Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jailhouse Rocks and Fowey is Fab

Another daytrip is planned to make the most of our at home holiday, and I decided that I really wanted to do the dungeons at Bodmin Jail again.  It’s been about 17 years since we last went down and did the tour, so to be honest I was dredging my memories to try and remember it.

I messaged Sally-Ann and Mike to see if they were up for joining us, and they didn’t hesitate!

The first thing you see, even before you enter the restaurant for the door to the stairs down, are the execution sheds, and hang mans drop. There is nothing left to the imagination!


Once you climb down the staircase into the depths of the building, the atmosphere changes.  There is only ambient lighting, and your eyes have to adjust.  Needless to day, there is still probably more light than the inmates would have seen back in the day!


Each room is set up as a diorama of a possible event that took place in there, along with mannequins, tools and furniture.  Some are quite quirky and others really quite gruesome.



We took the chance to act daft…..


but generally took our time strolling each room and cell, reading all of the literature that was placed around, and getting a feel for how terrible life was back then if you were a naughty person!


As we climbed up the six floors, we could see that there was still an awful lot of building yet to be salvaged.  The enormity of it is astonishing!

A couple of hours or so later we came to the final area, which was down near where we had parked the car…


I posed for my final picture as a 42 year old, but at least I did it in style, taking on my other persona the gorgeous and glamorous Flossie Merryweather (long story! LOL) Flossie now makes more outings than Jo as she is younger and far more fun Ha Ha!!

Anyway, that’s enough silliness, time for lunch!

We were going to get a snack at the Jail, but it was full on meals, rather than light bites, so we headed off with no particular plan in mind. 

Now we are very used to seeing where the road will take us, but Sally-Ann and Mike like a plan of action, so it was a bit of a leap of faith for them to trust that it would all work out…… and amazingly it did!

We ended up in Fowey.


Lunch was wonderful. We went to The Galleon and had Thai fish cakes and salad – Yum! A wander around the streets of Fowey showed us that it would be worth a trip in the Summer to spend more time there.


A truly lovely day, but we are all shattered now, and so headed back home to our ever faithful dogs.

Such a wonderful day.

Jo Anne

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  1. Another lovely day out. The jail seems a bit gruesome!!!!!!! Surprised they had so many guests back in the day!