Sunday, 27 March 2011

Committee Approval

Today Sally-Ann and I had managed to get together the majority of the committee to come and see the venue that that we thought may suit our needs for 'The Event' in 2012. We all met in the square, near the marina (that's all you're getting folks!) and went on into the building, with Sally-Ann and I acting as guide, and showing where we hoped to set things up for arrival drinks and dinner dance. Our proposal was a success all round, and we hope that this will be the final venue choice when we get to the next committee meeting in May this year.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour

At 8pm I was trying to do a catch up on my blog reading, when I came across a post about Earth Hour starting at 20:30 that evening. I'd forgotten!

I did a mad dash around switching off everything electrical that I could, and then found my bag of candle lights (which hadn't been used since I set the house on fire one Christmas many moons ago - long story!).

The candle lights got placed all around the kitchen, the scrabble board came out, a gin and lemonade for me, and a glass of red for Paul, and we were set for an evening of no TV, no music, no lights..... just an old fashioned, we have to talk to each other now, kind of evening LOL

We actually had a lovely night..... two games of scrabble later (Paul won one and I the other) and suddenly it was 22.30pm and we had done two hours not one!

such a small thing to help our beautiful planet, but such fun!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Venue and Accomodation Hunting

I have two days holiday booked, on a use them or loose them basis, and they have come in very handy.

Without going into detail, as it's all very hush, hush at present, I have been roped in to help a committee find a venue, entertainment and accommodation for a Dinner Dance for 100 people in 2012

I spend all day yesterday on the Internet, making telephone calls and doing costings. Eliminating some venues, adding others to the mix, and arranging appointments for today to visit and meet with the short listed possibles

I picked Sally-Ann up very early, and we headed off for the first appointment..... No I can't tell you where, or what for! This makes my post quite difficult to write LOL

Our first 3 stops were to look at accommodation in the form of camp sites and chalets, and also a barn conversion for the possible Dinner Dance

The camp site was fab! They have done the sort of thing we are needing before, and can accommodate a LOT of people and tents.

Next was the barn conversion - Oh dear! Very basic! Not to the standard we were expecting or wanted and an instant No!

Then onto the chalet/cottages. The people who ran this place were fantastic, and handed over the keys for an empty unit, and just left us to our own devices to explore and establish how appropriate it would be.

With 120 units, that hold between 2 and 6 people in each, we could fill the place without trouble.... did I mention that there would be possibly 1500 people minimum involved the day after the dinner dance!

Superb - not yet midday, and we have the camp site and chalets sorted already!

Our next destination was about 20 minutes away so we headed off, with the sun shining on our heads, and it was now warm enough for the lid to be down on the car, the blue skies sent our spirits soaring....

We had a very productive meeting at our favoured venue, and were able to talk menu's and seating arrangements. Now it was a case of going back to the committee and offering them a proposal for the evening and weekend as we saw it.

Before leaving the area we visited a local hotel, on spec, and had a show around and were able to see bedrooms to establish if we could also offer this as accommodation for an alternative.

I finally dropped Sally-Ann home just before 5pm, and despite the long day of meetings and driving, we were very happy with the outcome, and very excited with what we had arrived at.... fingers crossed that it would be approved of.....

More cryptic posts to come no doubt...

Monday, 21 March 2011

An Attempt at Jamies 30 Minute Chicken Pie

I don't know about the rest of you, but Jamie Oliver's latest 30 Minute Meal programme has actually inspired me to have a go! Everything looks so tasty, and easy to make!

Unfortunately, I didn't keep the series linked episode this little pie was on, and had to do the pie filling from memory. Thankfully, there was not a large amount of ingredients to remember.
The pie turned out really great, and I know this because Paul actually said "well have that again!" High praise indeed. Normally I have to beg him for an opinion of the meal I have made.
The downside? The kitchen was a disaster zone once it was done, and the gas hob was covered in spatter from the frying off and cooking in the pan pre pastry top.
Only the greatest cooks create a mess, that's what I say!
Thanks Jamie Oliver - You Rock!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lost in Heligan and Mevagissy

We awoke this morning to the most glorious blue skies and sunshine. It's only 13th March, the weather is completely wacky!
Not wishing to miss out on this wonderful day we decided to take a trip up country to have a wander around the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
It has been a long time since our last visit, we reckon it was about 1994, so there are bound to be many more changes.
Take a walk with us around these beautiful gardens...
Can you spot the sculpture hidden in the trees below?

What views!

We wandered amongst the Lost Valley, and the Jungle gardens

Although the skies were blue and the sun was shining, it was still a little chilly, but as the day wore on, the layers of clothing started to come off.

We stopped by these wonderful red flowers to eat the little picnic lunch that we had packed for ourselves, and then it was time to wander on once more...

These doves looked lovely against the blue skies

The glass houses were found and renvations began in 1991. There were not available to the public on our last trip here all those years ago.

The warmth of the day was starting to show on poor Fred, either that or all of the walking!

This very large goose took a dislike to Fred, who was only being friendly!

on and on we walked..... taking the occasional rest.....

Once we have walked our little socks and paws off (about 10 miles all told) we headed on into Mevagissy for a wander around the harbour.

Such a wonderful day!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Birthday Outing For Mike

It was Mikes birthday yesterday, and we had a cunning plan! (Can't you tell we've been watching Blackadder! LOL)

If they were game, we would take both Mike and Sally-Ann to Lanhydrock House and Gardens, near Bodmin.

Of course, as we are all National Trust members, it meant a cheap day out for us, visiting a wonderful home, on a glorious Spring day. They said, what time are we leaving!

After a short trip up the A30/A38 we arrived, and sat and ate our picnic at the tables provided in the large parking area, before heading down the driveway towards this beautiful home.

As we walked through the gatehouse, we were welcomed by the most gorgeous gardens, with manicured lawns and shrubs creating a tranquil area prior to arriving at the main building.

Once inside we were welcomed by volunteers, who were very knowledgeable in the property and it's owners, The Robartes family, since the 16th Century.

There are 51 rooms in total that are open to us, and we were advised we would need a minimum of an hour to be able to see everything inside.

The family had 10 children at one point in it's history, but following early deaths, WW1 that claimed the life of Captain Tommy in France, and Alexander, by his own hand when he returned from the war, there were actually no heirs to continue the name. Only one of the daughters survived, but following her marriage the name and title were lost.

As you can see, Captain Tommy must have been quite a hunter before he was lost in the war.

The children were all expected to be seen and not heard, and were bought up in the upstairs rooms and nursery.
Onwards and down the stairs to another level, and I took the opportunity of a quick group shot.

Through the last of the rooms, and outside once more, where we headed around the side of the main building, past the old stables, where the fire engines were kept and round to the servants hall, and the now restaurant.

Mike and Sally-Ann treated us all to some really yummy pancakes with lemon and sugar - a special treat that the restaurant were doing for today only.

Back out, and up some more steps to the Church, where I wandered amongst the grave stones

and looked back down on the church itself.
and finally, back through the grounds

with another stop for a quick piccie.

and some more pictures of the incredible gardens

what a wonderful day out, well worth the visit, and we shall certainly be going again.

Tonight it's a birthday meal at the Portie Arms...... a great finish to a fun packed day.