Monday, 30 January 2012

New Year, New DIY

We have many jobs that need doing around the house, but all of them cost too much for us to afford at the moment. 

The easy fix is to do a job that is 5 years overdue, and that will only cost us a couple of rolls of wallpaper, as we already have undercoat and gloss.  It is also a job that, once done, will make the largest impact on the downstairs. 

Our hallway, stairs and landing.

Since moving in, nearly 5 years ago, we have not touched the hallway, and the gloss work, and plasterboard show it!  It’s certainly not the most welcoming of entrances.

We chose a super fresco wallpaper, that is quite thick, so that it will cover some very bad plaster work and hide some areas that once held coat hooks.  (We relocated them to the down stair loo!)


Last weekend we did all of the undercoating and glossing on the wood work, leading all up the stairs and across the landing and back down again.  (The disadvantage of open plan hall and stairway is the fact you can’t just stop at the bottom of the stairs as the paintwork shows the colour difference !)

This weekend we have spent painting the ceiling, and papering the walls.P1280029

Some of the twists and turns were a challenge, but I think that it was worth it.

The alcove that once held a scruffy bookcase and the coats now holds a little occasional table and some lovely pictures.


Before is the above picture and below is the new improved version.


I’m really please with the warm cosy feel to it now.  Well worth feeling knackered when we had to get up for work today!

Jo Anne


  1. Looking good.

    Our living room and dining room are desperately in need of being done - new wallpaper and painting needed - if you're looking for more to do!!!!!

  2. It's looking great. Well done x

  3. It looks really great, Jo, well done!

  4. Hi Jo

    Thanks for your comment over at my post about the scam phone call.

    I really couldn't believe how I talked to him and kept so strong, forceful and cool the whole time he was on the phone - I really surprised myself. I think it was because I knew he might call back - but to be honest I really didn't think he would because I'm sure he could tell I was a bit suspicious of him - I was ready for him.

    It's hard enough to understand these foreigners on the phone but when they just gabble away without coming up from air it is even harder and so so rude to talk over the person they have called.

    He was very very annoyed with me when I asked for his phone number and like a little kid saying he wasn't giving me it as I wouldn't give my card number. I just told him I wasn't going to give the number in any case.

    I just hope everyone else he calls is sensible enough to tell him where to go.