Friday, 22 June 2012

Chiverton Shake Down Weekend

We collected the caravan on Thursday and promptly booked the Friday night and Saturday night at Chiverton Park for the shakedown/test weekend.

As the park is only 5 miles from home it’s ideal if there were to be any problems that needed fixing.

Paul parked us on the pitch at 12 noon, whilst I was still at work, and then collected me when I got home.


We tried to erect the awning that was left in the van for us, as we had no idea what size it was, however the 64kmph winds made a laughing stock of us, and we had to give up, but not before we established that it was a full awning.  Bonus!

We then explored and relaxed for the evening.




On Saturday morning, after a restful night despite the wind and rain, we all headed on to Falmouth for a mooch around, and an ice cream on Pendennis point.


A very successful first break in the caravan methinks.  Many more to come….

Jo Anne


Monday, 18 June 2012

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

What a wonderful day.

Money from Mom and Keith, flowers from Mel, Dee and Jannah-Beth,


and amazing card from Karen and Dave


and the perfect ornament from my gorgeous hubby of 20 years.


Love you Pooh!

Jo Anne

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Our Anniversary Present to Each Other

Its our 20th year anniversary coming up, so we decided to replace our wedding rings.

Off we went to have a look, having decided on Titanium for Paul, as it’s more hard wearing.  This meant I had to change mine to white gold to match.  An engagement ring, eternity ring and wedding ring for me and a wedding ring for Paul.

The cost was immense.  Paul said it would be more wisely spent on new windows for the house or a replacement caravan for our 23 year old starter van we had bought 3 years ago.

We jokingly stopped at Eden caravans and motorhomes at Scorrier on our way home.  After a mooch, we spotted a van that was exactly what we wanted, and that had a fixed bed to prevent the ritual making up and taking down of the sofa each day.



We asked for a part exchange price on our little old van.  After a trip with the salesman to have a viewing of it, we were horrified to find that she was filled with rot and should not be towed on the roads any more.  Essentially she would only be good if kept stationary i.e. as a field hut for shepherds etc., you get the idea.

The laugh was then theirs not ours.  We had to make a decision to actually spend money rather than window shop!

After a trip to see our levellers Sally-Ann and Mike, we took them up to see  the proposed purchase.  It was an all round YES!




The deal was done and our anniversary present bought, even if it was a week early.  The valets just have to do their thing and hopefully we will have it for next weekend.

A far better way to spend money.  On holidays that we will enjoy for years to come.

Jo Anne

Friday, 8 June 2012

Tehidy Again!


Sometimes I wonder if we only do all of these walks so that we can get a cake and cuppa!



Well you’ve got to have some incentive other than the scenery!


Another lovely afternoons walk in Tehidy.

Jo Anne