Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Perfect Pasty???

A few weeks ago I did a very very foolish thing!

I asked my best mate and her new husband to come over for a pasty supper - that is to say a HOME MADE pasty supper. The foolish part, you ask - they are both born and bred Cornish - through and through - OOPs think I've made a BIG mistake - HUGE - as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman!

Anyway - after weeks and weeks of practice - every weekend - and rapidly expanding waist bands - I've gone up a whole dress size - I finally got it sussed on Sunday. Sharon and Chris were coming over tonight Tuesday - so I was definitely cutting it fine....

I got home and made up 2lb of pastry and started putting them together following all of the very very strict rules of pasty making, and just hoping that I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself.

Our friends arrived on cue about 15 minutes before the oven was to be opened - and then the moment of truth....

So far so good...

As Chris cut into his pasty I held my breath. I needn't have worried - He gave me a 9/10 for my pastry, 8/10 for presentation (my crimping went a bit mad on one end!) and an overall 9/10. He even commented that we now qualified for our Cornish Passports.

YEAH - fantastic, I did it, they both thought they were great.

Thank god for that - now don't offer to do anything quite so stupid again daft bird!!

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