Sunday, 1 March 2009

Relaxing Sunday???? Yeah Right

Today I officially gave up trying to wear my new glasses !

They fit lovely - They look great - But I just cannot stop that sea sick feeling you get with a new prescription, that is not quite lined up correctly with your sight line. Tomorrow will be a trip back to the optician. Unfortunately I am used to this. My prescription is very very high in the minuses - picture On the Buses character Olive (Anna Karen) and you would be about right for the thickness of the lenses on my glasses.
Anyway, when you get to such a high script, if the lenses are not lined up just so, you may as well forget trying to wear them - your brain just won't allow the images to catch up with it, so then it's game over!

Anyway - I've been doing the much needed Spring clean in the house, and Paul has been painted the side of the garage, which has been covered in grot and moss for the last 12 months and was not pleasant to see from the lounge room windows!

He's done a grand job, despite us having to lose the clematis that was attempting to grow back after the hair cut I gave it in the Summer!

And, did you notice? The grass had it's first cut of the season too!

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