Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I'm 41.....

Am I sorry or upset about this? - absolutely not! - my 40th year was probably one of the most eventful years I've had so far, and I'm sure that it will continue into my 41st!

I awoke this morning to a very large present from Sally-Ann and Mike, that I had no idea about, and that Paul had kept very well hidden for them...... I am so thrilled! It was a lap top cushion for my lap so I can watch the tellie and blog to my hearts content, without my trusty little computer overheating - Thanks so much guys x

Paul, knew what I wanted, as for once in my married life I actually knew myself! I wanted a Pandora Bracelet - a new style of charm bracelet which has beads as charms instead of the traditional charms that I know of from my youth.

He bought me the bracelet, 2 clips to hold the charms in place and 2 charms - I chose a 'J' for obvious reasons and also a 'Sun, Moon and Stars' charm.

Karen and Dave have sent me some money so that I can get a couple of charms that I have seen at the silver centre (a starfish and a shell in reverence to my surfing and beach love)

When I arrived at work to spoiling continued. Alison bought me a Westies Calendar and some chocolate:

Then, another Alison arrived with some lovely jewellery for me, that I instantly knew would be a part of my Christmas Party outfit!

Sharon arrived next, and she'd bought me some lovely fluffy turquoise socks (to match my car LOL) a bookmark embroidery for me to do whilst I'm on holiday next week, of westie and scotties (very appropriate as we had a Scottie called Charlie, before we had Fred the Westie), and also from Sharon and Chris, a gift voucher for one of my favourite stores.

When Mandy came in she looked a little pensive and was not sure if she had done the right thing, she said..... I opened my gift to find card blanks and toppers - perfect for an avid crafter like me

and then to top it all, my wonderful friends bought a huge chocolate fudge cake covered in sprinkles - we all tucked into it at mid morning break - YUM!

and from Birmingham... Kelly sent me a parcel in the post - On opening it and just laughed - she knows me sooooo well bless her! It was a triple CD of all 80's music - every track of which I knew and could probably sing every word to(Tragic I know!), and also some beautiful silver earrings and necklace, which I obviously wore to work to show off, along with my bracelet from Paul.

All in all a wonderful day so far, and it's not over yet - we plan on going out for a meal when Paul finishes work tonight.

Thanks to all of my friends and family for such a special day xx


  1. You are having a good day.. I'm envious of the bracelet... I would love one of those.. still never mind one day eh..

    Have a nice meal with Paul tonight...xx

  2. Pleased to hear you had lots of lovely pressies. Sounds like your day is going really well.

    Hope you enjoy your meal tonight.

    Happy Birthday again Joanne - and here's to many more.

    Love and hugs
    Jordiegirl x

  3. Hey, spoiled brat alert. Lucky lady. It pays to get older doesn't it?
    Once again have a great birthday.

  4. Thanks everyone - yes I am a very spoiled girly... sooo lucky to have such wonderful friends x

  5. Happy Birthday Jo! I have been keeping up to date with your blog but have become a bit of a lurker with some serious uni study being done instead! Looks like you had a wonderful day and received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I love the pandora bracelet! I have started hintin to Joe that I wouldn't mind seeing one on my wrist in the near future! lol