Saturday, 19 November 2011

Carnon Downs Garden Centre

I want to get an early grip on Christmas this year, and have decided that I may find inspiration at the garden centre.

All of that Christmassy goodness can only be inspiring I think!


Great fun!

Jo Anne


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Charge of the Light Parade!

Another year, another City of Lights parade through Truro.

We arrived in more than enough time to do a little Christmas shopping, and to grab some supper at The William IV, before the parade started at 7.40pm.  A few minutes later than scheduled, but that didn’t stop the crowds gathering in anticipation.



Well done to the organisers, this year had some amazing entries.

Jo Anne


Friday, 11 November 2011

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Big Day Arrives

The plans and preparations over the last 18 months all come down to this one beautiful day.

Colours had been co-ordinated, themes organised and itineraries set, and god forbid anything goes off schedule, this was indeed a very very special day, and I am so thrilled for my favourite boys, Jamie and Phill.

We all got ready and met in the room set aside for the pre ceremony gathering.


The word came through that Jamie was arriving.  He pulled up in an old Land Rover (one of his dream cars) that was decked out in ribbons and ladies silver dancing shoes. If you have seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert you will understand, and that’s the show they went to see on their buck night.


Pink balloons were released from the back of the Landy, all the more poignant for me, as it was also 12 months to the date that we had lost my lovely cousin Emily, and this was what we did for her funeral.


Arrival pictures taken, we were then taken into the Tithe Barn for the ceremony.  It looked so beautiful as we went in.  Until now, it had all be kept under lock and key, so that it would remain a surprise for everyone.


After a false start because of Phill breaking down into tears, followed by everyone else in the congregation, we settled down to a wonderful ceremony, that was totally personalised for them, incorporating Disney music and references at the end to tie in with the theme for the day.


Then it was picture time, some inside before heading out to do all the group shots.


One of their friends had arranged for turtle doves to be placed either side of the archway into the Tithe Barn, and they got the release some into the skies to symbolise their love for each other.  Again a very emotional moment. I don’t think I’ve stopped crying during all of the events so far, it’s been so beautiful.


Everyone headed back to the pre ceremony room for a quick coffee/tea or glass of something from the bar.  Meanwhile I followed the boys and the photographer and continued clicking away, I also had Phill’s camera, and was trying to get as many memories on his camera for them, as my own.


Next came the full sit down wedding breakfast, speeches, and passing of gifts.


I cried once more at each of the boys speeches, and then even more so at Simon’s.  As Jamie’s brother and best man, it really hit the right note for the whole day.

I was shocked to find myself being called up to the top table to receive the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for making the wedding stationary for them.  More tears!


The afternoon festivities closed down, and we all returned to the room used earlier on the day, and the boys opened some present and relaxed for a little while.


Then it was time for the evening do, and a good old chance and celebration of the day.  The boys did the first dance, and I have to day I’d give them a 10! Brilliant


It was the most amazing and beautiful day, that was so emotionally charged with love and laughter that it was overwhelming.


We love you guys, and feel honoured to have been included in such a special day. x

Jo Anne


Friday, 4 November 2011

Cornwall to Bedfordshire

Following a very long 7 hour drive, we arrived in Bedfordshire at 4.30pm and checked into The Barns Hotel.


This is to be a very exciting weekend.  Jamie and Phill are having their Civil Ceremony tomorrow, here at the hotel.

First things first though. Cocktails in the lounge bar, then a lovely supper in the dining room, before tomorrows Event of the Year.

Me and my Grasshopper

That Grasshopper cocktail certainly started the weekend off well!

Jo Anne