Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dragons and Roots

We have had a plan for the bottom of our garden for a while now.  Today was to be the beginning of that plan coming to pass.

We have a very rotten young tree, and somehow had to remove it and ensure that the root ball and stump came up and away too.

We have been shocked that the gales have not done the job for us, but either way it’s sayonara sapling.

We checked out what to do on good old internet video how to pages…. you know the one I mean – “Your Pipe” or words to that effect, and got stuck in….

Having felled the main body of the tree, and cut it into smallish pieces and bagged it into the trailer, we dug around the stump, felt around for the main roots and dug them free, then cut through them in order to release it from the ground.

All told it took us about and hour.  Great job done.

Now for some fun……  Falmouth for some lunch on the event square whilst watching the Dragon racing.







What a full and fun day.

Jo Anne


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