Saturday, 6 December 2008

Family Values

Tonight is the night when all of the fivers get together for the Christmas meal.

Unfortunately with it being so far up country this year, we would not make it back to get Fred into the garden in time for his bladder, so we decided to miss out. It's a shame the hotel didn't allow dogs, but as not everyone loves animals I suppose it's something that we will have to get used to.

Sally-Ann and Mike wanted to attend as they were the area co-ordinator's for Cornwall until September, so we said we would have Hamish here for the night - after all he and Fred are related - Hamish is Fred's Uncle.....

'H' arrived with his bed and a rucksack with his overnight things and promptly started to race around like a loon with Fred - I feel a mop and bucket coming on very soon - muddy paws with Fred alone is bad enough, but two of them!!!

It took about 45 minutes for them to settle down together and then they were a joy to watch. They just curled up together and slept.

We did our late night walk and after 40 minutes 'H' finally did his business, allowing us to go home again. They then settled down once more on their respective beds and started to snooze.

At this point I suggested that we should quietly slip away upstairs and leave them to sleep.

HA HA! Yeah right.... Hamish is used to sleeping with his Mommy and Daddy and was not impressed when we left the room. The barking began, and all the time Fred slept!

Paul decide that the best thing to do was to sleep in the lounge with the boys - Fred has not been allowed upstairs since last March when we had the carpet fitted so that was not an option.

Down Paul went, with spare duvet and pillow in tow. Of course I slept the sleep of the wicked, in our own bed and came downstairs again at 7.30 am!

Hamish has spent the night sleeping on top of Paul, with Fred on his pillow on the floor next to him..... Bless! Trust me there are pictures, but as Paul is half naked they are not pretty, so you'll just have to use your imagination!

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