Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gwithian Beach in January!

I was MSNing with Sally-Ann this morning and she asked if I wanted to go to Gwithian with them in the RV to give it a run before their trip in February. The dogs could have a run on the beach and we could blow the cobwebs away in the sea breeze.

H was a good boy and travelled all the way there in his travel cage, whilst Fred sat at my feet watching in envy....

The weather was beautiful - like a Spring day with just a light breeze.

The boys headed off along the beach to enjoy themselves....

Then watched on as Mike collected muscles for lunch.....

When we arrived home we had a lovely gooey piece of coffee cake (with squirty cream of course), whilst we watched Neighbours on the TV - sad to some I know - but perfect to us!!!

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