Saturday, 29 March 2008


And we have lift off..... the car in Truro was just the job. It has a 1.5 DCi Diesel engine and a really low tax and insurance bracket. Deal done - Paul picks it up next week.
It was freezing cold today and the rain was coming down in rods with winds that were blowing a hooley, but we still managed to do a good test drive, and even I found it nice to drive.
Fred will be impressed with the sun screens in the back windows to protect him from the sunshine when we are driving too and from Blue Anchor.
We've worked it out and we should save loads on the running costs - 60mpg, insurance group 4 (instead of the current 14), and a road tax of £110 instead of £205..... fantastic.
With all we've saved, does this mean I can re-tile the bathroom and get a new vanity unit/sink?

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