Sunday, 16 March 2008

Easter Egg Run ...

Today the 'Fivers' are coming together for a very special run. We met at Treasure Park in Portreath so that we could all put our eggs together so to speak. Two local journalists and photographers from different newspapers were meeting with us to do a feature.Our eggs were to be given to the local children's hospice for the terminally ill. Even the local Mazda car dealership joined in and donated 50 eggs. It was great to know that we might be able to make a small child feel just a little better, knowing that a treat was in store for them when they felt up to eating it. We collected 120 eggs in total so there should certainly have been enough to go around.

Once all of the formalities were over we got away on the drive - quite a sight to see 21 '5's driving in convoy - believe me

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