Monday, 18 January 2010

Progress So Far

I have had so very many well wishes sent to me from my friends and bloggers.

Although sitting at home means you have no real news to tell, I thought I would at least let you all know how I am doing health wise.

Friday, was well, Black to say the least. Poor Lorna did a great job of consoling my wilting spirits, as you will already have read in my previous post. To say that things could not possibly get any worse would have been an understatement!

Unfortunately on Saturday and Sunday, this is exactly what did happen. For any of you ladies out there who have been on huge doses of antibiotics you will know that there are a couple of problems that you can acquire as an after effect of how they take their toll on your body.

Being polite, if that is possible, I shall just say two words. Nether Regions! With any luck you will know what I mean and I won't get my blog shut down for indecency, LOL!

Anyway, to begin with I thought I was just imagining it, as I was still very conscious of not being able to sit, bend, lift (even a kettle) and many other normal, take it for granted movements, because of the belly pain I had, caused by my surgeries.

As I was 'imagining' it, I asked a poor unsuspecting Paul to go out to buy my best bud a birthday present. This is the birthday present I had planned to buy the previous weekend, until I got rushed into hospital.

Paul looked at me as if I was a martian talking a strange language - what do I get he said.... I had that part sorted! I went online and printed off pictures of what I wanted, and where to go to get them. Once he was there, he just texted pictures for me to approve or disapprove. OK, not an ideal situation, and Paul was using a few choice words, but because of who it was for, he was happy to do it, bless him.

When he returned home he had even bought me a little PJ set with matching slippers so that I had enough sets to change each day into a fresh set without worrying - Bless!

All this time, please don't forget, he came off nights the previous day and was absolutely k'naggered (translation - very tired LOL).

By late afternoon, I sent poor Paul off again, this time to Tesco to buy me the first of my required remedies for the old water works. Off he trotted, no problem. He called me from Tesco to see if I would like the cranberry or lemon flavoured treatment - lemon of course - I hate cranberry, and then came back with said medication.

Sunday morning came round and I soon decided that I needed the next of the medication of the other rather delicate problem. Again he went off, without batting an eyelid, and returned a short while later, with exactly what I needed.

All this while I was unsure if I could use part of the 2nd box of tricks due to the surgeries, so eventually, after much persuasion from many friends, I called NHS Direct and spoke to a really nice male nurse.

Apart from being very thorough about my medical history, he also gave me some sound advise, but pretty much confirmed that everything Paul had bought me was the right way to go, and it was all OK to use together, including the bit I was the most unsure of.

And so that's it - my weekend in a nutshell. I attempted to do a bit of walking round on Saturday and that put me back to bed for the day Sunday.

The upside to all of this? I've lost 5lb. Woo Hoo! OK not a way you want to lose weight, but there has to be a bright side to any situation, don't you think?

So today is Monday, and although I have been dressed today, and sat under a duvet in the lounge, I can only get into joggers and look a right sight because of the swollen belly. I have a few visitors 'booked' in for tomorrow and am hoping that things are on the up.

Until next time dear friends



  1. Glad to hear your sense of humours still holding on...Take it easy, you have an expert nurse taking care of you by the sounds of it...x

  2. you don't know me, so not that it matters, but you have my permission to stay in bed, or not, get up or not.....only you will find your own recovery time and way of healing...thinking of you...Jane in Liskeard - Frugal Queen

  3. Oh he is a good man isn't he.
    I have only had that reaction to antibiotics once and that was enough.

  4. Thanks for keeping up posted (sorry for the pun)Joanne.

    Look forward to the next instalment.

    Your husband is golden (but you don't have to tell him that if you prefer not to).

    Take care.

  5. So sorry to hear of your discomfort,it does take time to get over this kind of operation,I had it done twice several years ago.Rest is important as is very gentle exercise.Glad you are able to keep blogging,helps keep your mind occupied and us informed !
    Take care, Carolyn

  6. Oops, sorry Joanne, I meant keeping us posted (where did that stray p appear from I wonder!).

    Also when you feel up to it do pop by my blog and collect my birthday award which is awaiting your collection.

  7. I hope you get better very soon. Sounds like a nice day planned tomorrow, hope you guests are ever so lovely! What a nice guy to buy you pjs.

  8. Hi Joanne

    Just been reading your comments on my blog about Richard Hammond and David Tennant - how uncanny that we like the same blokes!!!! I will check out Glee, I haven't seen that yet. I have replied to your comments over there.

    Thanks so much for doing a link to my blog that is so kind.

    How are you feeling today?

  9. Hi Jo,

    Sorry to read that you have had so much dis-comfort...Sending you a Big Hug all the way from Essex...Hope you are back on your feet asap! x

  10. xxx to you and to Paul..bodies take time to heal and rest and sleep is the way..hope this weekend is kinder to you