Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Facebook.... I Give Up!

For those of you that are following my facebook pages - it's not there now!
Sorry - but all of the silly little applications and gifts and causes and groups and bla bla bla were driving me mad - so after not missing it in the slightest for the past 3 weeks, having not logged onto it, I decided to delete it and just keep my trusty blog.
Anyway, you can contact me as normal via blog, email, telephone, or even face to face (not a pretty thought I know but hey ho!)
Ally - If you read this, and want to get in touch by email, send me your address (I won't post it of course!).

Kelly - I want extra baby photo's when He/She arrives, as I won't be able to access the photo albums I expect will go on there.

Liz - Any further videos of Wilf?? please please email them, they do make me smile!

AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS....... Add Paul as a friend and I can have a squizz when he is logged on!!

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