Friday, 6 April 2012

DIY…… Never Again!

Finally we had managed to save enough to purchase the bits to be able to redo our very nasty and mould ridden bathroom. 

We had been buying bits slowly and paying each bit off before purchasing the next, in order that we didn’t end up with a huge credit card bill.

The day then finally arrived for us to begin the work.  Boy we wish it hadn’t once we had started!

As the tiles came off the walls, so did the plasterboard, as it was soaking wet.  Behind the plasterboard is hardboard (this is a timber framed house).  The hardboard was a complete wall of black mould!  No wonder we had always had a mould issue in here, it was making it’s way through the vey badly grouted tiles and out into the air, to grow further!


We painted the walls with a mould killer.  This is supposed to work in one coat.  Three coats later, and an oil filled radiator overnight in the bathroom to try and dry it out, and it looked no better!

We had now lost two and a half days just trying to remove the mould!

Our last ditch attempt involved goggles, face masks and an electric  sander!  We realise this isn’t the right way  to deal with it, but we had had enough at this point! Die Mould, Die!

Once this was done we replaced all of the plasterboard with some more waterproof stuff, to prevent any moisture getting through to the hard wood behind.


The new bath (which was the reason this all began in the first place, due to our old bath being damaged!) finally went in.

And finally the tiling could begin…..


Needless to say, we are not finished and have had one thing after another occur since the mould incident….. I will maybe post the finished article picture once it’s done, because the whole getting there part is just doing our heads in LOL

Jo Anne

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  1. Oh dear Jo! That's awful.

    I thought our houses were bad when you start pulling paper and tiles off but it would appear they aren't as bad as yours!

    If it's any consolation the new bath is looking lovely. Look forward to seeing photos of the finished room.