Friday, 12 December 2008

It's Party Time!!!!

Tonight was the works Christmas do.

22 of us all rolled out what what can only be described as the windiest rainiest night in the history of us being in Cornwall!
I knew that people would be dressing up but not in sparkly party gear - shame - but that was not going to stop me - Ha - I could show 'em how it's done even if I am old enough to know better!
Black velvet skirt and top and sparkly turquoise crochet top and very high heels - well higher than I'm normally used to anyway!

We had booked and paid in full a few weeks ago and we all had to remember what meals we had ordered - so the ever organised Sharon bought with her a list of what we had said all those weeks ago so we knew what to expect to eat!

Paul and I had garlic mushrooms, followed by steak, and chocolate gateaux - Yes I know - not Christmassy but we fancied it!

After the food the Lanner brass band came and played a few Christmas carols for us, we got silly with the helium in the balloons and the live entertainment began - a local duo that sang all Commitments stuff.

We had a boogie and then retired home for a well earned rest.

Fantastic Night!

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