Friday, 26 December 2008

Tally-Ho Jo !!

Boxing Day.

Blue skies and sunshine.

Every Boxing Day there is a gathering of the Four Burrow Hunt Meet up on Carn Brea, right by the Castle. This is mainly to continue the tradition and dress up for the morning, supporting the local farmers and riders.

We headed on up to Carnkie and onwards to the Brea, only to find that there were already many many cars and people arriving.

We parked the car in the village where we could and walked up the hillside towards the Castle and Monument. Fred and Hamish loved all the new sniffs, and took no heed at all to the riders and horses as they passed us on the way up.

At the top we found a spot that was as sheltered as possible, but ensured that we could see everyone arriving to watch the wonderful sight of so many riders and horses gathering at any one place at one time.

The head chappie said a few words of thanks to the local farmers for their continued support and then the horn sounded - (yes that does really happen) and they all rode off through the now very large throngs of crowds.

Before this though, Hamish and Fred got to make a few new friends....

I have to say it was probably the most unusual Boxing Day we have ever had, but that comes as part and parcel of being in Cornwall - everything is a new experience to us down here.

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