Friday, 22 June 2012

Chiverton Shake Down Weekend

We collected the caravan on Thursday and promptly booked the Friday night and Saturday night at Chiverton Park for the shakedown/test weekend.

As the park is only 5 miles from home it’s ideal if there were to be any problems that needed fixing.

Paul parked us on the pitch at 12 noon, whilst I was still at work, and then collected me when I got home.


We tried to erect the awning that was left in the van for us, as we had no idea what size it was, however the 64kmph winds made a laughing stock of us, and we had to give up, but not before we established that it was a full awning.  Bonus!

We then explored and relaxed for the evening.




On Saturday morning, after a restful night despite the wind and rain, we all headed on to Falmouth for a mooch around, and an ice cream on Pendennis point.


A very successful first break in the caravan methinks.  Many more to come….

Jo Anne


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