Monday, 28 February 2011

Tooth Fairy My Backside!

I broke my two bottom front teeth last night!

They split and crumbled along the back, and left a couple of lovely sharp bit's to catch my tongue on and annoy me!

After a call to my dentist, that is based over in Falmouth, first thing this morning, I had a 2.30pm appointment to get them seen to.

I arrived on time, was called straight up, and was repaired and done within 20 minutes!

What service. Don't you just love the NHS? I do!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birthdays, Anniversary's and Tree's

Another holiday day.
Paul is in bed sleeping for his birthday, after a long night at work, and I'm thinking about Dad.
It's 11 years today that we lost him, and although the pain of his loss is over, the love I feel is stronger. I miss you Dad.
and so, moving on...... Today is a full on research day for my family tree. There is a section that has just been evading both myself or Sally-Ann, and we wanted to try and get past it.
After many, many hours, and chocolate provided my Mike, we think we solved it, with the help of the 1911 census records... Woo Hoo
Now all I have to do it correct the two or three errors and input the amended information with the census source information as confirmation of the information.
It's opened up a whole new line of enquiry for me too..... I love genealogy!
Happy Birthday Paul, and Thanks for your help today Sally-Ann x

Monday, 21 February 2011

A Trip to Fal

It's my day off today, and we wanted to go for a walk at the old gunpowder works between Ponsanooth and Stithians, but it's raining!

Nothing will keep me from using a days holiday to it's fullest though. Plans got changed, and Sally-Ann and I headed off into Falmouth for the day instead.

OK, so this is a google images picture, as I forgot my camera.... I know Horror! The sky wasn't quite this blue and it wasn't quite warm enough to take off our full winter jackets, but it was still a lovely visit.

We had a good old mooch around Trago, as you do! Then it was toasted tea cakes and a cuppa at the water sports centre, or as I like to call it, The Yacht Club! LOL

From here, we headed back and stopped at Asda for a mooch around their clothes section. As it's so far to come to go to Asda, we have to do it when we are in the area! That's our excuse anyway!

By this time, we had been gone for a fair part of the day, and thought it only fair to return to the men!

Roll on tomorrow..... another holiday day, and this time family tree researching with Sally-Ann for the day....

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Birthday Meal a Bit Early

Tonight we are having Paul's birthday meal. Yes, it's a few days early, but hey ho!
Having checked with Sally-Ann and Mike, we all decided on the Fox and Hounds at Comford.
It's a lovely pub, that we pass on a regular basis when we travel over to Falmouth, and it always looks very pretty.
We all went over together in Paul's new motor, the first journey that they had been in it. The car got 5 stars all round for comfort and ride!
We had a lovely evening, having the special of the day, spicy chilli fish cakes with sweet chillli dipping sauce..... wonderful!
We shall certainly return there for a meal in the future, and would love to be able to take Mom and Keith there, when they are able to get down next. There was such a lovely atmosphere there.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Paul and Paul

It's Paul's birthday on Tuesday, but as he is still on nights, he won't be around to spend it at home with me.
He finished nights yesterday morning, came home and went to bed, and more or less got his body clock back to normal for a couple of days at home before starting his shift again on Sunday evening.
And so, with this in mind, we have had to reinvent his birthday celebrations to fit into today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday)
This afternoon, after I finished work, we headed on down into Redruth, where the local cinema was showing 'Paul'. It's a film that we both instantly wanted to see, mainly because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were behind it. We loved Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced, so knew that 'Paul' would be funny.
They play characters that love comic books, and save to travel to America to visit Comic-con, and then drive across the states in an RV stopping at all of the allien hot spots, like Area 51, on their way.
On the drive, they nearly knock down and alien, called Paul, who had been living on earth for 60 odd years advising the government, and movie producers!
It then becomes their task to keep him safe until 'Paul's family can come get him!
We had a great time, and really enjoyed the film, especially as we were able to sit on a leather sofa and drink and eat from coffee tables ..... Cinemas have certainly changed in the last few years!
If you don't mind a bit of bad language, which is used perhaps more than normal due to Paul's character, and so acceptable in this context, it's a great movie.
Our score? 9/10 Watch out for the one liners, they are awsome!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I Love Truro!
Although we do not visit very often, it is a lovely town, full of old buildings and cobbled streets, and of course a number of usual high street clothes shops that like to entice me!
As Paul has been on nights for what seems like forever now, we decided that a little wander would be just the trick to prevent him wasting his day of daylight.
Having wandered up the river, and past the cathedral, we bought some sweets from Pennyworths, a wonderful shop that sell them out of jars like it used to be done, and then strolled through the streets and down to Lemon Quay.
As we turned the corner, we were welcomed with the sight of a Wedding Car Company with a difference, and we were instantly in awe.
I got out my trusty Blackberry and started snapping pictures....

What a wonderful way to arrive at your wedding, and soooo Cornwall!

Our few hours of wandering were worth this little treat!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Clean and Dry?

Time for Fred's wash day! - Not Fred exactly, but his possessions ie; all his toys and bedding and towels

Unfortunately he worked out that the tumble drier was where his prized possessions were, and before I could stop him, he had worked his way in front of my legs and climbed in to 'save' his beloved friends!

He went in once, twice, three time in all, until all were safe and in his company once more!

It was lucky that Paul was quick enough with the camera, because I was just laughing too much!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Bye Bye Renault, Hello Ford

It's time to say goodbye to our wonderful little Scenic. It has been a great car over the years, and clocked 57mpg on the drive up to Torquay for the handover.
The consoling factor is that we are swapping it for another great car, and this one will be able to tow pretty much anything should the need arise.

When we got it home, it was washed and polished to within an inch of it's life by it's proud new Dad.

and then taken on a drive by each of us.
I have to say, it drives beautifully.
Welcome home Big Bertha!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Car Hunters In Action...

We have been on email alert with the online well known car finding service, and after receiving some alerts for the sort of cars that we were looking for, we narrowed it down to 3.

One car in Wellington, just outside Taunton. One in Plympton, near Plymouth and one in Torquay on the English Riviera.

As Paul is now on nights for the next 4 weeks, we would have to do these all in one go, and decided not to leave it too long. Today was our chosen day.
Having asked Sally-Ann and Mike if they would mind checking on Fred during the day today, so that we didn't need worry about him, they said "why don't we bring him to ours for the day?" This way he and Hamish could spend the day together. "Fantastic!" We said.
We knew Fred would love spending time with his favourite people and canine friend. If you look at Sally-Anne's Blog, you will see what a great time they had too...

I borrowed this picture from Sally-Ann - Thanks for letting me use it. Fred is to the left and Hamish to the right.

Now that we knew that our boy was being looked after so well, we headed off up country.
Our first stop was Plympton. The car we looked at only had 26k on the clock and was in great condition. If it had not been the first car we had looked at, we might have bought it there and then!
We pulled up just down the road to make a phone call to our next port of call in Torquay. The car there had 30k on the clock, but was a higher spec. At this point we decided that Torquay would be our next stop, and we would write off Wellington, as that car had 50k on the mileage and therefore was no longer a viable option, with two such low mileage vehicles as competition.
Off we went. On arrival the chap was already dealing with a sale, so we went for a coffee while we waited.
We arrived back, just as he bought the car we wanted to see, around from his compound. (The forecourt was full to capacity).
This was the one! Looks were great, body work was like new, and the engine was quiet as a mouse. More to the point, it does 50 plus to the gallon, and tows a huge amount. It was even below budget and we managed to get more for Paul's current car in part exchange than we had been offered by anyone else.
Success! We collect it on Friday so pictures will follow no doubt!

Friday, 4 February 2011

On The Hunt

We are searching in earnest for a car for Paul now, and having spotted something in the local paper, we decided to head on down, before it gets to dark, to have a look.
The car was in Hayle, and as it turns out, not as nice as we initially thought, however the journey home was!
As we came down the coast road, we could see the waves crashing onto the harbour walls in Portreath, and just had to stop and watch for a few minutes.
Whilst there we popped in for a cuppa with Sally-Ann and Mike, so we could fill them in on the search so far, and then we made our way home.
Better luck tomorrow perhaps.