand back and say - actually you were right I like that, why did we not do it sooner!

So I took to removing the really boring but temporary necessity of El Cheapo cream paint that we put up not even a year ago when we moved in, and replacing it will my beloved white.

As the wardrobe (- all hail to the wardrobe - when you haven't had one for 12 months they are a marvel of technology that are the stuff of dreams - trust me,) will be arriving on Wednesday the carpet can come up too. My new carpet can go down just as soon as the wardrobe is erected and fixed into place.
With the bathroom and our bedroom just about finished that will complete the whole of the upstairs re-vamp. Not bad for just over a year in here I think.
The next job will have to be the garden before we do the kitchen and lounge room!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Flower Pot People

OK, so I already said we were house sitting, and here is one of the duties I have to remember....

I think you'll agree it's worth it, these will look lovely for Sally Ann and Mike when they return....

House Sitting

There are bonuses to house sitting for friends - You get to babysit the bouquet of flowers they had bought for them, but in your own home. Aren't they lovely....

Thanks Sally-Ann, Mike, Jamie and Phil!

I'm Back!

Finally - Well our broadband provider completely stuffed up and cancelled our contract in error and then proceeded to tell us it would be a month before we could be reinstated as customers!

Needless to say, after many very irate telephone calls we binned them off! Never use citrus coloured broadband providers - GGGRRR!

Now sparkly and new with the wonderful people who have a monopoly on providing phone lines to every UK household we have a better and I must say very much faster service. For those of you who have not got my new email address, I'm sorry - I'm trying to remember who I've told and who I haven't!

So it is time to update you on what has happened since the middle of May - I'll do it as quickly as possible I promise.

17 May 2008
Today the heavens opened and I could not believe how much rain fell in such a short space of time...
And you guessed it a few hours later we were in sun tops!

Also today Paul started to put together the bits to replace the sink and loo in the bathroom:

The Loo took shape on the lounge room floor and the the old one came out of the bathroom....

The new vanity unit is fitted in place of the old sink

and then the loo gets placed into position and finally fitted - this took a lot longer than expected as there were some really tricky pipework problems to overcome.

Finally we found a bath panel that we thought would go - needless to say as you can see it looked like a complete mish mash of finishes so it went back today and a nice new matching one was put in its place.

Now all that is left to do is the tiling around the bath and laying of the flooring which we bought last weekend. I'll picture the finished article so it can be seen once it's complete.

And finally....
03 June 08

Loads more has happened to the old hospital - there are now 3 apartments being lived in and the landscaping has been started.