Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mooching and Babies

We awoke to wonderful blue skies this morning. Great this meant lid down on the car and a trip to Penzance for a mooch around the shops and a search for some maternity wear for Kel and some baby stuff for blob.

Off we trolled and 2 hours later still had not spent a single £. Something was definitely amiss in Cornwall. Then a lady in one of the shops said, the at only place for maternity wear was New Look or a drive to Plymouth!!! I'll wait til I get back to Brum says Kel!

We got a load of barbie stuff - steak, salad, baked spuds etc and dropped them off home and then went over to good old Matalan - success! I got a baby mobile for over the cot for blob!

Meanwhile I got a text from my friend to say she had just given birth to an 8lb bouncing baby boy. Welcome to the world little one and well done and congrats you two!

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