Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Impromptu Night Out...

I have spent the day today at head office in Bodmin. - No don't be stupid - I didn't drive, you should know me better - I sat in the back with a bottle of diazapam and some rescue remedy LOL

I left home at 07.30 and eventually walked through the door again at 17.30 this evening. Consequently there was no meal ready for us to eat tonight. We decided to treat ourselves, yet again, that's only the eleventy hundredth meal out/take out option we have had this month!

We went to the Inn for All Seasons and had the most awesome carvery, followed by the largest piece of chocolate and baileys cheesecake - with cream! All that and Gin too - YAY!

OMG - it was all a taste sensation and a really nice finish to a long, but interesting day...

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