Monday, 6 October 2008

Day Two of the Celebrations.....

Off out for another meal - this time with all of the ladies from work, with their partners.

We've gone to the local carvery again,as the food is always fantastic - Kel - you can vouch for that I hope!

We went through and the staff had made the tables up with balloons and candles.

Sharon and I have been friends for so many years now it's hard to remember when we did not know each other! Love ya loads chick!

They told me I had to take the balloons home with me, so here I am trying to tie them all to one of my presents!

and just after I had devoured the largest ice cream sundae you could ever imagine this arrived with sparklers flashing away at me - I soon had it carved up and dished out though - there is no time for messing when there is chocolate involved!
Another fab night out!

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