Saturday, 10 December 2011

All Wrapped Up For Christmas

We are back to Trelissick Gardens once more this week.  The reason ?  The beautiful old water tower, that we take a picture of whenever we are here, is open to the public, just this once.

We awoke to  the most beautiful December day, and had a gentle drive over, before parking up and wandering down towards the gardens entrance.

As the tower came into view we had a lovely surprise.

It was all wrapped up in a pretty pink bow, especially for the occasion.


As the tower is so tiny inside, we were asked to wait until some people came out, and then made our way into the base.

We all got our pictures taken before going in.


The first room we saw was a lovely bathroom. 


Then it was upstairs to the bedroom, and then up again to the living room. (The sofa had to be made inside the room, as nothing would fit up the staircase!)



The kitchen is on the top floor, but as it is single file up the stairs to reach it, the National Trust had decided not to allow anyone up there, as it would cause a bottle neck situation, and people might panic due to the tight nature of the staircases.


This is an amazing building, with really weird acoustics, that make it sound like you are wearing a microphone depending on where you stand in each room, due to the shape of the room and the immense depth of stone in the walls.


A really amazing building, but I don’t think I could stay in it, there wasn’t room for a wardrobe!

Jo Anne



  1. Thanks for sharing that - very interesting.

  2. Lovely to see the inside, Jo - after seeing the outside when we came down! I agree with you though, couldn't stay there!! What - NO WARDROBE!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Jo

    Just popped by to say Happy New Year to you and Paul for tomorrow as I probably won't be on here then.

  4. Jo - Wishing you and Paul a happy new year xx