Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Perfect Pasty???

A few weeks ago I did a very very foolish thing!

I asked my best mate and her new husband to come over for a pasty supper - that is to say a HOME MADE pasty supper. The foolish part, you ask - they are both born and bred Cornish - through and through - OOPs think I've made a BIG mistake - HUGE - as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman!

Anyway - after weeks and weeks of practice - every weekend - and rapidly expanding waist bands - I've gone up a whole dress size - I finally got it sussed on Sunday. Sharon and Chris were coming over tonight Tuesday - so I was definitely cutting it fine....

I got home and made up 2lb of pastry and started putting them together following all of the very very strict rules of pasty making, and just hoping that I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself.

Our friends arrived on cue about 15 minutes before the oven was to be opened - and then the moment of truth....

So far so good...

As Chris cut into his pasty I held my breath. I needn't have worried - He gave me a 9/10 for my pastry, 8/10 for presentation (my crimping went a bit mad on one end!) and an overall 9/10. He even commented that we now qualified for our Cornish Passports.

YEAH - fantastic, I did it, they both thought they were great.

Thank god for that - now don't offer to do anything quite so stupid again daft bird!!

Sunday, 28 September 2008


I realise that windows is for dummy's - LOL but this is ridiculous.

It's taken me about 15 hours in total - plus a quick lesson off Mike the other day - Not a bad end result though!

Unfortunately after ages trying to upload a copy to show you, I've discovered it won't let me despite all of the tricks I've tried.
Sods law if you ask me - and I was so proud of it too!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday Success at Last!!!

Today we spent the afternoon re-driving the run we had laid out a few weeks ago for the 5 drive in November that we said we would do.

Panic set in as we received the bi-monthly magazine and newsletter this morning, to find that we are now in print in the mag for the whole of the 5 Club throughout Britain to read. We can't back out now - that's it we are truly tater'ed!

The first half went not too badly with just a few alterations to my scribble - we stopped off at Marazion to catch a breath - as it was so warm still - and watch the sun set.

Then off we went again to finish the drive - after many changes and arguments (again) we managed to complete it - now to get it all translated onto Visio!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Terrible Tuesday

Forget Meltdown Monday, today exceeds that by far.....
Kel went back up country last night and I miss her already.... go on AAAHHHH!
We had a great few days, that were HUGELY INTERESTING (Sorry -in joke, couldn't resist).
Take care of yourself chick, and of course little Kukas LOL.
See you very soon I hope x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Shops, Shops, Shops

A whole day in Truro.
Every clothes shop opened their doors to us and suddenly we were a dynamic clothes buying duo.....
Oh my god, don't tell Paul, but I managed to spend one or two quid! and Kel didn't!
Anyway, a lovely lunch in a local cafe/bistro kept us going and then it was a slow meander back down the lanes with the lid down on the lovely Betty before a coffee and a wind down at home.
I hate goodbyes and I knew it was coming soon......

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sedate Sunday

At the pub awaiting to be called in for our lovely carvery dinner.... Yes I know - I look stupid!

Blue skies in Falmouth this morning

and just to prove we made it to the beach eventually....

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mooching and Babies

We awoke to wonderful blue skies this morning. Great this meant lid down on the car and a trip to Penzance for a mooch around the shops and a search for some maternity wear for Kel and some baby stuff for blob.

Off we trolled and 2 hours later still had not spent a single £. Something was definitely amiss in Cornwall. Then a lady in one of the shops said, the at only place for maternity wear was New Look or a drive to Plymouth!!! I'll wait til I get back to Brum says Kel!

We got a load of barbie stuff - steak, salad, baked spuds etc and dropped them off home and then went over to good old Matalan - success! I got a baby mobile for over the cot for blob!

Meanwhile I got a text from my friend to say she had just given birth to an 8lb bouncing baby boy. Welcome to the world little one and well done and congrats you two!

Friday, 19 September 2008


So excited - my friend arrived today, from Birmingham for a few days.....
Look out shops here we come!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Golden Wedding - 50 Years of Marriage

We all got together to celebrate Barbara and Les' 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a wonderful meal at a local Indian Restaurant and enjoyed a few glasses of orange squash (Yeah right!)

When in debt - go deeper!

No that the bedroom is done it's a shame for the hallway to let the upstairs down.!
We decide to put the remaining lino from the bathroom in the downstairs loo. Having pulled up the scabby old carpet and binned it in the garden we then found that the lino was too small to fit the loo area. New plan. put down the laminated we were going to do later in the year! this means following through into the hallway for continuity!
And so Paul began his handy man bit once more.....

With Fred checking out the work as it was done....

Paul was definitely doing a grand job!

Et voila! Just the quad to go round now.
Well done Paul x

Friday, 12 September 2008

Random Mutterings....

Thanks to those of you who acknowledged me on facebook - and if there is anyone to blame for all of this it's you Ally! I was reading your blog and checking out the ones you read regularly (thanks for adding mine by the way) when I noticed your My Facebook link.

Well need I say more ...... despite doing it all wrong and setting myself up as living in a network area in some obscure burb of New York I finally managed it..... now I can't work out how to use the blinkin' thing! Apologies to everyone who gets random words attached here and there I HAVEN'T A CLUE! What's a tag by the way???? DOH!

Anyway the dilemma of the bedroom carpet has finally been resolved - Having bought it all over again after the people did a runner with our money and carpet it has finally been fitted today by a very reputable company - and I'm chuffed to bits. It feels like upstairs is finally finished now!

Fred has just been back to the vet, who has given him the all clear - I could have told him that by the amount of barking he's doing! Now he can be bathed - Fred not the Vet!

It's raining again - we were going to go over to Falmouth tonight to see the Fireworks to start the Tallships 500 run to Funchal but don't think it's a good idea. May be able to get over the Lands End and watch them sail around tomorrow - just to say I've seen them really....

That's all folks! catcha l8tr TTFN (Sorry couldn't resist using text talk there'a a whole argument on the BBC about it at the mo!)

Finishing Touches

Finally the new carpet is fitted in the bedroom....

The furniture is rebuilt...

and the finishing touches added....
YEAH!!! Carpet..... Finally!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Set up a facebook ! ! !

Monday, 8 September 2008

Doing Bird!

Saw this and decided it may attract some nice birdies during the winter....

No, not Paul - the bird feeder!

He does fix it together rather well though...

Nearly finished...

Perfect for cocking my leg up - thanks mom!

How much is that doggy......

Well in this case 30 quid!

My poor little bow wow is not well.

He woke us up on Sat/Sun at 02.45 scratching at the kitchen door for us to come down to him. Very unusual for Fred. I went storming down the stairs, like any normal mother would, to find he'd been sick twice and was dancing to go in the garden. I let him out and he just lay there in the middle of the lawn looking very forlorn and sorry looking.

After cocking his leg a couple of times he came back in.

I put him back to bed and went back upstairs - 10 minutes later he did the same - this time we both came down with the duvet as he was sick in the garden when I let him out again.

we settled him down on our laps for an hour and he looked good so went up to bed finally.

On waking up early on Sunday morning and coming to check on him, it had got worse - this time projectile from each end if you get my drift.... thank god for wet vacs and laminate floors!

We had plans for the day with the fivers - I sent Paul off to enjoy the day and I stayed with Fred.

He perked up and wasn't too bad during the day, but then the same thing happened during the night on Sun/Mon and the wet vac came out again on Monday morning before work.

I called the vet and got him in for the afternoon and in the meantime our friends looked in on him during the morning to make sure all was well. I finished work early as I was so worried and got him to the vets on time.

The long and short of it is that he has a viral infection and is on antibiotics and antacids! The things you do for your best friend!

Thankfully he is looking so much better and the fact that he is barking at nothing in particular once more is a good thing.... I think!

Feel better soon baby boy, more so because you stink and need a bath now!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

High Tea and IT

This afternoon I was invited to join the guys for a Cornish cream tea at Callestick Farm

Got this picture just for Paul, who was stuck at work.

On the way out, they told me I looked like an old cow - Sorry no - that was an old cow with me.

The piggies were very friendly and wanted to come and play with us.

But Mike just wanted to build sand pies in the pit with his new friend!
This evening everyone came to ours for dinner. Phil played with my laptop - and horray - I can now use the PAF file for my ancestry that I know and love as he's found a vista compatable download. Meanwhile the rest of us played rummikub on the kitchen table.