Thursday, 21 January 2010

On The Up

Tuesday did not quite go as planned.

I ended up on the phone to the Doctor at 08.20, and after various discussions it was decided that she would get someone out to check up on me.

The Doc turned up at 12.30 and after a good old poke and prod of the belly and back, confirmed that I have a bladder and kidney infection and needed more antibiotics. What I was told though, was that I had done entirely the right thing over the weekend, as if I had not done the cystitis remedies my kidneys would be protesting in pain far more than they were a the moment. Unfortunately, the kidney pain in my back, falls right behind where the appendix was in the front, and I had no idea if I had new pain or old, I just knew something was not at all right.

Mel popped around see me later in the afternoon, and filled me with gossip of the Pilate's classes I had been missing out on since just before Christmas, and how quiet it was without me - MOI! Little old me! Anyone would think I was loud, giggly and chatty LOL!

Mel, also bought me the biggest bunch of grapes she could find along with the entire dutch crop of Tulips. I have to say the Tulips are glorious and the grapes so sweet and moreish - good choice Mel.

It was so lovely to see her, and catch up.

Not long after Mel left me, Sharon and Chris arrived, and once again filled me in on the gossip from work. It seems there are some changes taking place, and I really can't wait to get back so I can get my teeth into the new workload that will be generated from the changes. Is that sad? I don't think so, I really miss my friends in the office, who have been such a huge support to me in the last 10 days or so since this began.

Anyway, yesterday, Wednesday, I decided that I would attempt some light sweeping in the living room. Fred is a loving dog, but OMG so mucky. He will go outside, and kick the mud with his back paws like any terrier, then run inside, all excited and fling great clods of earth everywhere. Needless to say I could look at it from my chair no longer, and had a go at cleaning it up. BAD IDEA! I ended up sat down again a few moments later, able to feel every internal stitch and lazered area in my belly.

So, consequently, today, Thursday, although I feel a lot better in myself, and the lessening pains in my belly allow me to sit for a longer period of time (albeit in a recliner chair) than I have up until now, I have decided to finally start listening to everyone and take it easy for another week or so.... after all it's been about 10 days since my op and they said 3-4 weeks recovery time, even pushing it to 6 weeks for certain things like exercise.

I am supposed to be in Birmingham this weekend, becoming Godmother to little Dylan. I finally had to concede that this was not going to happen as sitting upright in a car for 5 hours plus on the journey would just about finish me off. Kelly has managed to arrange for me to be Godmother by proxy and her mom has spoken to the Priest and organised it all - I am so relieved, but more gutted than you would think possible, to be missing out on such a special day.

We shall be getting together with Kel, Paul and Dylan once I am well for a nice celebratory meal, and although it's not the same it will be lovely to see them and spend time with them again.

It is Kels' birthday today, and I made her card, along with Dylan's Godchild card and Paul posted them up to Brum along with some gifts, and once I know she has received and opened them, I shall post pictures of the cards and how I made them.

I know that things are getting better now, and am feeling far more positive than I have until now, primarily because I seemed to get one thing after another on top of the double op. As the additional infections and problems are bought under control I am feeling far more cheery, and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Onwards and Upwards...

Until the next time my dear friends


  1. so glad you are listening to your body at and will heal quicker and be stronger when you are out the other side and then get back to work & pilates and show everyone what for!!
    cant wait to see the blog on the cards you are talented and should be selling them!! wont tell you again! (picture of the tulips looked lovely! very colourful!)xxx

  2. Things are never simple are they. Good thing you did get checked out. Isn't it nice when your friends show up especially when they bring such nice things.
    Remember this isn't a competition...if they say 6 weeks then take 6 weeks.

  3. Yes, take it easy Joanne, never mind about the housework, relax and get yourself better.

    Would love to see some of the cards you make too please.

    The tulips looked lovely.

    Thanks for comment about the National Television Awards. I was pleased Corrie won this year instead of Eastenders again! I'm not a fan of Eastenders.

    David looked great, those gorgeous brown eyes, that smile and his lovely Scottish accent - drool.

  4. Glad you are taking it easy - sorry about the infection. The tulips are lovely, you have such sweet friends in your life. Feel better soon dear.

  5. How are you today Jo? Feeling any better?

  6. I'm feeling loads better today thanks Jordiegirl x

  7. I hope you are feeling better xxx let us know how you are when you are up to it?