Saturday, 1 October 2011

Garden Grandeur

We had done the pointing on the slabs, finally, and now it’s time to get some borders dug and planted.

We marked out the general area we wanted as a border with some car spray paint, this way we could follow the lines with the edge cutter, and then lifted the grass away.



I then sat and broke up all the soil by hand, removing any deep roots that belonged to some of the dreaded dandelion type weeds that have those roots you always manage to leave a bit behind with or cut/break when you pull them out!


We then placed a membrane over the dug border, and cut in the plants we had chosen.

Some heather, cyclamen and a lovely purple leaved plant for the main attraction that Mom had bought for us whilst she was here.

Finally we spread the stone chippings over the area to prevent any weeds coming through and deterring Fred from kicking up the soil onto his feet.

YAY! We are getting there slowly!

Jo Anne