Saturday, 28 February 2009

OOPs! Sorry it's been a while.....

I know, I know - I've been very naughty and not kept you up to date on everything.....
Well I've been really really busy (just for a change)
We've designed and planned a new kitchen, and ordered it in the sales - It looks lovely on the sketches, but who knows what it will be like when it arrives.
We had a call on Friday to say it was all ready for delivery, however we have to wait until the 24th April as that's the earliest time slot they have from the distribution centre !!
I fitted in a sight test, and ordered new glasses - oh dear - another disaster no doubt when they arrive!
A couple of weeks ago I had a major card craft fest at home, and the girls at work talked me into taking them in to sell..... I did, then I sold loads, then I got stacks of orders!!!
I've been on holiday since I broke up on Friday 20th. We had a few days at BAH, then came back Wed evening as Paul had to work on Thur and Fri. I spent those 2 days making cards to cover the 40 odd that I was asked for.... Mainly Easter and Mothers Day cards. I worked away frantically and have finally completed the ones that I was asked for along with plenty for stock.
Meanwhile, it was Paul's 41st Birthday on the 22nd (whilst we were at the van), and bless him, I had to buy his card (mainly because he would have seen me making it, but otherwise because I just did not have time to go out and buy man type toppers for it).
He did have a nice day though, we went to Raleighs Cross for a meal again - as usual it was lovely.
The 22nd is also the anniversary of my Dad's passing - 9 years this year - I cannot believe that I have been without him for so long now, but I have to say that this year, for the first time, I did not cry, I just reflected on the good times and laughed about some of his antics...... Love you Dad x
We went to St Ives yesterday, as you have already seen.
So, it is now Saturday, and I'm planning a trip over to Trago in Falmouth for some more card supplies - the house is a disaster zone and Fred is feeling miffed that I am ignoring him, but considering my self confidence is non existent, it's nice to know that people 'like my work' so to speak.
Anyway - photo's will follow soon on the kitchen plans and some of the cards that I've been creating...
In the meantime - KEEEEEEP Crafting (in a Bruce Forsyth type voice style LOL)

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